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Primal life organics teeth whitening reviews

Primal Life Organics Teeth Whitening Reviews – Worth It?

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Primal life Organics has gone unnoticed in the mass health market but slowly and surely it’s becoming one of the go to places for Dental and skin health. It’s gonna explode soon!

But enough of the story, let’s talk about the topic for today which is the whitening system they have recently come out with. On the surface it seems just like any other whitening LED kit but there are a few differences. 2 to be Exact:

The Light system and the Active ingredients

If you keep reading this Primal Life Organics Teeth Whitening Review you will understand why it’s so popular. One other thing to note is the price of the kit. It’s the most expensive system we have come across and we have seen quite a few!

1-5 Year Warranty

First of all we want to mention the Warranty because for such an expensive product, you want to know if you are going to be protected if something goes wrong.

So let’s break it down:

    • the Teeth whitening mouthpiece has a 1 year manufactures’ warranty from date of purchase. Normal wear/tear is not covered under the warranty.
    • You also have the option to extend this to a limited 5-year warranty and this covers the functioning of the LED bulbs and the manufactures’ hardware. It does not cover normal wear or biting through the silicone mouthpiece.
    • Another option is to get the Full 5-year warranty which gives you the added bonus of replacement LED mouthpieces up to three times including normal wear and tear or biting through the silicone mouthpiece. But you will be required to send photos of the mouthpiece with the cord cut into two pieces to receive a replacement mouthpiece.

If you want to learn more about their warranty terms and conditions, please head on over to the Actual whitening kit page.

The Dual Light Activated Teeth Whitening System – Peroxide Free!

primal life organics teeth whitening reviews

The name slightly gives it away but yes, one of the distinguishing features about this whitening kit is the use of Blue and Red LED light. We have all heard about the blue light but you must be thinking were did Red light come from?

well apparently red light is supposed to improve wound healing, relieve pain, improve tissue repair and help prevent the recurrence of mouth sores. This is what is stated on their website and we are not sure where they got this information from but the kit has been FDA Approved so there must be some substance to it.

The Activated Charcoal Gel Is the second feature that sets this kit apart from the rest. You probably know that most whitening systems tend to use carbamide peroxide but primal organics ventured onto a different path and decided to minimise tooth sensitivity as much as they could. We will talk about the ingredients in a bit but let’s go through the contents of this tooth whitening system:

    • One LED whitener (with attached adapters)
    • One travel case
    • 2x 5ml (20-treatments) syringes of Boost Whitening gel

The best thing in our minds is the LED Whitener itself because it’s so complex but yet so easy to use. Some features it has are:

  • Blue light – used at 400nm
  • Red light – used at 700nm
  • No batteries required and no trays to mould. All you do is plug it into your phone and away you go.
  • The LED bulbs last approximately 50,000 hours

What Ingredients Are In Primal Life’s Teeth Whitening Gel?

The formulation that primal life have created is called the boost tooth whitening gel and it contains many natural components:

  • Extra virgin olive oil
  • Essential oils (15 in total)
  • 3 Different clays
  • Charcoal

All the ingredients above play some role in the whitening process.


Activated charcoal helps whiten tooth by changing the pH balance of the mouth, making it more alkaline. It also helps prevent cavities, bad breath and gum disease.

Activated charcoal has a negative electrical charge that attracts positively charged molecules. Toxic compounds and gases are positively charged which get absorbed by charcoal. It can also trap free radicals that are roaming around inside your body.

Bentonite Clay

primal life organics teeth whitening reviews

Bentonite clay is high in ions and when its administered to a specific area, there will be an exchange of ions from the target site. Some clays are synthetically produced with specific cat ions that are known to be antibacterials inserted into the clay. This is then administered to the target site so the ions can be released and start working on the toxins or site of infection.

The toxins will be absorbed but at the same time the clay will release its antibacterial ions to help nourish the target area to keep it healthy.

Here is a screen shot of the full list of the ingredients so you know everything that is going into this paste:

primal life organics teeth whitening reviews

Honestly we think that charcoal and clay do the majority of the heavy lifting when it comes to whitening, whilst the essential oils keep the gums nice and healthy.

Let’s take Clove bud for example: also known as Eugenia caryophyllus, It’s oil is extracted from the Syzgium aromaticum tree. Clove is a very powerful herb, it has great antiseptic properties, numbs pain due its eugenol content and has the highest anti-oxidant rating of any natural plant extract in the world.

Myrrh is another powerful oil. Also, known as Commiphora myrrha, It is found in the Arabian peninsula and in Africa. It’s high in Flavonoids which can help to assist in inflammation reduction and naturally support the body’s own immune system. Myrrh has considerable antimicrobial activity and is medicinally used in a variety of diseases. It also possesses significant antiseptic, anaesthetic, and anti tumour properties.

How To Use The Primal Life Organics Teeth Whitening System

As we have mentioned before the kit itself although may sound complicated with all this blue and red light business, the process of applying it onto your tooth is relatively simple.

Here is a step by step guide:

  1. Brush and floss your tooth (primal organic recommend their own dirty mouth tooth powder but it doesn’t really matter)
  2. Wipe the tooth dry with a towel
  3. Apply the boost whitening gel to the mouthpiece (0,25ml to the top and the same amount to the bottom set of tooth)
  4. Insert the mouthpiece into your mouth gently and don’t bite on it.
  5. Connect the USB or ports (android or iPhone) to your phone
  6. Set the timer to 20 minutes for best results
  7. Remove the mouthpiece after the elapsed time and rinse your teeth out with warm water
  8. Wash the mouthpiece with warm water and place back into it’s case.

The company has said that using it 4 times per week will give you the best results and once you have achieved your desired results, you can bring it down to 2-3 times per week to maintain the whiteness.

(Multi Plug Adaptor Fits Most Android And IOS Phones)

A Few Precautions To Think About!

Although this kit does not contain any harsh chemicals it’s still best that you avoid using it if you have the following issues:

  • Severely decayed tooth
  • It’s not suitable for tooth discoloration caused by lesions or medicine
  • Won’t work on false tooth
  • Not suitable for defective enamel or damaged tooth

primal life organics teeth whitening reviews

If you don’t have any of the above conditions then congratulations, you are lucky enough to take advantage of this whitening system. But before you make a decision you need to make sure it really does work.

Keep reading to find out…

Pros & Cons

There’s a lot to like about this whitening kit but there are a few things that will no doubt turn some people off, but before we discuss those let’s look at the good things:

FDA Approved

The food and drug administration have approved this product as being safe and it’s undergone some testing to make sure it minimises the risk for everyone. The ingredients in the whitening gel are all natural and while this is a good thing, some could argue that because there is no “active” ingredients such as carbamide or hydrogen peroxide it renders it less effective, however the reviews suggest otherwise!

