Important Oral Care products You Must Have for Healthy Teeth

Listen up, taking care of your teeth and gums is of upmost importance. It’s crucial to having that great smile and feeling confident. You ever had a conversation with someone and you feel as if they are staring at your teeth like something is wrong….

Maybe their right

So today i will be going through the 4 MUST HAVE products that need to be stocked up in your house constantly.

Electric Toothbrush

Let me start off by saying that manual toothbrushes are now becoming redundant, They dont do as good a job as some of the new electric toothbrushes on the market, with more strokes per minute (20,000 revs a minute) and the world renowned Oscillation technology.

Some high tech oral b electric toothbrushes signal when you are brushing too hard or not enough. Some like the ORAL B 5000 come with a smartguide with a LCD screen telling you where to brush and for how long.

If you dont have one you need one if you want to maintain your healthy teeth, Please go and read the full review on the oral b 5000 and you will know what im talking about

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Bottom line:

All the research points to the conclusion that oral b electric toothbrushes remove more plaque than manual toothbrushes. PERIOD!


EXPERT ADVICE: What matters most is that the toothpaste must not contain fluoride and that it’s not overly abrasive. Look for a toothpaste has been researched and is scientifically and clinically tested, as not all products will have this.

Sensodyne is an excellent brand and has many different variations, some for people with sensitive teeth, gum problems and some for people who want to whiten their teeth. Just pick the one that covers your needs and contributes to your oral health.

You can also opt for a natural toothpastes because they are not filled with chemical. Here is a post on the benefits of Bentonite Toothpaste.

Interdental Products

Flossing is essential: not only does it help prevent gum disease it is also suggested that it can keep heart disease at bay (might need to do a bit research on that), but the point is clear: clean between your teeth at least once a day.

If you can do more then thats great. I say this because despite how well you brush, without flossing you are leaving around 30 percent of plaque between your teeth.

Interdental brushes are also great at getting rid of plaque between your teeth due to their narrow sets of bristles that work to clean between the teeth and gum line.

Clinical trials also show that water jets that blast debris from between your teeth and gums are just as effective as your traditional flossing. Just make sure they have high powered pressure.


There are various mouthwashes on the market  that contain silver, calcium and even tea tree oil, but in all the clinical trials that have been carried out, LISTERINE always comes out on top.

Even for people who dont like that it contains alcohol, there are ones out there dont contain any so your covered.

Mouthwashes although not always essential for good overall oral health, play a vital role in keeping your mouth fresh throughout the day and removing bacteria. Another key point is that they aid in preventing gingivitis.

So to conclude:

If you want to have healthy teeth and a brilliant smile you MUST have a rock solid routine that includes everything that i have mentioned above. If you do i highly doubt you will need to visit the dentist for a long long time.

Please check out my various other posts that will help you to see the bigger picture about oral health and how to keep your teeth for life.


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