How Fast Do Teeth Move with Braces?

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Braces are the most basic technique used to cure crooked teeth. Generally, it is set on your teeth for a year or more. But you may feel noticeable changes in your teeth structure much before a year.

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So, to be more precise, how fast do teeth move with braces?

This is a common question asked by kids with braces or most patients with braces. After putting on the braces, the excitement to see the changes is real. Let’s have a look at this article to learn more about it.

How Fast Do Teeth Move with Braces?

Shifting is a time-consuming process. Teeth change slowly while wearing braces. Even though shifting occurs daily, bracing ensures that the process is neither too slow nor too quick. It must be completed within the time frame specified, and your dentist must be precise.

There may be consequences if you do not adhere to the time frame. If the braces start moving quickly to shift the teeth, you may experience a lot of discomfort and soreness all at once because the bone that supports your teeth isn’t given enough time to heal. This can even harm nerve cells.

However, if the process is too sluggish, the roots of your teeth may be damaged. The teeth roots can become shorter in length, which is known as resorption, leading to irreversible tooth and gum damage.

Your braces are custom-made for your teeth straightening and will take the exact amount of time that it requires. As a result, we recommend that you be patient and leave them on for a year or whatever time you have been allotted. Avoid using a shorter or easier procedure because it can harm your oral health in the long run.

Can Braces Change Your Look?

Yes, braces can change the shape of your face. This is the reason many braces users want to use it. However, a proper diagnosis and treatment plan is needed to make it possible. Or there is a high chance of failure.

What happens is when your teeth are straightened, your jaw alignment changes or comes to its original position where it belongs. As a result, your cheek and jaw region may experience a significant change. For most of the patients, it is a good chance.

But if you go to a dentist who is not experienced enough, you don’t need to see a change. Instead, your teeth may also not be straightened if the application is not smooth. So, it’s better to invest your money in a professional dentist than waste a bulk amount.

Can Your Teeth Shift After Removing the Braces?

Yes, there is a chance that your teeth may shift after removing your braces. This happens because of the teeth bones. Teeth bone cannot harden immediately after the removal of braces.

As a result, your dentist may advise you to wear a retainer for some time until your bone hardens. A retainer will help to keep your teeth intact while also correcting any minor tooth irregularities.

Although some patients are fortunate enough not to suffer any shifting without retainers, you should not take any chances because your pain and money for the last year would be in vain.


So, to sum up, a brief response to your question about how fast do teeth move with braces is four weeks. Later it can be visible approximately after two months.  

Even though the movement is regular, it is not always visible. This slow pace of movement is why you have to wear it for such a long period. Let me tell you, if you ever feel ugly or frustrated because of the braces, think of the beautiful smile you are going to get and keep compromising a little every day to achieve it.

Frequently Asked Questions

How Long Does It Take for Teeth to Move with Braces?

It approximately takes 13-18 months. However, the duration varies for different individuals.

Do Braces Move Teeth Overnight?

No, it is a slow process, and it takes more than a year to see the perfect results.

Do Braces Make Your Lips Bigger?

Yes, there can be some slightest change in shape and size, but not much.

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