How to Get Rid of Numbness After Wisdom Teeth Removal?

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Wisdom teeth are the last pair of teeth to emerge during your adultery age of 17 to 22. These back molars may be painful at the time of emergence. This pain can be because of misalignment of the teeth or lack of space in your jaw. This pain can often turn into numbness where you cannot feel your mouth organs. As a result, you decide to eliminate the teeth.

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But now you must be wondering how to get rid of numbness after wisdom teeth removal? It is surprising because you extracted your tooth out to get rid of the pain, but you still are facing the same problem!

Read till the end to get the solution and know more about it.

How to Get Rid of Numbness After Wisdom Teeth Removal?

When you go to a surgeon for wisdom teeth extraction, you must be familiar with the fact that the surgery causes tremendous pain. Since an adult tooth is being extracted from its roots, a lot of bleeding occurs, followed by pain. To avoid this pain, your surgeon may give you anesthesia which causes numbness in your mouth.

To get rid of this numbness, you must follow the doctor’s instructions and have patience at the same time. The following few tips may help you to get rid of your pain.

1. Skin Massaging

If you don’t feel any swelling, you can use a warm compress to increase the blood flow in the affected areas like lips, cheek, etc. You can also massage your lips and cheeks to warm them a little, as warming the affected area may increase the blood flow and cure the numbness. But, do not forget to wash your hands properly before massaging as it may cause infection.

2. Physical Activity

You don’t have to be hard on yourself. Ask your doctor if you are in the condition to take a little walk or to play any light indoor games. This can improve blood circulation in your body and eventually allow your body to break down and metabolize the Novocain used as anesthesia during your treatment.

3. Sleep

Sleeping can help your body to relax and would improve blood circulation throughout the body. Blood circulation would counterbalance the effects of anesthesia and would help in relaxing your muscles.

4. Use Injections

You can consult your doctor to get injections that cancel out the effects of anesthesia in your body. These injections are specially designed to eliminate the fluid or its effect from your body.

5. Make a Dental Appointment

Numbness can happen due to nerve damage while extraction of wisdom teeth. If your pain persists for more than 5-6 hours, you must consult your dentist. This condition is not normal, and it should be cured or else, it can adversely affect your oral health.

Thus, let your dentist diagnose it and cure it at its earliest. Or this can be never-ending suffering.

How Long Does the Numbness Last?

The numbness after wisdom teeth extraction can generally last for 2-3 hours only. But for some people, it can also last for 5-6 hours. The numbness can persist on the teeth, gums, cheek, tongue, lips, and even the throat.

This numbness can occur due to various reasons. It can cause the anesthesia you took during surgery, swelling of gums, excessive pain, or nerve damage.

If you feel the numbness is not going, it is good to see a doctor get it diagnosed. This way, you can get rid of future complications.


Do not take much stress about the numbness and enjoy the short vacation you got after surgery instead. Take a lot of rest, and the healing process will follow naturally. You should not panic if your numbness is not getting cured as it works differently on different individuals.

You are going to get well in no time. Just follow our tips on how to get rid of numbness after wisdom teeth removal, and for more information, consult a professional.

Frequently Asked Questions

How Long Does It Take for Nerve Damage to Heal After Wisdom Teeth Removal?

It can take six months to cure completely. However, in some severe cases, the nerve damage can also be permanent.

Why Do I Still Feel Numb After Wisdom Teeth Removal?

You can feel numb because of the anesthesia or even due to swelling and pain.

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Is the Third Day the Worst After Wisdom Teeth Removal?

Yes, the 3rd and 4th days might be the most painful, as the effect of your anesthesia would be gone entirely, and you might start feeling the actual pain. In addition, during these days, the healing process would begin, which can cause the gums to swell.

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