If Your Teeth Shift Can Your Retainer Fix It

If Your Teeth Shift Can Your Retainer Fix It?

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Slight shifting of your teeth after applying braces or undergoing Invisalign is a standard process. If you thought that braces could fix your teeth forever, then let me open your eyes. Crowded teeth cannot be fixed easily, and permanent solution is very rare.

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However, there are many budget-friendly and easy ways to straighten your teeth after your bracket application or surgery. Now the question is, “if your teeth shift can your retainer fix it?” So, let’s find out.

If Your Teeth Shift Can Your Retainer Fix It?

Fixing your teeth using a retainer is dependent on various factors like how crowded your teeth are, you have applied braces, have you undergone Invisalign surgery before, and many more. Now let us know what precisely a retainer is.

Retainers are used to keep your teeth intact after removing the braces. They can be permanent or temporary as per need. It is a myth that right after removing the braces, your teeth take shape. But since they don’t, retainers are devised to use after removing the braces.

The following are the working conditions for retainers:

  • Retainers can only fix slight differences or gaps between your teeth. They are basically designed to use after removing the braces to correct the slightest shift. However, you need to know that these are not certified ways to straighten your teeth
  • You must check if your retainer is of the accurate shape and size according to your jaw. A slight difference in its alignment can make your teeth look even more shapeless than before. This may cause you more irritation and anxiety. Moreover, you may lose a huge amount of money.

Why Do Teeth Shift Even After Straightening?

Teeth straightening are not the ultimate solution for crooked teeth. Crocked teeth can start taking back their shape at any time soon. But there are hacks that you can use to track this process. Retainers are the most useful tool to stop the teeth from shifting after straightening.

So, let’s understand the causes behind teeth shifting even after straightening them.

1. Soft Bones

Straightening of teeth takes time. For complete straightened teeth, the bones need to be strong enough to hold them tight. After you remove the braces, the bones are still soft and, thus, tend to come back to their original position. 

This is why teeth start shifting immediately after removing braces or Invisalign. To avoid this, you must use a retainer right after removing your braces until your bones harden up.

2. Teeth Grinding

Long after teeth straightening and even after your bones harden up, you may see the slight shifting of your teeth. This may be because of your bad habit of grinding your teeth. If you want straightened teeth for a long time, immediately stop this habit or get ready to waste your money again on braces.

3. Tooth Loss

After you lose one or more teeth, a gap develops between your teeth. This gap can disrupt the synchronization of your straightened jaw. As a result, your teeth would start shifting toward the hollow portion. 

Eventually, your teeth can take a different shape, and gaps may also develop. This process is very slow and cannot be easily recognized. But once you evidence the slightest change, visit your dentist to cure it at an early stage.


Retainers can be a friend and foe. You just need to know about it to get the best results. We suggest you go to a professional and well-known dentist to know more about if your teeth shift can your retainer fix it.

An amateur dentist might do some discrepancy due to which you can suffer badly. Thus, go to a dentist you trust to know if your teeth need a retainer and its application. Retainers are super budget-friendly and easier to carry than braces. We wish you a happy smile!

Frequently Asked Questions

Does Wearing an Old Retainer to Straighten Teeth Work?

Yes, even after years of removing your braces, you can use your retainer to realign your teeth.

Can Retainers Fix Jaw Alignment?

Yes, but in severe cases, retainers alone may not be able to fix it. You need to put on retainers or braces for 8-12 months to fix your jaw alignment.

Should I Wear My Retainer If It Hurts?

Wearing a retainer may hurt at first. But you will get habituated with time. However, if it is hurting a lot and being unbearable, then you must consult your dentist.

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