The Only Dental Autoclave sterilizer You Will Need – Serious Buyers Only!

The 5.2L KT Class S Dental Steam Autoclave Sterilizer Fast Cassette Pressure Is Powerful!

dental autoclave sterilizer cassette

Sterilisation is a major daily protocol for every dental practice, without it you would have infection and chaos everywhere!

This review is made for dental professionals, we will be going into extreme detail as to why this Cassette Pressure Sterilizer will be a good fit for your dental practice and by the end of it, you will have a clear picture of whether you should invest in this Dental Autoclave Sterilizer or leave it.

Who Is This Dental Autoclave Sterilizer For?

We want to get straight to the point here and not waste anyone's time. This is an industrial level sterilizer for Dental practices (Not For Individuals). The price definitely reflects that because it is on the market for $6,643.57. Usually we would raise an eyebrow for anything at these price ranges but we realise this is an investment for a medium to large size dental practice and will bring you more profitability in the long run.

Now coming on to our next point, depending on what equipment you may want to sterilize, this fast cassette sterilizer may not be for you. If you are going to use this machine for the following purposes PLEASE AVOID:

  1. Cloth loads
  2. Liquid
  3. Any powder and materials that are not compatible with steam

Again, if you want to sterilize the above materials please Do Not Buy This!. It will results in incomplete sterilisation and could possibly damage the unit.

What is The Cassette Pressure Dental Steam Autoclave Sterilizer?

The Statim Cassette autoclave sterilizer is used to decontaminate all types of dental and medical equipment that can withstand the steam of high temperatures. It's compact design makes it easy to blend into your office without getting in the way.

This is one of the most efficient sterilisers on the market and it's popularity is down to a few simple features it possesses:

  • Rapid sterilisation times
  • Simple 3 programme button function
  • Self diagnosing

This dental sterilizer can complete cycles in 6-7 minutes which is rapid!. This in turn helps to increase the work rate and increases productivity. If your a dental practice that has a high customer rate, you will be very happy with this piece of equipment. We should mention there are a few other cycle options for different pieces of equipment but even those take a short time to complete.

When you have a complex piece of equipment it is always handy when the instructions are pretty self explanatory. That is totally the case with this unit. It has a state of the art keypad with clearly pictured prompts making it super easy to choose the cycle you want. The operation is fully automatic, all you have to do is choose 1 of the 3 cycle options and then go grab a coffee :).

The self diagnosis is a CRITICAL feature and will always help you stay 1 step ahead. If a problem occurs with the unit, it will show up on the electronic display and thanks to it's advanced microprocessor, it will stop the unit from overheating and will maintain optimal sterilization conditions.

How To Use The Cassette For Optimal Results

We mentioned earlier that using the autoclave is pretty simple but how do you place the dental instruments in the cassette to achieve the best sterilisation?

Don't worry, this isn't too complicated either. The first thing is to get your used equipment and place it inside the cassette and close the cover. All you do then is insert the cassette into the slot on the Autoclave but make sure you don't force it is as it could damage the components inside.

Once it's slotted in, just select 1 of the 3 sterilisation cycles and that's it, let the machine do the rest.

Important points to keep in mind:

  • Be careful of the hot surface when opening and removing the cassette after a sterilisation cycle, you don't want to get burned. Try and wait a couple of minutes after the cycle has completed so the steam inside the cassette has vaporised.
  • When not in use please DON'T insert the cassette fully into the unit. Keep a gap of 2-3 cm otherwise the unit will think it's ready for another cycle and the solenoid valve will be On constantly!

How Is The Steam Generated?

After the sterilisation temperature has been selected, the steam generator will heat up to the optimum temperature depending on your needs. We should point out that the working temperature for this machine is between 121-135 degrees meaning all instruments will get optimal cleaning.

Next a certain volume of distilled water gets pumped into the generator and this is instantly converted into steam. This steam is then injected into the cassette containing the contaminated instruments and it removes the cold unclean air from the cassette.

Is The Initial Setting Up Of The Dental Autoclave Sterilizer Complicated

When you first get it delivered and see all the different components it can be quite daunting but the instructions provided are crystal clear. It does not need half a day to set up. Only takes 1-3 hours. 

Here is video you can watch to see how simple it can be to set everything up:

If you are struggling, don't worry because you can always get in touch with the company who sold it to you and one of their technicians will walk you through the whole process. I mean if your investing in a $6,643 product you would expect top notch service and with Oyodental, that's exactly what you get.

