Oral B Pro 6000 review

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Are you looking for a dental accessory? You must be undoubtedly familiar with the name Oral B. The brand has stood out with its excellent products, such as the Oral B Pro 6000 review. If you are have been searching for n efficient electric toothbrush, having a look at this  can be helpful. 


Oral B has come up with a range of electric toothbrushes lately. Among them all, Oral B Pro 6000 has turned out to be the most efficient and best option in terms of results and other areas. The toothbrush is known to offer an excellent cleaning session with comfortable functioning. 

Truly, Oral B Pro 6000 is a modern-day technology product as it is featured with several functions such as Bluetooth. Anxious to know what other features and functions the toothbrush posses? Look at this  to get a detailed knowledge of the features, pros, and cons. 

  • The toothbrush comes along with five cleaning modes and a pressure sensor so that you can clean your teeth in the right way and with utmost comfort.
  • The toothbrush features Bluetooth, and you can benefit from audible notifications and a wireless guide for better cleaning in different corners of your mouth.
  • The battery life is better than average for ten days if you are brushing daily twice for 2 minutes each.
  • Different brush heads are available and compatible with the Oral B Pro 6000 toothbrush that you can choose from as per your convenience and requirement. 
  • The toothbrush is a bit heavier compared to other electric toothbrushes.
  • Technology such as Bluetooth is not as good as it should be to offer the right results.
  • It is an expensive product due to several features such as different cleaning modes, Bluetooth, and others. 

Oral B Pro 6000 review

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Main Features:

  • Oral B Pro 6000 is a rechargeable gadget that can last with you for years.
  • The toothbrush features five cleaning modes for different cleaning options, such as daily cleaning, sensitive cleaning, deep cleaning, polishing, or massaging. 
  • The wireless guide helps you in using the toothbrush in the right way to get the best results.
  • You can take necessary actions depending upon the battery status that the toothbrush indicates.
  • It comes with some excellent technologies such as LED light and pressure sensors. 
  • Bluetooth is an added technology that you can use to connect with the smartphone app to get guidance about brushing correctly. 


is packed with several advanced technical features to offer you the best cleaning experience. The toothbrush provides a precision of 48,000 moves in a single minute. For completing these movements, it rotates, oscillates, and also pulsates. Overall, with so many activities in just a minute, it can remove 100% of the plague most of the time. 

The buttons for various functions have blue light illumination to guide you properly through them. If you are a new time user, the wireless guide is a perfect thing to help you understand how the brush works. 

Oral B Pro 6000 review

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Though the toothbrush is a bit hefty, it offers a perfect grip option so that you can hold this comfortably while brushing. Also, the rubber grip is ideal that doesn’t let the brush slip out of your hands in the presence of water. 

The toothbrush comes with a storage tray to keep the different brush heads when not in use. 

Value for Money:

The toothbrush costs something above $100. Also, if you are buying different brush heads, the brushing experience will cost you even more. But Oral B Pro 6000 comes loaded with several features and pros. Also, investing in different brush heads is an excellent idea if you are looking for a cleaning experience at home similar to dental cleaning at a clinic. 

Overall, as per the features and pros mentioned in this , the toothbrush is undoubtedly worth the money you are investing in as it returns you a whole new experience of healthy dental cleaning.


The package comes loaded with several accessories when you are buying Oral B Pro 6000. These accessories that come in the package are the Oral B Pro 6000 toothbrush, the brush head holder, travel case for the brush handle, the brush head, different brush heads, a charging dock, a wireless guide, and batteries.  

Frequently Asked Questions:

Q1. What are the brush heads that come along with Oral B Pro 6000?

Answer: Four brush heads come along: cross action, floss action, sensitive, and 3D white.

Q2. What is the warranty offered with the toothbrush?

Answer: Oral B Pro 6000 comes with a warranty of 2 years.


Oral B Pro 6000 is an excellent product from the brand Oral B. talks about the efficient side and the toothbrush’s negative side. Moreover, it is one of the best electric toothbrush products than many other options from the same brand. 

Oral B Pro 6000 review

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