No Sensitivity

This ties in with the point about the ingredients in the Boost tooth whitening gel. Because they are all natural, you should not be facing any tooth sensitivity issues as such. That’s only caused when you use chemical based whitening serums. We believe that’s one of the main selling points of this kit.

Latest Technology

The other main selling point of this kit is the LED light that is used. It differs from any other on the market because in addition to the regular blue light, it also uses red light therapy to enhance and protect the health of your gums. I guess this is the reason the price is on the higher end of the spectrum.

primal life organics teeth whitening reviews


Applying The Boost Gel Can Be Hard At First

We saw a video of how it’s supposed to be applied and basically you have a wooden spatula and you get a tiny spoonful of it and smear it all over the tooth. This might seem simple but covering the whole surface area of each tooth is tricky when you try to do it for the first time.

But it’s not too big of a deal as with practice you will get better at applying it more evenly.

The Cost Is High!

This might be the sticking point for most people unless you are vegan in which case this is right up your ally because of the natural ingredients.

It’s currently priced at $249.00 which to be brutally honest is on the expensive side even though it has red light LED as well as the premium natural ingredients mentioned. They actually have the kit on offer would you believe it or not. The original price was $299.97!

It’s Quite Expensive, Do They Have Cheaper Alternatives?


Primal life weren’t stupid because they themselves knew that the dual light activated whitening kit will not be affordable for everyone so they have a backup which is called:

Light Activated Teeth Whitening System and the difference between this and the dual light is that it has NO Red LED light therapy and believe it or not this makes a massive difference in the price. It costs $69.97!

So if your budget doesn’t stretch to $249.00 you can always try the much cheaper single light whitening kit for just $69.97. It won’t break the bank and you get a 30-day smile guarantee, so if you aren’t satisfied you can contact them for a refund.

What Are Customers Saying

It has 51 reviews and the average rating is 4.6 Stars out of 5 which makes it a good product. The general consensus was the kit worked really fast and it helped to keep the gums and teeth healthy. We think the Red LED light made a difference to the health of the gums.

The only thing we noticed is that a few people mentioned there was no attachment for the Samsung galaxy s8 so they had to plug the light into the laptop.

One review mentioned the LED light blinked off a couple of time when they used it for the first time but that resolved itself and has not happened since.

primal life organics teeth whitening reviews

So overall you can see that this whitening kit has overwhelmingly positive reviews and is something to consider if you want a high end peroxide free whitening solution.

Where Can I Buy The Primal Life Teeth Whitening System

The company Primal life is an online retailer and they specialise in oral and skin care health. Their products are only available to order through the website. They do stock some of their tooth powders on Amazon but the whitening system can only be brought through the official website.

If your interested in trying out the Latest natural whitening system, please head on over to Primal Life Organics to Get a Discount!

Final Thoughts

This Primal Life Organics Teeth Whitening Review has hopefully given you something to think about. It’s a Dual light whitening kit which is different from its competitors because it utilises RED light therapy to give you added gum and tooth protection while you are whitening.

It’s also made from natural ingredients which means you will not notice any sensitivity while you are in the process of whitening your teeth. This is one of the reasons why it is becoming one of the more popular brands out there.

The price however is quite high at $249.00 which makes it unaffordable for some people but the good news is that they offer a less expensive version without the dual light that costs only $69.97. Sure there are some other methods that are a lot cheaper such as whitening strips but they don’t give you as fast result as this.

If your serious about changing the colour of your tooth we suggest you start today so that you will be prepared for any big occasion that comes your way!

Any questions?, please get in touch by commenting below 🙂

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plus white toothpaste review

Plus White Toothpaste Review – Does It Work?

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Teeth Whitening is a popular service for those who want to have pearly whites and show off their chompers. We love indulging in products that causes our teeth to have stains. Drinking coffee, tea, soda, smoking, and other factors may be the culprit.

Plus White Toothpaste is one of the most affordable and easy to use teeth whitening product that is available in the market. Its amazing price allows a lot of individuals to try it out and we all know that although a product may be easy to buy because it is easy on the wallet, it does not automatically mean that it works 100%.

There are products in the market that are bestsellers not because it is the best among the rest but because of the hype and brilliant marketing the sellers use. Is this the case with Plus White Toothpaste?  Or it is a legit product that works brilliantly in whitening your teeth?

In this Plus White Toothpaste review, we will reveal whether this product works well in whitening your teeth in between professional whitening jobs. If you are curious if this product works, continue to read on below so we will help you have an informed decision at the end of this review.

What is Plus White Toothpaste? Plus White Toothpaste Review

Plus White Toothpaste is a product that works like no ordinary toothpaste; it removes teeth stains such as coffee, tea, tobacco, wine, and other food stains.

Created with stain removers this toothpaste is able to actively remove your teeth stains and makes your teeth look whiter and brighter.

With the ability to effectively removing plaque and dirt that causes tartar, this toothpaste also works great to protect your pearly whites against cavities. Unlike other whitening products, it has longer-lasting minty taste that freshens your breath making your mouth feel clean and refreshed each time you brush your mouth.

If You Want Pearly White Teeth, Visit Amazon For Any Special Offers About This Product!

How Does Plus White Toothpaste Work? Plus White Toothpaste Review

Plus White Toothpaste works as a normal teeth whitener. You can use two trays, one tray for the top and one for the bottom.

You can buy an athletic mouth guard and use them as trays. Apply a small amount of the toothpaste and put on the mouth guard and wait for 5 minutes or so for the product to work effectively.

Apply a small amount of Plus White Toothpaste by using a qtip for easy application. Spread it on your teeth and wait for 5 minutes or more so the stain removers of the toothpaste will work effectively by removing your teeth stains. 

What ingredients are in Plus White Toothpaste?

Plus White Toothpaste has an active ingredient: Sodium Monofluorophosphate (0.15% W/V Fluoride Ion).

The inactive ingredients of this toothpaste are:

  • Hydrated Silica – used for toothpaste, removes plaque. When used as grains, it is more aggressive and commonly used for teeth whitening and bleaching products.
  • Sorbitol – A sugar alcohol with a sweet taste, commonly used in mouthwash and toothpaste.
  • Water
  • Dicalcium Phosphate – Works as a polishing agent and helps with tartar control.
  • Glycerin – Prevents toothpaste from drying out and hardening inside the tube.
  • Sodium Lauryl Sulfate – Foaming agent that cleans and emulsifies. It is considered as an irritant.
  • Cellulose Gum – Modifies viscosity and thickener for toothpaste and it is hypoallergenic.
  • Titanium Dioxide – Used as a color additive in toothpaste and other cosmetic products.
  • Trisodium Phosphate – A cleaning agent, responsible for the clean and fresh taste after brushing your mouth.
  • Pvm/Ma Copolymer – Used as a binder in toothpaste.
  • Sodium Saccharin – An artificial sweetener commonly used in different food products and toothpaste.
  • Blue 1 – Colorant used in foods and toothpaste.