The product is certified by CE, EC , FDC , ISO, RoHS etc and they can also offer electronic certificates if you want them. If your wondering about the safety of the product. don't worry because each unit must be examined by three main processes within the company before shipping & handling.

Will The Dental Autoclave Need Constant Maintenance?

There are daily and weekly maintenance routines you will have to carry out to keep it in tip top condition. Lets take a look at the Daily stuff first:

  • Wash the interior and the exterior of the cassette with a chlorine free detergent, then rinse thoroughly with distilled water.

And now the weekly stuff:

  • Check the biological air filter. If it's dirty then you will need to replace it. If it's wet, refer to errors and error remedy manual book. Regardless of if it's not dirty or wet you will need to replace the air filter every 6 months.

The 6 month maintenance check you will need to carry out:

  • Check the cassette seal to see if it's worn out or damaged. If it is then please replace the seal.

There is also an annual calibration check that will need to be carried out but this we believe will be handled by the supplier of the unit, but please double check that with the company.

As you can see there isn't a whole lot of house keeping you need to do, just do the basics right and your unit will last for years.

Some Negative Aspects Of The Cassette Dental Autoclave Sterilizer

There are only two main Disadvantages of having a cassette dental autoclave and the first one is:

  1. Price - Obviously there will be an initial outlay of obtaining such a machine. If your thinking is short term you will find it hard to get past the pricing barrier, however over the long term you should know that it will save your dental practice a substantial sum when you consider broken instruments, scratches and most importantly the time saving you will achieve.
  2. Storage - Although the unit is compact in design, you will have to slightly reorganise your office to fit it in but it's not too hard to move around. Just make sure you have enough space for it. Here are the dimensions of this unit: 580 x 460 x 190 mm (L x W x H) 
dental autoclave sterilizer

Positives Are Far Greater!

  • Patient And Staff safety - This is one of the biggest advantages of a cassette sterilizer compared to others. percutaneous injuries (penetration of skin by a needle) are a big hazard in these environments so a hard casing means that possible accidents are reduced during instrument transportation and use as it reduces the amount of time instruments are handled.
  • Surgery organisation - Another advantage is the size of the cassette which means more equipment can be sterilised for a full single procedure. This increases efficiency in the workplace 10 fold and the best thing is, the cassette holding the instruments can be placed next to the dentist so he can choose whatever he needs right away.
  • Extended Instrument Life - Dental cassettes space out items accordingly and have rails made of soft, flexible materials which prevents scratching and bending of dental instruments to help prolong their life (dental mirrors, photography kits, delicate endodontic instruments).
  • Future Regulations Safety Standards - We all know that patient and staff safety is paramount and in the coming years the regulations will become more strict. This may include the mandatory use of sterilisation cassettes. If you are proactive you will want to get these Dental autoclave sterilisers before it is forced onto you and your staff!
  • dental autoclave sterilizer

    I'm Ready To Improve My Dental Practice, Where Can I Purchase The Fast Cassette Steam Autoclave?

    Oyodental, an online Chinese supplier of popular and reliable dental products which provides high quality dental equipment and instruments for clinics, hospitals and labs. They have the most competitive prices, infect are one of the cheapest on the market. They have delivered products to over 30,000 Dentists worldwide so you know they are the real deal. 

    They have an in depth tracking system to make sure you know where your product is at all times and the fast delivery is truly outstanding considering they ship worldwide.

    Customer service is excellent because they are open 7 days a week and respond to emails within 24-48 hours, even on weekends.

    So with all that being said, if you are now ready to make your purchase, please head on over to their website and complete your order:

    Does The Dental Autoclave Come With Warranty?

    Of Course It Does Silly!

    With a price tag of $6.643.57 it is mandatory for the company to make sure your investment is safe at all times. Oyodental offers a 1 year warranty service for the host and 6 months for the parts.

    This is what the company says: "Products, within the warranty period, under the scope of damage of the quality assurance, we can exchange or fix the items for the customers. Stoppages out of the website maintenance period, customers can contact the manufacturer or us to get corresponding services according to the terms of the maintenance of product warranty"

    There is also a guaranteed protection period whereby you can request a refund in a 15 day period after you have completed the purchase. All you have to do is fill out a refund request form and the company will do the rest. 

    Are There Any Good Alternatives?

    In all honesty, the cassette autoclaves are leading the dental industry when it comes to sterilisation. They do a faster and more efficient job of cleaning the dental/medical instruments than other brands.

    If you think the price is too much, you could always go for the slightly smaller version which is 1.8 Litres rather than the one we have reviewed in this article which holds 5.2 Litres. It costs half the price, currently at: $3,137.56 so might be more appealing to you.

