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Use Dental Pro 7 With This Crazy Brushing Technique – It Works!

For the last 3 months I have scrapped your run-of-the-mill toothpaste and decided to try an oil paste using the Bass Tooth brushing Technique. My gums are feeling much better and they have regained their pink colour. Even when I touch them they feel a lot firmer.

My top gums feel like they have grown and cover more of my teeth, which suggests this method can help regrow receding gums if they aren’t too severe.

If you follow the steps outlined in this article, you will also start seeing the results you’ve been after especially if you Use Dental Pro 7 as the oil based toothpaste.

What Is The Bass Tooth brushing Technique

When I first heard about this method of brushing, I thought it was a fad and marketing ploy but to my astonishment it is quite popular and the tons of scientific research which points towards the fact it works much better than other brushing techniques made me pursue it even further.

This method was created by Charles Cassedy Bass.

The first thing is the actual toothbrush itself. It is designed differently to your average brush. Firstly the bristles are spaced out much further than your normal toothbrush and the ends of the bristles are curved which causes less trauma to the gums. Most toothbrushes have too many bristles which makes it difficult to wiggle between the teeth and down to the gum line.

The other thing you will notice is the brush handle itself is quite small in comparison to your normal brushes. This is so you can grip the brush gently and in such a way that it makes it easier for you to vibrate it up and down easily.

You see the best way to achieve maximum effect with this method is if you use vibrating up and down motions which enables the bristles to wiggle into the gum line and below them. This will help remove the disease causing bacteria. Read this article for detailed information about who created this technique and the scientific research that supports it.

Where Can I Get A Bass Toothbrush?

I’m not sure if they are available in your local stores, They aren’t in any of the major stores where I live so I had to go online and buy them. They are very cheap, mine cost me $7.85 for a pack of 3 and they are high quality. I have been using one for 3 months and it still looks like new. The bristles have not fallen out or become rough.

using bass toothbrush with essential oil

I purchased my Bass toothbrush from a reputable company and currently they have the holiday season sale in place so if your interested in getting a good bargain, take a look at the Orawellness Online Store.

What About The Surface Of The Teeth?

That’s important too!

You can use the bass brush to clean the surface of the teeth but be gentle and use the same vibrating motions. For me personally, an electric toothbrush works better simply because I can remove more surface stains and plaque.

My routine looks like this:

  1. Floss my teeth making sure to remove plaque and food debris from in between the teeth
  2. Use a tongue cleaner to scrape off the yellow/white gunk off my tongue
  3. Use an oil based solution and add 3 drops to the Bass toothbrush and brush each area of the mouth for 5 seconds. Make sure to brush the gum line at 45 degree angle
  4. Use an electric toothbrush to clean the surfaces of my teeth

You can see how thorough I am with my oral hygiene and it actually works. My gums in the last 3 months have become pinker and stronger and there’s a lot less bleeding now.

My breath smells a lot fresher since incorporating the tongue cleaning routine and using the oil based toothpaste, It’s unbelievable.

If You Use Dental Pro 7 With Bass Brushing You Will See Results Period!

11 ingredients in dental pro 7

So what is Dental Pro 7?

It’s an oil based solution that is very concentrated meaning the oils have not been diluted down unlike other products. This means all the active properties within the essential oils are retained. It contains no fillers, irritants or nasty chemicals.

But we think the absolute crucial aspect about Dental Pro 7 is the lipid based formula. What this means is it can effectively penetrate deep down into the gums and NOT WASH AWAY (this is the secret to its great success and the reason why 99% of other products simply don’t work properly)

There are 11 naturally derived essential oils within this bottle and all have been studied for their antibacterial and antiseptic properties so you know they work.

Here is the full list of everything contained within this 1 bottle:

  • Immortelle
  • Manuka
  • Myrrh
  • Pomegranate seed
  • Clove bud
  • White Thyme
  • Peppermint leaf
  • Corn mint
  • Natural Vitamin E
  • Spearmint Leaf
  • Grapeseed

Now you might be thinking: “what the hell are these, I never heard of most of them” but trust me, They are POWERFUL. If you want to learn about these ingredients in more depth, Here is another article we wrote about Dental Pro 7. The ingredients will make much more sense if you read it.

Best Way To Use Dental Pro 7

So now that you have learned about the immense benefits you will get when using dental pro 7, we want to make sure you understand how to use it for maximum effectiveness otherwise what’s the point.

Here’s what you do:

  1. Get the Bass toothbrush and apply 5 drops of the dental pro 7 solution onto the bristles.
  2. Place the brush at one end of the mouth and start brushing the gum lines at 45 degree angles. Make sure to use a rapid vibrating up and down motion.
  3. brush the area for 5 seconds and then move the brush along the gum line and brush the different area for 5 seconds and so on until you have brushed all areas.
  4. Whilst you have the oil solution on your gums and teeth, start brushing the actual surfaces of the teeth (you can use electric toothbrush if you want)

And there you have it, doing this for 3-4 minutes twice per day can fix a lot of your gum problems in 1-3 months. I mean look at me, I had bad breath. My gums were bleeding heavily and signs of recession were clearly visible but now I have gums that are more healthier than ever and best of all, I didn’t have to pay for any expensive dental treatments.