This toothpaste is manufactured and processed in Canada and it does not contain animal fat.

How to use Plus White Toothpaste?


For Children 2 Years old and Above: To use this Plus White Toothpaste you can brush your teeth after every meal or twice a day. Adults and Children 2 Years and Older: Brush teeth thoroughly after each meal, or at least twice a day, or as directed by a dentist or a physician.

To prevent swallowing of toothpaste for children under 6, make sure to use a pea-sized amount and supervise brushing.

Children who are under 2 Years: Parents can consult your family dentist or physician.

Warning: To prevent accidental swallowing, keep out of reach of children. If the toothpaste is accidentally swallowed, get medical help as soon as possible.

What I Don’t Like About Plus White Toothpaste?

It is messy and can be quite a challenge to apply if you are a first time user. This toothpaste gel may be difficult to apply and hard to distribute evenly on your teeth.

Too much application of this paste can burn your gums and can be a bit painful, make sure to wipe excess gel on your gums after applying the gel on your trays or if you are using qtips. Do not swallow the toothpaste and make sure to rinse it well after each use.

What I Like About Plus White Toothpaste? Plus White Toothpaste Review

Easy to use and it does not harm your enamel. Affordable and effectively whiten and brighten your teeth fast.

Works greatly in removing teeth stains that are caused by coffee, soda, tea, and tobacco. The stain removers of this toothpaste polish and remove the stains on your teeth.

It does not only whiten your teeth but also remove plaque and fight cavities to reduce tartar build up in your teeth. Freshens and cleans your mouth every time you brush your teeth.

Customer Reviews About Plus White Toothpaste

Plus White Toothpaste has a total rating of 4 stars out of 5 on Amazon.

This whitening toothpaste is wonderful even for those who have sensitive teeth. You can use an electric toothbrush for thorough cleaning. My dentist is always impressed when I go for my monthly dental appointment.

Most users who have used the product are impressed by the results it gives and they recommend the product freely. The teeth stains have faded from using the toothpaste regularly. Teeth are whitened and look brighter than before.

One of the main points that attract users to use this product is that its cost is easy on the wallet. Since it is affordable, anyone can try it out. It may not be as effective as going for a teeth whitening service with your dentist but it sure works well to lessen the stains on your teeth.

This is not only a whitening toothpaste it is wonderful for sensitive teeth. Along with electric toothbrush, my dentist praises me every time I go for check-ups.Plus White Toothpaste ReviewPlus White Toothpaste Review

Every product always has negative reviews, check out the negative review I have found on Amazon for Plus White Toothpaste below: Plus White Toothpaste Review



How Much Is Plus White Toothpaste and Where Can I Buy It?

Plus White Toothpaste 3.5 ounces or 103 ml tube costs varies depending on the online store you get it from. It ranges from $5.09 to $7.00 on Amazon.

Plus White Toothpaste has been in the market for a while and has been known for being an affordable and effective teeth whitening product, you can search online and find that there are lots of websites that sell it. If you have checked out the Plus White website, you can see that there are retail stores that offer their product.

We personally prefer ordering on Amazon as it guarantees that the product is legit and safe to use and it is not mixed with fake products or tampered with as it is a common occurrence in online shops. You can personally check out the reviews about Plus White Toothpaste on Amazon ($7)

Final Thoughts

Plus White Toothpaste is an effective teeth whitener. If your teeth have stains from coffee, soda, tea, wine, and tobacco, we recommend you to use this product. If you are on a budget and you want whiter and brighter teeth, Plus White Toothpaste is definitely a must-try product for you.

Plus White Toothpaste is a cheap solution that will help deal with teeth stains. If you are regularly visiting your dentist for teeth whitening, this product is perfect for maintenance in between teeth whitening sessions.

One reason Plus White Toothpaste has been effective and recommended by users as a teeth whitening product is that it is able to deliver their promise and the money you spend on it is really cheap and a sure way to get your teeth whitened and cleaned.

For individuals who have sensitive teeth and gums, there is a mild burning sensation that can be felt and it is common with whitening products. Try avoiding getting the product in the gums. Since this toothpaste is gel based, it can be quite a challenge, just place a small amount of toothpaste on the trays or mouth guard so it will not spill out and hurt your gums.

Aside from teeth whitening, it also helps clean your teeth and fights plaque and removes cavities which results to a whiter, cleaner, and brighter teeth than before. Plus White Toothpaste works in some cases, it depends on the severity of the stains on your teeth. It is worth trying out.

If you have yellow and badly stained teeth, this product is probably not for you. You need an appointment with a dentist.

This toothpaste might be a good follow up after your dentist appointment so you can maintain and keep your teeth white and free from stains. For those who have a moderate amount of stains and slight yellowness on your teeth, this product is for you to try out. Patience is a must because if it does not work at first, you can try keeping the gel on longer for better results.

FAQs about Plus White Toothpaste

Q: How long will the plus white toothpaste tube last?

A: The toothpaste may last depending on how frequently the product is being used. If you use it daily, it may last you approximately around 1-2 months.

Q: What is the best way to apply the toothpaste on your teeth? Plus White Toothpaste Review

A: You can use trays or teeth guards. Use two, one for the top and one for the bottom. Apply the toothpaste on a qtip then put on the teeth guard for 5 minutes.

Q: Does it contain peroxide? Which ingredient of the toothpaste helps whiten your teeth?

A: The Plus White toothpaste contains Sodium Monoflurophosphate 0.884% which acts as the stain remover. This toothpaste is effective in whitening your teeth and removing the nasty stains that have built up from drinking coffee, tea, and smoking cigarettes.

Q: Is Plus White Toothpaste effective? How often should I use it to notice that my teeth have been whitened by the product?

Plus White Toothpaste Review

A: Plus White Toothpaste is an effective teeth whitening product. You can use it until the desired result is attained. You may notice a difference after 3 days to 1 week of using it regularly.

Q: Is Plus White Toothpaste safe to use?

A: Plus White Toothpaste is safe to use and it is an effective product for teeth whitening. If the gel comes in contact with your gums, make sure to wipe it clean and do not swallow the toothpaste.

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Snow Teeth Whitening review

Unbiased Snow Teeth Whitening Review (2019) – Yay Or Nay?

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Forget the conventional teeth whitening strips or the regular charcoal and baking soda hacks to brighten that smile. A new revolutionary technology is slowly gaining momentum and popularity among many users. Ever heard of the Snow Whitening kit? If you answered no then we’ll reveal all you need to know in this Snow Teeth Whitening Review.

