How Long After Wisdom Teeth Removal Can I Smoke

How Long After Wisdom Teeth Removal Can I Smoke?

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After removing your wisdom teeth, you might face some complications which are unfamiliar to you. A very common complication called the dry socket can occur due to ignorance. Using tobacco products can be a reason for dry socket conditions. Then you may ask, “how long after wisdom teeth removal can I smoke?”

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Even though smoking is not good after removing your wisdom teeth, if you just can’t quit tobacco, follow our article to know how to avoid dry sockets or any complications if you are a smoker.

How Long After Wisdom Teeth Removal Can I Smoke?

Research has shown that 12-12% of smokers are likely to develop dry sockets after wisdom teeth removal.

Rapid intake of smoke can dislodge a blood clot. This applies to any smoking, not just cigarettes. The tobacco present in cigarettes can slow down the healing process and can likely cause irritation and infection.

So, we advise you not to smoke or chew any tobacco-based product after your wisdom teeth surgery. This can be an excellent excuse for you to quit smoking. 

But if you can’t drop this idea, we have a few suggestions for you which you should follow for your post-surgery routine to prevent your gum from dry socket symptoms.

  • A nicotine patch can be used as an alternative.
  • At least do not smoke until 48 hours of the surgery.
  • Do not forget to place your gauze at the right place before smoking.
  • Make sure that your wound is stitched. If it is not, cigarette smoke can damage the wound and can make it even worse.
  • Avoid using chewable tobacco.
  • Before beginning to smoke, consult with your surgeon.
  • You can get a new hobby as a distraction.

Generally, you can start smoking after a week of your surgery. Make sure that your wound has dried off, and try to inhale gently for another week.

What Are The Risks If You Smoke Immediately After Wisdom Teeth Removal?

If you don’t give your smoking a pause after wisdom teeth removal, your gum can suffer from Dry Socket condition, which can eventually slow down the healing process.

When you remove your wisdom tooth, a blood clot develops on the area of removal. This helps to heal your underlying bone and nerves. The occurrence of this blood clot plays a crucial role until the gums heal.

A dry socket can occur if something moves through these blood clots and dissolves it. This can occur if you chew any hard substance, smoke cigarettes, or improper oral hygiene.

Therefore, smoking can cause blood clots to disappear, which can result in a slow recovery rate. In the long term, your gums can become unhealthy and cause a long-term problem.


So if you’re still asking how long after wisdom teeth removal can I smoke, the bottom line is that you must refrain from smoking for a week following wisdom tooth removal. 

Even if you do, you must be aware of the implications and accept responsibility for your loss. Now it’s up to you whether you want to pause for a month or suffer till eternity.

Frequently Asked Questions

How Long After Smoking Do do You Get Dry Socket?

It is never recommended to smoke. But if you have to, you must at least wait for 4-5 days of surgery. After blood clotting has done its job, it is partially safe to pass the smoke through your mouth.

Can I Smoke 24 Hours After Tooth Extraction?

You can, but you will have to face the consequences. We advise you to stay away from smoking for at least 72 hours. Try to involve yourself in something else as a medium of distraction.

Does Smoking Cause Dry Socket?

Yes, smoke can pass through the blood clot at the area affected, and it can dissolve the clotting, which can cause a dry socket.

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