Is There Proof Of Dental Pro 7 Working

dental pro 7 will treat gum problems

Absolutely, there are tons of testimonials on Facebook where people have posted before and after pictures of themselves showing the changes they have seen. Let me give you a few success stories so you can see for yourself:

dental pro 7 testimonial

Gisela Thomas Hosack is another recent success story (October 2018) and here is what she had to say:

“I took dental pro 7 for 3 months when I returned to my dentist. He was so impressed that his whole office went to the website to get more information. The hygienist could not believe the change of my gums. Also I never had even the slightest bleeding when flossing. I am a very happy customer”

You can see that Gisela saw major changes since using Dental Pro 7. It definitely treats bleeding gum problems and if you have early stages of gum disease this is something you might want to consider.

Here is one more for good measure:

This one is from Lisa Murphree, it’s quite long so I am going to paraphrase and get to the point quickly, but if your interested you can head on over to Facebook to read it in full.

So basically Lisa’s husband is 68 years old and has suffered from gum problems all his life. He randomly came across an ad for Dental Pro 7 and showed it to Lisa who was very skeptical especially because of the high price tag and being on a fixed income but nonetheless they gave it a shot and WOW!

His before picture showed the gums being very red and swollen. But after using it for a couple of weeks he saw real changes and when he visited the dentist they were surprised how good the gums looked and said to him “keep doing what your doing”.

Lisa’s husband is feeling much happier now and his outlook on life has changed but what’s really impressive is he only used 1 bottle to see the great results.

A lot of people were interested in Dental pro 7 after reading this success story and if your one of those people who are ready to see real changes to your gum health you should invest in a bottle for yourself.

Get your Special Discounted Dental Pro 7 Bottle before Stock Runs Out

You Need To Change Now!

You’re brushing teeth twice per day with toothpaste and visiting your dentist regularly, despite all of this you still have gum disease. What does this tell you?

The situation demands a change in your current oral hygiene routine. You see most of the regular toothpaste and mouthwashes contain potentially harmful chemicals which is not good. Switching it up for something 100% natural might help to re balance the natural flora of the mouth.

Did you know that around 32 Million people in America alone need to undergo expensive, painful procedures every year. Why not try Dental Pro 7 instead and see how that works for you, And only at a fraction of the cost, you could save $1000’s every year.

What’s the worst that can happen?

“Oh It didn’t work, guess it’s another scam”. It actually isn’t because unlike expensive dental treatments, Dental pro 7 comes with a 90-day money back guarantee (more info about this below).

Is Dental Pro 7 For Everyone

Although the manufacturers say it’s a safe formula free of dangerous chemicals there are certain people who should be careful when using it just because of how concentrated the essential oil are:

  • Pregnant women – It’s more of a precautionary thing rather than a health concern becausedoes dental pro 7 have side effects you don’t want any foreign things entering your body whilst there is an unborn child.
  • Children under the age of 12 – The problem is many children will swallow the oil rather than letting it seep down into the gum line. That’s the concern we have and is the reasoning behind why they should not use dental pro 7.

Is Dental Pro 7 Affordable?

No doubt that the price is quite steep but the fact it works is a good indicator that it’s worth investing in.

Currently there are 3 different price points you can go for:

Most Popular

This includes a 64ml bottle, a smaller 10ml travel bottle and a useful pipette to refill the small bottle. It’s a 7 month supply and costs $127 with free shipping (works out to just $18 per month).

The Best Value

This kit includes a refillable 22ml travel sized bottle, 2 large 66ml bottles, 2 pipette droppers (for easy drip free refilling) and free signed for delivery with traceable shipping. It’s 14 month supply and costs $197.97 with free shipping (works out to just $14 per month)

It’s the best value because you will save $260 compared to the small 2 month supply bottle

2 Month Supply

This kit only contains a 10ml bottle which gives you 30 days of usage. It actually used to cost $39.97 but to save on shipping, the company now ships 2 packs for $59.97 (saving you $19.97). Shipping is a flat rate of $5.

This is a useful option for new buyers who are just wanting to try out the product first before investing in bulk purchases.

dental pro 7 comes with 90 day money back guarantee

90 Day Money Back Guarantee

There is absolutely nothing to worry about because the company is so confident their product will give you results, they are willing to offer you a 3-month trying period, where if you don’t see any results they will refund you your money. No questions asked.

Go To The Official Website And Claim Your Risk Free Trial Now

Important Note – Please Read!


It’s currently being delivered across the USA, Canada, South America, the Middle East, all Asian Countries, Africa, Australia, New Zealand.