After this article you can decide if it’s worth cancelling that scheduled teeth whitening appointment with your dentist and take matters into your own hands. After all, they claim this method isn’t only cheaper but yields pretty much the same results, or even better than the dentist’s procedure.

Why the Snow Whitening Kit?

snow teeth whitening review

With the number of teeth whitening kits on the market you’re probably wondering what’s so different about this one right? It’s slowly becoming a crowd favourite for reasons listed below:

  • The manufacturers guarantee 100% results which is proof of their faith in the quality of their product
  • Most users have noticed results in as little as three days. But don’t be too quick to toss it aside if you don’t see change in that time frame as people do react differently. For others it might even take up to 21 days before they notice any visible results
  • According to our research it was endorsed by a couple of celebrity dentists who clearly believe in its effectiveness.

Take A Look At The Customer Reviews And See How Well It Worked For Them!

Why We Chose Snow Teeth Whitening?

We decided to review it because of the following reasons:

Our biggest concern regarding this new innovation would be safety because it’s not unusual to accidentally swallow bits of serum during the whitening process. Finding out it was FDA approved really allayed our concerns as it might yours.

It’s been recognised as an award winning system for teeth whitening which clearly suggests it’s no fly by night concept.

snow teeth whitening review


We believe in reputable companies which is why the fact that it was created by a Harvard science research company, Snow Labs, gave it some degree of credibility in our books. As you’re aware, Snow Labs takes quality and safety controls regarding their products very seriously. Given that approximately 2.3 million dollars went into the research and development of this product undoubtedly confirms that.

What are Its Unique Features?

Enamel Safe

It’s no secret that the process of teeth whitening involves some form of bleaching and some people might react to the chemicals used in the products. Snow understands this and decided to use non-harmful chemicals in making this product. It’s said to be made using an enamel-safe formula to reduce the chances of corrosion. For accountability purposes you’ll find this formula is only sold by Snow.

The manufacturers went a step further by making sure it’s made using only the original patented safe LED-activating technology. Because of this combination you’re less likely to experience sensitivity after using this product.

Full Sized Whitening Wands

If you’re familiar with the teeth whitening procedure you’re aware most manufacturers use mini-sized wands. The reason behind the miniature size is probably to match the size of our teeth. But experience has taught us that they can be a tad bit difficult to handle.

For this reason you’re likely to appreciate that the wand size in the Snow teeth whitening kit is bigger. Because they are full sized you’ll find them much easier to use right out of the box, especially when compared to other brands.

Whitens All Types of Stains

Teeth discoloration is a real issue caused by some beverages we drink from such as coffee or wine. While some kits are likely to sort out this problem, some stains may require a more intense action plan. A good example being smoke stains. Some formulas may just not be strong enough to remove these stains and will require a trip to the dentist.

Snow whitening kits are said to be strong enough to handle all types of stains, smoke stains included and as mentioned earlier, the results are almost immediate. Also, even though it’s quite a powerful formula you don’t need a prescription to purchase one which is a definite plus.

Contents Included in the Kit + A Step By Step Guide On How to Use Them

snow teeth whitening review

Now that you have an idea of what the product does, what’s left is to let you in on what you can expect when you purchase a kit:

  • LED light
  • Mouthpiece
  • Desensitising brush
  • Full-sized wands
  • Whitening serum
  • Re-mineralized gel

The procedure can be completed using the following steps:

  1. The first thing you’ll need to do is brush your teeth the regular way using your toothbrush. Two minutes of brushing in circular motions will suffice.
  2. After this you floss them using dental floss. Naturally the goal here is to remove any foreign particles that might be stuck in between teeth.
  3. Rinse with cold water.
  4. Twist the wand.
  5. Apply the whitening serum to your teeth using the wand provided. (However note you must do so one at a time while also making sure you avoid smearing product on your gums).
  6. Plug in the LED light.
  7. Place the mouthpiece inside your mouth.
  8. Keep it inside for approximately 10 to 30 minutes. The time frame will depend on the level of whiteness you want to achieve. Needless to say, the longer you keep it, the higher your chances of making them whiter.
  9. When you’re done unplug the unit and remove the mouthpiece from your mouth
  10. Rinse both the mouthpiece and your mouth and you’re done!

Simple enough right?

Are you one of those people with sensitive teeth? You’ll have to add an extra step of applying Re-mineralized gel after the above mentioned process.

This will go a long way in not only cutting down on sensitivity but strengthening your enamel (just be sure you don’t apply it continuously every day). A three day break is highly recommended then you can continue as directed above.

What are the Negatives Associated with This Whitening Kit?

As mentioned earlier, we want to keep this article as unbiased as possible which is why we’ll outline some of the drawbacks.

LED Mechanism Questionable

In some cases you might experience problems with the LED lighting. It appears some of the devices have loose wires that affect the effective functioning of the lights. As a result you’ll notice a constant blue flashing of the light. And no, this isn’t part of the design because the light isn’t supposed to flicker.

It isn’t clear whether such devices are manufactured by Snow or they’re substandard imitations. It’ll be in your best interest to purchase directly from the Snow website as their products have a five-year guarantee. Purchasing from a third party may not guarantee replacement or refunds of the product.

Make a smart purchase in all aspects!

It May not Work for Everyone

Unfortunately in some cases this might not work at all for you. The results differ from one person to the next which may be because of one of these two reasons:

  • It may be due to the frequency or lack thereof, of the procedure. If you don’t use it regularly you might not notice any change at all. Either that or you’re using it incorrectly. Try by all means to follow the above mentioned steps for effective results
  • Sometimes it may not work because it’s not the original product. Your best bet will be to purchase from a designated manufacturer.


It is a Cheaper Alternative

Popping into the dentist’s room for a teeth whitening procedure is likely to cost you a lot of money. Going the snow teeth whitening route will prove to be a more cost-effective option since it’s definitely cheaper.

They currently have a 50% Store wide sale and the kit is priced at $150 down from a steep $300. Some might say this is expensive but you must remember what you get for this price. A high end product with a 5 year warranty and satisfaction guarantee. 

snow teeth whitening review

Your in safe hands!

A number of users have noticed it works just as well as the dentist’s procedure. If you want to take a chance and order from other re sellers you can actually get two products for the price of one. However just make sure it’s a reputable seller to avoid disappointment.

Ideal for Sensitive Teeth

Ask anyone with sensitive teeth and they’ll tell you the high number of kits they have to try before they find one that actually relieves that discomfort. For this reason we believe people with sensitive teeth more than likely will appreciate this particular product.

A number of users have noticed a significant reduction in teeth sensitivity in as little as three days after using this product. With some teeth whitening kits, you might have to deal with excruciating side effects after the process. Fortunately this whitening gel is specifically formulated with properties that won’t cause or worsen sensitivity.

