oral b pro 6000 review

Oral B Pro 6000 Review (2022) – Solid Mid-Range Model

Here are the main things you need to know about the Oral B Pro 6000 Toothbrush…

This section is great if your in a rush and just want to know the main benefits the Pro 6000 has to offer and see whether it’s a good fit for your personal needs.

The full Oral B Pro 6000 Review will take around 5 minutes to read but if you have the time then please go through it.

1. Is Anything Wrong With This Toothbrush Model?

There’s nothing that sticks out at you in regard to any problems. It’s actually a very good mid range model that offers some great features and has a solid 4.5 out 5 stars over at Amazon. There’s plenty of models that are less pricey but also have fewer features than this brush.

And on the other end you have models which are much more advanced and the price definitely reflects that. Despite being a mid range model, the Oral B Pro 6000 carries a good variety of features and technologies:

  • Bluetooth connectivity
  • Pressure sensor
  • 2-minute timer with quadpacer
  • 5 different cleaning modes

There are some other features but they will be mentioned further down in the review.

The slight negative is the brush handle which is on the bulky side and weighs more than some other models. Some people have mentioned the battery life gets drained quickly after a while which is a slight pain.  This is stark contrast to a blotting brush, that is more natural in shape.

However the price is reasonable for a mid range brush of this calibre and it does everything you need it to do!

2. Other Toothbrush Options To Consider

We are very fond of the Oral B Pro 5000 because it is another mid range toothbrush which has similar features as the pro 6000 and has a good battery life.

But the main reason we like it is it’s cheaper than the pro 6000 model which is amazing considering they are quite similar in function. One of our members owns the oral b 5000 and has written a review on it If your interested in reading it.

At the time he brought it for under $100 but Amazon tends to change prices quite regularly so it might have become cheaper or more expensive since.

3. The Cheapest Place To Buy The Oral B Pro 6000?

We have looked at Amazon and Walmart and the price is the same at $119.94. However, in Target the price is considerably higher at $159.99. Not sure why that is but on closer inspection we can see that Amazon have reduced the price from $200.00 which is insane and we are sure they are going to bump it back up in a couple of weeks time.

Seems like a bargain!

You better go to Amazon and read the reviews before taking advantage of this amazing offer.

Of course there might be other stores near you so please browse around and see if they have a clearance sale or something of the sort.

And Now For The Full Oral B Pro 6000 Review…

So what is it about electric toothbrushes that make them so popular?

the advanced Bluetooth technology that most will probably not use…

the higher output and self-cleaning features that makes it much easier to use than manual toothbrushes or

the fact that electric brushes have been clinically proven to reduce as much as 300% more plaque than manual toothbrushes.

Whatever the reason may be, the Oral B Pro 6000 has everything you need to start giving your teeth the luxurious lifestyle.

This toothbrush is a powerful little machine that is capable of carrying out 48,000 precision movements per minute using it’s oscillating, pulsating, rotating technology. This enables it to remove between 50 – 100% more plaque than your average brush.

The Contents Of The Oral B Pro 6000

  • User instructional manual
  • Brush head holder (space for 4) with splash guard
  • Wireless smart guide with wall mount (batteries included)
  • 3 different brush heads (1 cross action, 1 floss action, 1 3D white)
  • Charging station
  • Braun oral-B pro 6000 toothbrush

The Brush Handle Is On The Chunky Side

oral b pro 6000 review

The First thing we noticed when looking at the pro 6000 toothbrush was it’s size. It’s on the thicker end of the spectrum when compared to the Oral b 5000. This isn’t necessarily a bad thing but it means that people with smaller hands might have a slight issue when operating it.

With the brush head attached, the toothbrush weighs 168 grams which is equal to 1 and a half bananas (if you can imagine that). It won’t tire you out if that’s what your thinking.

here are some other dimensions:

  • Weight (without brush head) – 162g
  • Height (without brush head) – 20.5cm
  • Height (with brush head) – 24cm
  • Thickness – 4.5cm
  • Width – 3cm

Key Features & Useful Technology

Bluetooth Connectivity

oral b pro 6000 review

The unique feature about the pro 6000 is the Bluetooth enabled technology. A lot of people won’t use it but for the ones who are interested, it will open up a wide range of data and functions to help make your brushing experience better and efficient.

The data shown can range from simple things such as showing you how long you are brushing teeth for and let you know to increase or decrease the amount.

There are other features too that will make the whole thing fun whilst you are brushing but the downside is, it feels a bit gimmicky and after a while you will just get bored with it.

Another downside is the fact you need to open up the app on your phone for the brush to connect and having a phone in the bathroom could be a recipe for disaster if you are not careful.

Overall though, if you like technology and love looking at your performance on a regular basis, then this feature is right up you ally.

Wireless Smart Guide

This is a neat little gadget which will act as a clock when not in use but once the toothbrush is turned on (if in range) the smart guide will turn on and become your personal coach showing you a 2-minute timer to make sure you are on track whilst also showing the cleaning mode you are using.

There is also a circle displayed on the screen which will change colour once you have brushed one quadrant of your mouth.