    Remember, everything is the same. The only difference is the size!

    If your interested in the 1.8 litre model please visit the official website at:


    The 5.2L class S dental steam autoclave sterilizer is a fast working machine because of the cassette pressure feature. This enables it to steralize dental instruments at a much faster rate when compared to other products. An industry leading 6-7 minutes!.

    It's also very easy to use, just a simple press of the button and away it goes. We think this is the reason these Autoclaves are quite popular in dental clinics. Sure the price is at the top end of the range but what do you expect?. These are powerful machines and are designed to make it easy for you and your staff. It will increase workflow and efficiency and can help expand your dental practice even further.

    If you are ready to expand your dental practice and 10X your productivity then it's time to invest in the future now. You won't regret it. If you do there is always the 1 year warranty which has you covered and the excellent customer service will have you in a good mood. 

    5.2L KT Class S Dental Steam Autoclave Sterilizer F.A.Q

    Q. What Makes This Cassette Dental autoclave so fast?

    A. This sterilizer does not need to heat the entire chamber, it only injects steam into the instrument cassette. 

    Q. Why is this better for instruments?

    A. Unlike other sterilisers, there is a reduction of 99% of the air inside the cassette. By eliminating the air, this sterilizer prevents the instruments from oxidising and rusting.

    Q. Do the quick run cycles take their toll on the unit?

    A. No, this unit is designed to operate throughout the day. Running this unit for 15-20 times per day is considered normal operation.

    If you have any other questions about this product please leave a comment below because we know it's a big investment and we want to make sure you understand everything before you take the plunge :).

    8 thoughts on “The Only Dental Autoclave sterilizer You Will Need – Serious Buyers Only!

    1. GeeEss

      Hi Teeth Man. As expected, you have created a very detailed review on the 5.2L KT Class S Dental Steam Autoclave Sterilizer Fast Cassette Pressure. This should indeed be a must buy for medium to large dental practices.The features impressed me a lot. However, can you please throw some light on whether there is any over-pressurisation protective device for the steam generator i.e. a safety valve? If so, where is it located. And whether this can be used by tattoo parlours as well.Thanks. 


      1. Teeth Man Post author

        Hi GeeEss

        We are not sure if there is an over-pressurisation device for the steam generator but what we do know is that the autoclave is self diagnosing which means any problems or errors will show up on the screen and it will not continue until they have been fixed. 

        There might be an emergency stop button if things do get out of hand but you can contact the seller and ask them for more detail at

    2. choannah

      This article is very informative. It is a very good tool to use in dental practices especially with the rapid cleaning time and it stops the instruments from rusting.

      How long will it last? In the case that it breaks down can it be replaced or will you have to purchase another one?

      1. Teeth Man Post author

        Hi Choannah

        The unit will last several years if proper care and attention is given to it. If it breaks down, the company will give you a replacement product.

    3. Sondra Meyer

      Thank you for your review of this sterilizer.   I am attempting to assist a large dental practice in updating some of their equipment.    I believe that a purchase like this would be  investing in our patients safety and preventing potential lawsuits that could result from someone getting ill from dirty tools.  

      The quick cleaning time is very appealing.    Do you know how frequently the sterilizer can be used each day without unnecessarily shortening the unit’s lifespan or voiding the warranty?   For example, could it be run once every thirty minutes every 8 hours, four days a week?   

      Thank you for your response in advance.     

      1. Teeth Man Post author

        Hello Sondra

        This is a powerful unit and can handle 15-20 cycles per day. It might seem quite a lot but it has been tested vigorously and will not get damaged or reduce it’s life span. It was designed for high volume cleaning.

    4. Anusuya

      Hi there!

      It is a great in-depth review of a dental autoclave steriliser.  It is pricey but we always pay for good things. It saves time for the volume of works that can be handled (Time is money in an organization.), ease of installation, operation, clean operational procedure for a complicated machine, client support may out-compete the cost. It is certified in many ways for use. Although as an initial investment it looks little bit on upside. I am not sure if I missed it, is there a warranty period and a money back option associated with product?

      Thank you for sharing this useful review.

      1. Teeth Man Post author

        Hello Anusuya

        It comes with a 1 years warranty. Any product bought through the site is protected if the items you received are not as described. Please note that all returned items must be in the condition you received them, with all the accessories and parts it was shipped with and in the original packaging. If not, the cost of the accessories and parts will be deducted from the total product price and you will only get a partial refund.


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