Easy to Use

Tired of those complex teeth whitening products that require a lot of practice before you can figure out how they actually work? Using this kit is pretty simple and straight forward, for the most part. Besides it’ll only take you a couple of minutes to complete the whole procedure. Apart from being simple to use you’ll appreciate that it’s not as messy as the other brands.

It’s so easy you can incorporate it as part of your daily grooming routine with no hassles whatsoever. And the best part is you’re less likely to experience any pain during the process which is another plus.

What Do Customers Think About Snow Teeth Whitening Kit?

It’s pretty rare to find a product that satisfies everyone. You’ll always find mixed reviews as one person’s experience will differ from the next. It’s not uncommon to get a couple of users who’re sceptical about the authenticity of the product. Some may go as far as citing it’s just another money-making gimmick. But then again this could be because they didn’t purchase the original product.

However the general consensus is the product actually does work well and all it requires is a bit of patience.

There are a few exceptional cases where customers have noticed significant improvements in the colour of their teeth after just a couple of days of using the product. Apart from removing stains, those with sensitive teeth feel it works wonders for them by reducing pain and discomfort.

snow teeth whitening review

Most have embraced it as a cost-saving option and it has become their go to product where teeth whitening is concerned.

Where to Buy The Snow Teeth Whitening Kit?

As mentioned earlier if you want the correct product you must buy directly from the Snow website, because it’s the most secure option to ensure you get the real, genuine item. It even comes with a few perks. By buying from this website you’ll get:

  • A 30-day money-back guarantee if the product doesn’t perform up to standard
  • Free shipping
  • Quick delivery

We get it: Most of us are always open to a bargain which is why we may buy the product elsewhere if it’s cheaper. However note you’ll be taking a huge risk by doing so because of reasons listed below:

  • The ingredients used may be substandard and not work as well
  • You risk damaging your teeth since potentially harmful substances may be included in the making of the product. This means they wouldn’t have undergone the necessary quality checks
  • You won’t get a refund or replacement if you aren’t happy with the product as it’s less likely to be covered by the warranty period.

If your interested in getting your kit with a 50% Discount please visit the Official Website Now!

Final Thoughts

There you have it: Based on our research and writing up this Snow Teeth Whitening Review, it’s a product really worth considering judging from the considerable positive reviews. Just make sure you buy from the correct website.

The worst that could happen is not getting the results you want. But then again, you can always get your money back if you’re not entirely happy with it.

If it happens to work for you, not only will you save a lot of money but you’ll be getting value for your money. That’s an excellent reason to flash your new, bright smile 🙂

If you have any question please leave a comment below and we will get back to you 🙂

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Cali white teeth whitening kit review

Cali White Teeth Whitening Kit Review (Buyers Guide 2019)

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Wondering why your teeth aren’t as white as they used to be? Certain foods and habits play a major role where teeth discoloration is concerned, but of course the severity differs depending on just how many cigarettes you smoke or cups of coffee you drink in a day.

Luckily you can get your teeth back to their sparkly selves. While some extreme cases require a trip to the dentist, sometimes you can perform the whitening procedure in the comfort of your home.

By spending a few minutes researching online you’ll be amazed at the number of teeth whitening kits available on the market; this can make the process of choosing one overwhelming. For this reason we’ve decided to help cut down your research time by finding one of the most popular brands out here: Cali White

We will be undergoing a thorough Cali White Teeth Whitening Kit Review so you understand if it’s something worth investing in.

Wondering why we singled it out from the rest?

Why We Chose The Cali White Teeth Whitening Kit?

cali white teeth whitening kit review

First off, it’s considered one of the best all-around LED teeth whitening products on the market. We’d like to believe it is for the following reasons:

  • What separates it from the rest of the competing brands is the fact that it’s suitable for vegans which is quite unusual to find. You can however opt for the generic brand for non-vegans if you want
  • The formula used isn’t genetically modified
  • Apart from being a non GMO product, it’s also organic which makes it the go to for users who are particular about using non-organic products
  • It’s gluten-free
  • Those who suffer from sensitive teeth will find it useful because it’s designed to relieve teeth sensitivity

With such safe ingredients, you can expect impressive results if you use it correctly and consistently.

Based on the above information, you can understand why it’s the preferred brand. If your in a hurry you can go grab your kit now ($5.00 Coupon).

Still not convinced? Keep reading this Cali White Teeth Whitening Kit review as we discuss all you need to know about this product.

Some Unique Features

Safe Formula

Given that it’s an organic product, it comes as no surprise that it’s safe to use on your teeth. As you’re aware, our teeth are very sensitive—the enamel layers in particular. This means extra caution needs to be exercised regarding what you apply on your teeth.

With that said, choosing the Cali White Teeth whitening kit is a good idea because it’s enamel safe. You’re less likely to damage or corrode your teeth by using this product. By applying it you also greatly reduce the discomfort associated with sensitive teeth.

When you purchase the one designed for vegans, the formula is free from peroxide which also makes it a safer option.

Hands-free Unit

With most teeth whitening kits, you have to plug them in, meaning you’ll be stationed at one place during the entire procedure. Not with this one. Its hands-free feature means you can even do the treatment while watching your favourite TV show.

The reason you won’t be confined to a plug-in point is because the unit is powered by batteries. It helps knowing that the batteries are long lasting—48 hours of continuous use is quite a long operating life.

Inside the unit is a built-in timer which allows you to track your treatment duration by automatically shutting off when it’s done—usually after 10 minutes.

Comfortable Tray Guard

Comfort is important when whitening your teeth, which is why you’ll appreciate the comfortable tray guard included in this kit. Because it’s a universal item it’s likely to fit into anyone’s mouth. Comfort is further increased by the quality-patented design found on the mouth guard.

Still on comfort, you’ll find it easy to breathe during the procedure. The last thing you need is a device that interferes with your oxygen supply as you perform your treatment. Thankfully, the guard features ventilation holes so you can easily breathe through your mouth while whitening.

Contents Inside the Cali White Kit + How to Use it

So what’s in the box? Upon purchasing this item you’ll find the following included in the kit:

  • 5 LED bulbs
  • Whitener accelerator with a built in timer
  • Universal comfort tray
  • Two thermoform trays
  • Two batteries
  • Stylish retainer case
  • Two 5m syringes
  • Instruction guide
  • Low sensitivity serum

Below we’ll give you a step by step guide on how to perform the treatment:

  1. First off you open the back of the light bulb.
  2. Remove the plastic tab located either in between or underneath the two batteries.
  3. Always make it a point to rinse the mouth tray before every use, even on the first use. You can do so preferably with warm water to remove any germs or impurities.
  4. After rinsing you attach the mouth tray onto the LED light.
  5. The next step is to fill the front surface of the tray, both the top and bottom with approximately 0.5mls of gel. The syringe will help you get the right measurements. However you can use less if you want; The results will still be more or less the same.
  6. Insert the light together with the tray inside your mouth and make sure you firmly place it over your teeth.
  7. Press the start button down firmly so it begins the 10 minute countdown.
  8. Every time 10 minutes is up the light will beep and automatically switch off. You can press it on again till you reach the stipulated 30 minute treatment time frame.
  9. Afterwards you rinse the tray and light as well as your mouth and that’s it!