Once you completed your session, the smart guide will give you a star rating based on your performance. 4 stars is a good result and is given when you have brushed for the full 2 minutes and have not applied too much pressure on the teeth.

5 Different Cleaning Modes

This is probably the greatest thing about this toothbrush in our mind. The different cleaning option makes this toothbrush versatile in many ways. Firstly there might be days you want a thorough clean in which case you would go for the pro clean mode.

Other days you might be feeling slightly sore and that’s when you use the sensitive mode.

Here is the full list of modes available:

  1. Daily clean – Comprehensive everyday cleaning
  2. Gum care – Gently stimulates gums
  3. Sensitive – Lower speed for a gentle clean
  4. Whitening – Alternates speeds to polish away stains
  5. Pro clean – Faster bristle movement for an intense clean feeling

Another reason why having such variation is good is because you can share the handle across different family members and there will be a mode for everyone ot choose from. Of course, you will have to get different brush heads but that’s not a problem.

Visible Pressure Sensor

This feature ties in with the problems you can face if you brush too harshly, and most of us do!. Toothbrush abrasion will occur overtime if you keep using too much pressure whilst brushing. But this problem is reduced when using the Oral B 6000 because it has sensors which tells the brush to stop pulsating and reduce the speed if it detects you are brushing too hard. It will also light up red to clearly tell you to reduce the force you are applying.

This is one of the biggest advantages an electric toothbrush has over manual toothbrushes and is actually the reason why so many people prefer them.

Battery Status Icon

With the very basic models out there, often times you can be in the middle of a brushing session when all of a sudden the toothbrush turns off. It’s happened to us on a number of occasions but since switching over to the mid range models we don’t worry about this because there is a battery icon which flashes red letting you know it’s time to charge the brush.

Battery Life

oral b pro 6000 review

The Oral B Pro 6000 has made some great leaps and bounds because it has the new upgraded lithium ion battery and this makes the battery life much better than some other models oral B has to offer.

This means you can get a good solid 12 days of battery life before recharging the brush. This is based on the recommended 2 minutes twice per day methodology. That’s around 45 – 50 minutes of usage time!

This is a massive leap forward from the previous models which used nickel hydride battery and only lasted for half the time.

When it comes to charging the unit, we recommend leaving it on for 10-12 hours, but just 20 minutes on charge will give you enough to get through a clean.

It is worth noting that to preserve the battery life, it is good practice at times to completely discharge the battery.

Who Is It For?

It’s a mid range toothbrush that offers so many features and is powerful when it comes to giving you a thorough clean. We recommend only children above 12 and adults use this brush.

Although children under 8 may well be proficient enough to use it, the extra bells and whistles might distract them from actually cleaning their teeth. That being said Oral B have not specifically mentioned any dangers for kids whilst using their toothbrushes so it’s totally up to you!

Pros & Cons


  • 5 different cleaning modes – this makes it a versatile brush that can be shared by the whole family and caters for different individual needs.
  • Good box contents – There is quite a lot you get for the price you pay such as: charging station with brush head compartment and a travel case
  • Pressure sensor – fantastic feature that will stop you from ever brushing your teeth forcefully again. Say goodbye to Toothbrush abrasion!
  • Good battery life – With the new lithium ion battery, you can get a good 10 days of use out of the toothbrush
  • Different brush heads – This brush comes with 3 different brush heads so you can enjoy the different cleaning variations and hit different areas of your teeth.
  • Bluetooth functionality – This allows you to track different data and helps improve your oral hygiene routine.


  • Thicker and heavier – This model is more bulky than some other brushes on the market which could cause slight issues for people with small hands.
  • Bluetooth pairing – the downside is you will always need to have your phone on you whilst you are brushing to get constant feedback.
  • The RRP price is high – The retail price is $200.00 for this toothbrush which is ridiculous. Do not buy it for that much. It’s currently been reduced by a massive $80 which makes it justifiable to purchase but you never know when the prices will increase again.

Reliability & Long Term Use

The Oral B Pro 6000 is a solid long term investment opportunity because it has all the features and signs for us to believe it can last a very long time. Some people have had theirs for over 5 years which a fantastic.

There’s really only a couple of problems you might encounter:


After 1-3 years it is most likely to fail due to the constant charge and discharge. The internal parts could wear out but anything beyond three years and you are doing well.


oral b pro 6000 review

Previous models with similar white material like the 6000 have shown signs of discoloration over long periods of time and we expect the 6000 to be similar. There is however 4 different colours to choose from if you want to stand out from the crowd.

What Do Customers Think Of The Oral B Pro 6000?

oral b pro 6000 review

This toothbrush currently has 445 reviews on Amazon with an average rating of 4.5 out of 5 stars, making it one of the highest rated toothbrushes ever!

It’s also Amazon’s choice at the moment and we believe it has something to do with the massive price reduction.


But coming on to the main point, the majority of customers said they found it really helpful because of the 30-second interval beeper which kept them on track and also the pressure sensor which stopped them from brushing too harshly.

The other main feature they enjoyed was that the different modes were shown right on the toothbrush handle and you can program which mode you want to start brushing with.