[PLEASE NOTE– Amazon advertises that it sells Dental Pro 7, but it doesn’t. Amazon hopes you will buy something else instead. But if you want the genuine product, click the link above.]

People have been searching the term: Dental Pro 7 Amazon but please don’t waste your time as you will not find this product on there!

Dental Pro 7 can ONLY be Purchased Online From
The Manufacturer – Click Here > > > Dental Pro 7 Official Website

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Final Thoughts

I have told you about my personal success story which involved the bass tooth brushing technique with an oil based toothpaste. In 3 months I saw powerful changes which included my gums becoming a beautiful pink colour and my top gums became a lot firmer and actually covered more of my teeth.

All I can say is, the bass tooth brushing in addition to using dental pro 7 will give you results. I saw results and so did the testimonials which also show the positive effects it can have on gums if used accordingly.

Sure it might seem quite expensive but would you rather pay $100’s of dollars ($1000’s in some cases) to get dental treatment which may not work or $59.97 for something that can potentially change your life for the better. Think about that…

That wraps it up for today but please, if you have any questions about any aspect of this article please leave a comment below. We are very active on here and will respond very quickly 🙂

About the Author Teeth Man

Teeth Man is constantly researching different products and trends within the oral health niche making sure to share everything with his followers, Good or Bad!. He loves trying natural based remedies and is constantly experimenting when he's away from this site.

  • Chris says:

    I’ve got a problem with bleeding and receeding gums at the moment, so this article is very timely from my point of view. I have not heard about Bass Toothbrush setups before – so I don’t think they are available in stores etc at the moment. 

    You mention that you believe that this technique has helped ‘grow back’ some of your gum layers – could I ask how long it was before you saw any change in them?

    • Teeth Man says:

      Hi Chris

      My top gums have become much firmer and they have covered more of my tooth roots. I saw definite changes around month 2 of using this technique. If your gum recession isn’t too severe then there is a chance you can regrow them.

      If however the roots of your teeth are completely exposed i think the best option will be to go see a dentist for a grafting procedure.

  • Dale says:

    Your teeth are something you really need to take care of.  Also when it comes to brushing your teeth nothing has really changed in 50 years.

    In saying that this is a great review.  I am absolutely going to try dental pro and yes it is a bit pricey but if it saves you a bunch of dental bills then your savings are right there.

    This was a great review and I cant wait to try this.

    • Teeth Man says:

      Thanks Dale

      If you suffer from multiple gum problems such as: bleeding, swelling, soreness, bad breath, gum recession then Dental Pro 7 could benefit you.

      Personally though, i believe the bass tooth brushing technique has really amplified my results and taken my gum health to the next level. I highly recommend you try it out 🙂

  • Maria says:

    Gum diseases are very common, and a good treatment is the best option after getting bad gums; for sure the best is to prevent Gum diseases.   Dental Pro 7 is the one that my dentist uses and recommended to buy for myself. I didn’t see a review about it before, it seems to be very good. I will think about buy or not, my gums right now are healthy, for later maybe. Thank you for this excellent review 🙂

    • Teeth Man says:

      Hi Maria

      Your dentist must be holistic based because most general dentists would shun you away when natural treatments are mentioned. I guess the fact that there is big money in dental procedures will keep them in business.

      If you dentist has recommended it, i highly suggest you give it a try and see how you feel in a couple of months time.

      If you do decide to go ahead with the treatment plan, please come back and update us on your progress :). That would really help the community here.

  • Olonisakin Kehinde says:

    NIce post.  This is what i call teeth cleaning made easy.  I quite enjoyed the article. Well,  have always taken my oral hygiene very serious,  but never came across dental pro 7. I’m happy it’s delivered across Africa so I can give it a trial. But sincerely i must say with your testimony it’s really going to be a good product to use. 

  • Brenda says:

    Very informative post on Dental Pro 7. I have never heard of this before but from all the information you have written, I now have a wealth of knowledge about this product it’s unfortunate that they don’t ship to the Caribbean. Discolored teeth can be embarrassing so I think this article will be very helpful. 

    Thanks for sharing.

  • Bill says:

    Dental Pro 7 sounds like an option for me who has gums that need constant work daily! I have had issues for over 30 years, and I plan on discussing this with my dentist since a short time ago I had root planing to help with my gums. Quite expensive I might add, so this looks a decent cost in comparison. Very detailed explanation here and further on the founders site. Concerning toothbrushes I presently have the Sonicare Diamond Clean model, and wondered what your view is of those? Appreciate your thoughts on them. Great review of the Dental Pro 7. I will probably buy after speaking with my dentist.

    • Teeth Man says:

      Hi Bill

      The sonicare diamond clean model is very good, a lot of people say it’s their favourite. I personally own the Oral B 5000 and it does a very good job. 

      Just as long as it can sufficiently clean the surface of the teeth your good to go.   

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