Gel Difficult to Distribute

Unfortunately, some might find that applying the gel onto the tray isn’t the easiest process. Whether you use the comfort fit or universal tray the struggle is the same. For effective results, the idea is to get the gel evenly applied on your teeth.

You may find it difficult to distribute the gel evenly when you place the trays in your mouth. As a result you’ll end up having white spots on the points where the gel had the most contact while the other parts remain the same.

May Burn Gums

cali white teeth whitening kit review

Given the fact that some may find it difficult to apply, you may end up having some accidentally smeared on your gums. This is usually caused by the gel that’s left on the edges of the tray.

Unfortunately for some having this peroxide gel on your sensitive gums might not be the best of experiences. It’s likely to burn them causing considerable pain. Your gums will be left super white and flaky making them hurt during brushing. As a result the chances of it becoming your best new dental habit are very slim.


Instant Results

The treatment is said to be quite effective with a few people noticing a significant change after a single treatment. Naturally for best results you must use it religiously over a long period of time. The recommended time frame for exceptional results is 10 consecutive treatments.

Of course the outcome will differ from one person to the next depending on frequency of treatment. You may not have to go the full 30 minutes. Even 10-minute treatments will often guarantee some results. Changes can be noticed in as little as three or four days. Along with performance, the fact that it’s affordable is a bonus.

Doesn’t Cause Sensitivity

It’s rare to find a teeth whitening kit which doesn’t leave you with undesirable tingles and pains after each process. The situation is made worse if you already have sensitive teeth and gums. Some products can even leave you with blisters.

However that’s not the case with a product which doesn’t cause any sensitivity at all. But of course, this differs from person to person as people react differently. Sure, in some cases it might leave a bit of a sting but that’s not unusual with these teeth whitening kits. Besides, this usually happens if you leave the gel in your mouth for too long.

Therefore, this is a safe option for most people.

Easy-to-Read Instructions

cali white teeth whitening kit review

Most of these kits don’t even come with instructions, which is one of the many reasons why we’re impressed with this particular brand. The fact that the instructions are pretty straight forward and easy to understand is a bonus.

If you’re new to teeth whitening, you won’t have to spend your time searching the net on how to use the product if you select this one. The instructions provided give you a clear step by step guideline concerning how to use it from the moment you take it out of the box.

What Do Customers Think About The Cali White Teeth Whitening Kit

Naturally there are mixed reviews regarding this product with some customers complaining about the complexity of using the trays. However you can always consider purchasing a separate regular tray to curb this hassle.

As is expected, not everyone will be compatible with the product. There will be one or two cases of negative reactions causing burning of the gums. However the majority have confirmed that it works really well and haven’t reported any complaints at all.

cali white teeth whitening kit review

Most have been impressed by its ability to reduce sensitivity resulting in no discomfort whatsoever after the treatment.

Vegans in particular appreciate that manufacturers took their specific needs into consideration by formulating a product suited for them.

In terms of results, the general consensus is change is noticeable even after a few uses. Plus it seems you don’t need much to get the desired results, which essentially means it’ll last longer. However those who didn’t notice change suggested it was best suited for younger individuals; either that or it’s for people with less severe teeth discoloration issues.

Most find the minty flavor particularly refreshing as it also leaves a fresh breath after the treatment.

You’ll look and feel better with this brand.

Where to Buy The Cali White System

One thing you’ll appreciate with this brand is it’s available through more than one site. This isn’t always the case with some teeth whitening kits that require you to purchase only from the seller’s site to avoid substandard imitations.

The Cali Whit Teeth Whitening Kit can either be purchased from Cali White or Amazon with both being safe options. However we must point out there are certain benefits you get from purchasing directly from Amazon:

  • A 30 day money back guarantee if you aren’t happy with the product
  • Cali team members will help you select an alternative suitable product from their wide range if this one doesn’t work for you
  • You get a full refund if your product isn’t delivered
  • When ordered within the US it only takes between one 1 and 3 business days to receive your product

Cali white teeth whitening kit review

You won’t get most of the above-mentioned benefits when you purchase from another site. However the biggest advantage is you’re still purchasing the right product which is FDA certified and dentist approved.

Also the products are shipped quickly so you won’t have to wait too long before receiving your product.

It’s currently priced at $34.00 which isn’t a lot considering it includes everything a high end kit would have.

If your interested in this product, please head on over to Amazon To Get Your Cali White System (Currently have a $5.00 Coupon)

Final Thoughts

The first thing that makes this kit worth considering is its affordability. It’s no secret the amount of money you’ll save compared to when you visit a dentist for this procedure. Secondly, you’ll appreciate the convenience of purchasing your own home teeth whitening kit.

Not only will you do the procedure in the comfort of your own home but at your own pace. This means no rushing through traffic jams to get to your dental appointment in time.

With regards to performance it works quite well with many users noticing visible results after just a couple of uses. Your smile will be transformed from an offish yellow to pearly white if you use it correctly and regularly. And the detailed step-by-step instruction guide also makes it pretty easy to use.

Sure, some might find the provided trays won’t fit but purchasing a new one that fits will definitely solve the problem.

People who have sensitive teeth and vegans will also appreciate the product which is specifically designed for them. A winning product all around.

Will you enjoy the results too?

Let us know in the comments section below 🙂

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Da Vinci teeth whitening scam

Da Vinci Teeth Whitening Scam Exposed – No White Teeth?

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The whitening industry is currently booming and there is no sign of it stopping, in fact we would say that the technology boom over the last few years has fuelled different sorts of whitening systems.

But let’s be honest, the experience and safety you feel at the dentist when getting your teeth whitened cannot be compared to the home based kits. However, this can lead people into a false sense of security and what happens is some companies can take advantage of this.

On the surface they might seem authentic but once they have you in their grasp they will do everything to make you stay and sell to you over and over again even though their products don’t work.

So today we wanted to look at the Da Vinci Teeth Whitening Scam to see what goes on behind the scenes and whether it is Legit or a company you want to Avoid!

What is Da Vinci Teeth Whitening?

Da vinci is the name of a teeth whitening brand which is based in America and has been established for a long time. They are basically a practice with a couple of different sites in various locations within Colorado:

  • Parker
  • Lonetree
  • Broomfield

On the surface it’s a simple process, you go into their practice and sit in the chair while they administer a natural based whitening serum and then apply a LED laser. They say it takes 30-60 minutes for the treatment to work and by the end of it, you should see a noticeable change.