There were also some people who switched from the sonicare brand over to oral B and the pro 6000 toothbrush has made them fall in love with these types of brushes.

Here is what one person had to say about this:

“I bought this to replace an Oral-B pro model with a NiMH battery that wouldn’t hold a 2-minute charge after about 6 years of daily use. After research on Amazon, this was the least expensive Oral-B with a Li-ion battery, which I believe will last longer. It also has a lot of useful features. Useful features include a full range of speeds, a separate button to select speeds, a warning light for excessive pressure, a light that blinks along with the timer pulses, and a charging station that is easy to clean. So far, it is even more useful than my old Oral-B. It also has whistles and bells that I checked out and have ignored as a waste if time and effort: Bluetooth connectivity to Oral-B’s app and the app that tries to be the tooth brushing nanny, but is way too obtrusive and fiddly. A great product, just ignore what you don’t need.”

From reading the review above you probably get an idea of what people love and what they dislike about the brush.


The main recurring theme was people did not really see much use in the Bluetooth app apart from a select few. They found it too distracting and felt it didn’t offer anything new and it didn’t improve the experience of using the brush – it actually made it clunky and awkward.

Best Place To Buy The Oral B Pro 6000 Toothbrush

We touched on this at the beginning and we think the easiest place to buy is Amazon because…

well they are the number 1 online retailer and have high security and consumer protection. You get a 30-day money back guarantee and the added 2-year warranty from the manufacturer.

You can also see the reviews people have left which makes it a lot easier for you to decide if it’s a good product or not and they even do comparisons between different models to show you the benefits of each.

The toothbrush is currently priced at $119.94 but we can’t say how long the offer will stand because the normal price is $200!

We also suggest you go walk around the mall and the big stores such as Walmart and Target to see if it’s any cheaper there. We doubt it but sometimes they do have a clearance sale when they have other products they want to replace them with.

But if you want to take advantage of the massive 40% off sale, head on over to Amazon Now. You will also be able to see real customer reviews in all their glory.


In this Oral B Pro 6000 Review we have given you all the important bits about the toothbrush which hopefully has made your decision a lot easier.

There is a lot to like about the oral-B 6000…

It has 5 solid cleaning modes which give you the ability to personalise your cleaning habits and it makes it easier to share with family members if you can’t all afford a separate brush.

The battery life is really good because it has the new lithium ion battery integrated unlike the older models which still run on nickel hydride.

The price is also reasonable for a mid range toothbrush of this quality but sadly, companies like to chop and change prices so today it’s cheap but who knows about tomorrow?

The slight negative is the handle is quite bulky and thick compared to some other models which could be a problem for people with small hands. With that being said, oral-B know how to make a good toothbrush and the 6000 is one that can comfortably sit at the top alongside some higher end models without A Problem!

Oral B Pro 6000 F.A.Q

Q. Does the Pro 6000 have sound connectivity?

A. Yes, it does although it is not advertised with it.

Q. Is the Oral-B Smart 6 6000 waterproof?

A. Yes it is. This means that it can be cleaned with water and also be used in the shower if you wish.

Q. Does the Pro 6000 come with a warranty & how long is it?

A. If purchased new from an approved retailer the Pro 6000 will come with a 2-year warranty which can be extended by a further year to 3 in total if you register the brush online on Oral-B’s website.

Q. Is the Oral-B Smart 6 6000 noisy?

A. It’s not particularly noisy for an electric toothbrush however this is subjective. If you have just moved from a manual toothbrush expect any electric toothbrush to be noisy. You will notice this less and less as you continue to use an electric toothbrush.

Q. Does this toothbrush come with a travel case?

A. Yes It comes with a very nice, premium travel case


Have you previously or currently own the Oral B Pro 6000?

If so please leave a comment below and tell us your experience using it as it will help others to make a more informed purchasing decision 🙂

Oral B Pro 6000




Ease Of Use






Battery Life



  • Different Brush Heads
  • 5 Cleaning Modes
  • New Lithium Ion Battery
  • Bluetooth Compatibility


  • Thick Handle
  • Bluetooth App Not For Everyone
  • Frequent Changes In Price

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    • Hi Olalekan

      Electric toothbrushes have come a long way and are constantly improving. The standard warranty now is 2 years for Oral B Toothbrushes and you can pick them up for a reasonable price.

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    Great and an exhaustive review indeed! Basic oral hygiene is probably something we could all improve. Brushing your teeth isn’t difficult but most people don’t do it right or for long enough. I brush my teeth twice a day, tongue once, and use Oral B 5000 because is another mid range toothbrush with good battery life with similar features to Oral pro 6000 and dentist-approved mouthwash before bed. But did I always brush for the prescribed two minutes? Probably not. But with the help of an app to monitor me my tooth-brushing regime improved immensely. The timer really help me. The slight negative part of Oral B toothbrush I observed is the brush handle which is on the bulky side and weigh more than other models, but I understand is the functional part of the brush and is a little bit expensive. I would like to test the Oral B pro 6000 next, they are amazing toothbrush indeed. I want asked if there is other colors aside from white color?

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