Waterpik Wp 660: The Best Water Flosser On The Market?

Before i tell you where to buy water flosser, i need to show you why you should buy one:

where to buy water flosserThe waterpik water flosser is being advertised as the most advanced oral irrigator on the planet, The waterpik wp 660 pictured above comes fully equipped to support this statement in my view (and other peoples).

It appears as if though alot of ingenuity and thought went into designing the product because the unit is designed smartly and also looks sleek and sexy. It would look excellent in any bathroom.

where to buy water flosser

Key Features Of Waterpik WP 660

One of the reason you should invest in the waterpik 660 is the….

10 different pressure settings:

This option allows you to control how much pressure the machine releases at a given moment, its’s especially useful if you have sensitive teeth because then you can adjust it to suit your gums so it wont be painful to use.

Thats why so many people love it, Everyone can use it.

You Also Get 7 Tips Included With The Waterpik Water Flosser:

In the image below you can see exactly what each tip is used for:

waterpik 660

You as the buyer are getting alot of value with this feature as it allows you to floss your teeth according to your problem that you have at any given time.

I know with some products you have to buy the tips separately which is a pain and can be more expensive, which is why I love the wp 660 so much.

Other key benefits include:

  • Dishwasher safe and friendly
  • Hidden flosser tips compartment, you can store up to 2 flosser tips there
  • First in category- waterpik water flosser awarded the american dental association (ADA) seal of approval 
  • Healthier gums and brighter teeth in just a minute a day!
  • 90 seconds of water capacity
  • LED function indicater
  • 36 months warranty

Another little feature is that the Waterpik water flosser comes in 6 Different colours, so you can get one that fits your personality:

Pick your colour now while stocks last by, visiting Amazon.com


Are there Any Negatives To The Best Waterpik Currently On The Market…

Well with every product there is always going to be Pros and cons. The Waterpik wp 660 is no exception:


  1. On/Off button hard to switch. There have been some reviews by customers stating that the on/off button on the handle is hard to operate, however you also need keep in mind that these same people also have reported to have arthritis in their fingers. generally these people would have difficulty operating all similar oral irrigation devices not just the wp 660.
  2. Only compatible for use in North America

But with over 8000 customers and an average review of 4.5/5, The benefits of this product heavily outweigh the negatives.

Waterpik Reviews – What People Are Saying About The WP 660…

With over 8500 reviews by customers and an average rating of:

where to buy water flosser

You simply cant go wrong with the waterpik water flosser.

Here are some of the things real customers are saying (September 2017):

”GET ONE, i am liking this alot. it works for me doing well what it needs to. easy to use. think all should get one, and this one is priced well and small in scale” published by Carole

”overall i like it, cant beat the price” Published by anonymous

”I Love It. The new version of waterpik 660 improved over previous version waterpik i had for 3 years. The jet spray seems to be sharper, I love it” Published by Ming L. Wu

I wont go through every single review, but if you want to read more then head over to the Amazon website by clicking the button below:

where to buy water flosser

Top Tips On Using The Best Waterpik On The Market:

  1. Put a wash cloth or grip pad under the unit to help lower the vibrations
  2. Once a month do a cleaning rinse: clean the basin out with vinegar, allowing it to soak for 1 hour and dont forget to put the wand tips in with it. this will kill all the odour causing germs. pour that out and do a full hot water rinse to remove the vinegar. afterwards do a hydrogen peroxide rinse, this will kill any mildew spores in the tubing
  3. Dont leave water in the basin, or put any non-liquid or sticky additives in. You dont want things clogging up the tubing.

Where To Buy Water Flosser?

Currently the waterpik 660 is available on Amazon, and what makes it better is that they have a special offer on right now.

It has been reduced to $59.42 from $79.99, saving you a cool 26%. Plus you get FREE SHIPPING!

Your in safe hands at Amazon due to their high level of customer service and a 30 day return policy if the product is malfunctioning. There’s nothing to lose.

Go and check out the best waterpikNUMBER 1 SELLER ON AMAZON 

where to buy water flosser


Final verdict: Is The Waterpik WP 660 Worth It?


Bottom line:

It’s currently the best water flosser on the market…

Effectively removes plaque from in between your teeth..

Clinically and scientifically tested by the American Dental Association..

Good investment to make on your teeth and gums to make sure they stay healthy for life

Final rating : 4.5 stars out of 5 

It’s important you keep your teeth nice and healthy everyday…

Because if you just sit there and let dirt and grime get into your teeth, you will be in alot more pain as you get older

Waterpik Wp 660 F.A.Q

Q. Is the Waterpik 660 available in Europe?

A. Currently the product is only available in North America

Q. Where to buy water flosser?

A. You can purchase the waterpik wp 660 directly from Amazon through this link

Q. Waterpik offers a 3 year warranty on this product, If i purchase through Amazon, is the warranty still valid?

A. Yes the warranty on the wp 660 will still be valid

Good luck and here’s to you getting that sexy smile that you always deserved 🙂


4 thoughts on “Waterpik Wp 660: The Best Water Flosser On The Market?

  1. Dawn

    I have actually been looking into purchasing a water pik because I have issues with trying to floss in the very back where my wisdom teeth once were. This is the best review, of any water pik, that I have came across. You have made my decision a lot easier. Are there any other attachments that I can purchase to go with this one?

    1. oralb Post author

      Hi dawn, thanks for the comment. Yeah i mean i find it quite hard to floss with regular strips. Like you i cant get to the back of my teeth and especially because my teeth aren’t aligned properly so it makes it extra awkward. The waterpik is really good because for me it makes it alot easier to floss. 

      Coming to your question, the flosser comes with 7 attachments each carrying out an individual function. In my opinion that is all you need to keep your teeth nice and clean. I mean if one of the attachment breaks you can order a replacement. 



  2. Lyle

    Would you say this water flosser is more effective than regular flossing, or using a floss harp? I do this everyday about 2 times and I feel like my teeth and gums are healthy, I don’t usually get a lot of trouble at dentist.

    But if you think this product is then I might give it so consideration. My mum bought something similar to it and seems to like it.

    Although when I tired it, it was a little uncomfortable.

    1. Teeth Man Post author

      Hi Lyle

      I would say that once you get use to the waterpik water flosser and know how to use it, it is much more effective than regular flossing. For me personally i cant get to the back of the teeth with regular and harp flossers due to my teeth alignment. This product helps with that

      If you are flossing regularly and have healthy teeth then i dont really recommend you get the waterpik. Keep doing what works for you :). especially because you said it felt uncomfortable using the electric flosser, 

      Do you know the product your mum uses exactly?



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