They Also Have Professional Method

They also have an out of office service i.e they have a kit formulated for people to use at home which makes perfect business sense and it makes it easier for people who cannot afford the full-blown office treatment. Again it will work in the same way as the in office treatment whereby you will be provided with a Whitening gel and a LED light.

All you have to do is place the gels in the tray and stick them in your mouth and then shine the LED light for 30-40 minutes and you will be good to go.

How Does It Work?

da vinci teeth whitening scam

As mentioned before there is a 3 step process the Da Vinci Company employs for maximum benefit:

Whitening Gel

This is the main basis of any whitening system because it contains the active ingredients that will help remove the stains and then gently whiten. But you need to be careful because all gels are not made equal, you will get some that scrimp on the powerful components such as Carbamide and Hydrogen peroxide.

We advise you check the ingredients thoroughly before investing in any kind of whitening treatment.

LED Laser Light

Light apparently helps to accelerate the process and there is no doubting this because we are sure you have come across zoom whitening and other light based systems that are used in dental practices and often times they are very rapid at giving you results.


To be honest this is not really a magical step as such, it’s basically removing the left over residue from your teeth and mouth to reveal results. It’s probably the most nerve wracking step for most people because you will know if your money has given you the results you were after.

Ingredients In The Da Vinci Whitening Gel

da vinci teeth whitening scam

The Da Vinci whitening gel formulation is an organic plant and mineral based product with built in enamel building qualities. Scientific research has shown that the active ingredients in the Da Vinci Teeth Whitening Gels are safe and effective.

Their whitening equipment is FDA approved and has been used throughout the dental and cosmetic community for years. Da Vinci Teeth Whitening say that their gels do not change or damage the structure of the teeth; it merely lifts and removes the stains, making your teeth whiter.

A very small percentage of clients may feel some tooth sensitivity, especially if they are dehydrated or consume very cold/hot foods or drinks within two hours after the whitening session. Any sensitivity is short term and tends to disappear within 24-48 hours. They do offer solutions for those that are concerned about sensitivity.

The Good

Physical Address

We have read through the whole website and they do seem very convincing because they have a telephone number and the addresses of all the 3 locations in Colorado. If you are living in that area and need help with anything relating to teeth whitening you could go down and ask them.

Established Since 1999

Most businesses get found out very early on if they are not acting according to industry standards and this is a good way to know if there are any problems beneath the surface. Da Vinci have been in business for 20 years now which means they are obviously doing something right.

Works On Crowns And Fillings

Supposedly the whitening system will remove staining from existing dental work and take it back to the original colour. All the whitening kits/systems we have come across cannot do this which makes Da Vinci stand out from the crowd. They even mention that their goal is to clean up the existing dental work and whiten the natural teeth to match for a nice even smile.

Of course they cannot whiten them beyond the original colour of the material used at the time of placement but If your existing dental work is not in your smile line it won’t matter either way because it is not visible.

The Bad

Prices Are All Over The Place

If you do a simple search on google about Da Vinci prices you will be taken to various sites all stating a different plan. This is really confusing and even worse is the fact that they apparently have different locations within the USA rather than the 3 they mentioned in Colorado.

You will definitely have to call them up and find out about the exact prices because you won’t get them online.

Black Light Controversy

We have not seen this ourselves but judging by other people’s experiences, there is a little scam going around in the whitening industry, especially when it comes to in office whitening.

This is what one person said:

“The DaVinci SCAM is that DaVinci Teeth Whitening system uses special “BLACK LIGHT” lighting in the treatment room so that when you are through… there is an appearance that a large improvement has occurred….but when you get into regular lighting the real improvement is measurably less.

The special DaVinci lighting is like the lights used in a night club that makes anything white look bright & iridescent. Quite a Little SCAM they have going there… I am looking into what it takes to file a class action suite ….

When I brought this up to the Corporate person she skirted the subject & would not address it directly…”

We can’t verify if this is true or not but it does ring alarm bells!

Customer Service

There is a portion of customers who although enjoyed the whitening experience had rude people to deal with, whether this be on the phone or in person. We know there’s always going to be a few bad eggs in any case, this is to be expected.

Mixed Customer Reviews

To be honest most of the reviews are positive and we have not seen a reason to tell people to stay away from this company. At the end of the day, it’s a relatively big corporation and there will always be complaints whether you like it or not.

But to give you an idea of what customers are saying, let us give you a few examples:


da vinci teeth whitening scam


da vinci teeth whitening scam

Our Verdict

If you live in Colorado and need advice on teeth whitening or want an affordable professional experience then we suggest you go down your local provider and see what they have to offer. It will most likely be a good experience, but don’t be pushed around. Stay strong and don’t be persuaded to go for the treatment if you don’t want to.

They also have a whitening kit you can take home and use but honestly there are no reviews on that whatsoever so we don’t know if it even works. There are other Home whitening Kits that are guaranteed to give you results.

Our Number 1 Recommendation…

This product is our choice for whitening teeth not because we read reviews online saying it works but We have actually tried and tested the kit ourselves to make sure it’s 100% Legit.

The Billionaire Teeth Whitening Kit

da vinci teeth whitening scam

This is a tray based system containing Carbamide Peroxide gels that directly penetrate the teeth to remove the stains and whiten at the same time unlike power swab’s which have a separate swab for stain removal and another for whitening.

With the Billionaire Teeth Whitening Kit all you have to do is mould the trays to the shape of your teeth, dispense the gel into the trays and then stick them in your mouth for 30 minutes and your good to go.

It comes with:

  • 2 x Mouldable Trays
  • 3 x 3ml Whitening Gel Formula Syringe
  • 1 x 3ml Billionaire Desensitisation Gel Syringe
  • 1 x LED Light
  • 1 x Billionaire Gold Plated Toothbrush

We will be honest here and say that this system is more time-consuming, taking around 30-40 minutes per session but unlike the power swab’s, this kit will actually give you results.

It’s not cheap either but the company currently have a 50% off store wide sale if you are interested. We highly recommend you read the full review which contains 7 days worth of Before And After Pictures so you can see for yourself how well it works.

Read the review at: My Amazing Results With The Billionaire Teeth Whitening Kit – Only Took 7 Days!

you won’t be disappointed!

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Power Swabs Teeth Whitening Scam

Power Swabs Teeth Whitening Scam! – Be Very Careful

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There is a lot of options out there when it comes to teeth whitening and there are certain products that are proven to work. But there are some that seem very simple and guarantee to give instant results. Straight away that is a red flag for us but we can be wrong.

So today we are going to be looking at the Power Swabs Teeth Whitening Scam and see why so many people are avoiding this whitening system. Make sure to read the full review before you get sucked into buying it!

Let’s begin…

What Is Power Swabs?

power swabs teeth whitening scam

Exactly as the name suggests, the products are basically swab’s with a special formula added on the end. These swab’s are then rubbed on the teeth and apparently they can dissolve the stains instantly using the Patented F.A.C.T technology which is unique to power swab’s.

F.A.C.T stands for foaming action cleaning technology which utilises the Laws Of Mass Action Cleaning which include the following:

  • time
  • temperature
  • action
  • solvents
  • surfactants
  • detergents
  • saponifiers
  • chelators

We’re going to be honest and say, we have never come across this sort of information before and we have written quite a few articles on teeth whitening. I guess coming up with different angles and products is what’s going to grab peoples attention.

Two Step Formula

There are 2 swab’s that make up the power swab’s system. The first one is the blue stain remover which works by penetrating into the teeth and removes the deep stains.

Then you have the white swab’s which you apply to release the active formula to help whiten the teeth gently. It actually seems pretty straight forward and legit. The ease of use compared to other home based whitening kits is very simple which is probably the only reason people like to try them out.

Who Is Dr. Martin Giniger?

power swabs teeth whitening scam

Power swab’s are the brain child of Dr Martin Giniger who has been a dentist for 30 years and has been involved in creating various teeth whitening systems for companies such as:

  • Proctor and gamble
  • Church and Dwight
  • Colgate Palmolive

This tells us that he knows what he is talking about when it comes to the subject of over the counter whitening products but that doesn’t necessarily mean all of his products are going to be successful so keep that in mind as you read on.

Let’s look at some of Dr Ginigers accomplishments:

He is the recipient of the prestigious NIH Physician-Scientist Award and the Academy of Oral Medicine’s Lester Burkett Memorial Award, and is recognised as one of the world’s foremost experts on teeth whitening and dental health.

If you were someone looking for teeth whitening and just so happened to come across the power swab’s and read Dr Martin Giniger’s bio, it would be very easy to get sucked in and purchase them because the story is really good and you get a sense of security from his accomplishments.

Don’t get us wrong, we do think Dr Giniger is authentic but he has been involved with so many whitening companies that it’s quite likely that there were some products that he developed which were not that good. Power swab’s maybe an example of this purely off of the customer reviews that we have read!

How Are Power Swabs Suppose To Work?

We touched up on the process of power swab’s briefly but let’s go into detail to see if what they say actually makes logical sense.

Firstly the law of mass action mentioned above is a chemical reaction that has a chemistry basis. Basically it states that the reaction of one substance is in equilibrium with another reaction substance. We are not to sure what this really means but it’s important enough for the team at power swab’s so it will do for us too!

Another big technology they incorporate is F.A.C.T. After doing some research we did not found out too much about this mechanism but this is what the website states:

“just like laundry pre-treaters, the Power Swabs® Stain-Out Swabs™ contain all eight classifications of ingredients, not just one or two found in other tooth bleaching systems. This all-inclusive approach is the basis for F.A.C.T.™ Technology and ultimately results in sparkling cleaned, pain-free, whiter teeth with minimal to no sensitivity.”

Just to let you know, time, temperature, action are not really ingredients, rather they are a mechanism to achieve optimum results, but honestly all major whitening companies out there incorporate these things into their products to optimise the results. It’s not unique to this particular company!

Step By Step Instructions:

  1. Pinch – Pinch the tube firmly along the dotted line and bend one stick back slightly to detach the swab.
  2. Apply – Apply the swab solution to stained parts of your teeth rubbing in a circular motion for two minutes.
  3. Wait – Wait thirty seconds before you follow up with the White Swabs Ultra kit.
  4. Repeat – Repeat this for seven days, using each of the seven Power Swabs in the kit.

Power Swab Teeth Whitening Reviews Are Terrible!

On Amazon they have an average review rating of 3.1 out of 5 which is quite underwhelming if were honest and that’s for the 3 month kit.

If you were looking at the 7-day kit which costs $58.90 the rating plummets down to 2.4 out of 5, That’s SHOCKING!. Personally we would advise you to avoid products that are less than 3 stars but it’s up to you whether you want to take our advice or not.

Reading the reviews ourselves, we noticed that people were not getting results and the cost of the products was too much. The swab’s themselves are quite small and don’t hold a lot of the active components that will whiten your teeth.

Here is a screenshot of just a couple of the reviews we came across on our endeavours:

power swabs teeth whitening scam

If you want to read some more just head on over to the Power Swabs Page On Amazon To Take A Look.

We even looked on other review sites such as Tv stuff reviews and the reviews on there were even more damaging. An average of 2 stars with customers complaining of gum pain and bleeding is not fun at all.

power swabs teeth whitening scam

Beware Of The Pricing Model

You can buy products normally as a pay as you go service but power swab’s also have a preferred customer programme where you can sign up for different packages.

For example When you place a Preferred Customer Program order, power swab’s will automatically place and ship that same order on the following dates:

  • Buy 1 Get 1 Free Intensive Whitening Kit: every 90 days
  • 1 Week Kit & Maintenance Kit: every 90 days
  • 1 Week Kit: every 30 days

Just make sure you read every small little detail before you decide to buy because we found that some people encountered problems when trying to cancel the subscription offers:

power swabs teeth whitening scam

Our Verdict

We would say AVOID simply because there are so many negative reviews on various different websites and the fact they cost over $50 is a joke considering they are only small little swab’s that last 7 days.

The company can also be sneaky at times because they have a subscription offer where they bill you each month and depending on the package your placed in, you might be looking at $100’s down the drain.

It Works For A Very Few People

There are some people who have noticed decent changes when using the power swab’s but they are in the minority. The reviews we read are very short. They only state that it’s: Good or Great product and service, something generic which seems pretty dodgy to us. We would not be surprised if these were paid reviews.

Save yourself the hassle and invest in a whitening kit that actually gives you results.

Our Number 1 Recommendation…

This product is our choice for whitening teeth not because we read reviews online saying it works but We have actually tried and tested the kit ourselves to make sure it’s 100% Legit.

The Billionaire Teeth Whitening Kit

Power swabs teeth whitening scam

This is a tray based system containing Carbamide Peroxide gels that directly penetrate the teeth to remove the stains and whiten at the same time unlike power swab’s which have a separate swab for stain removal and another for whitening.

With the billionaire whitening kit all you have to do is mould the trays to the shape of your teeth, dispense the gel into the trays and then stick them in your mouth for 30 minutes and your good to go.

It comes with:

  • 2 x Mouldable Trays
  • 3 x 3ml Whitening Gel Formula Syringe
  • 1 x 3ml Billionaire Desensitisation Gel Syringe
  • 1 x LED Light
  • 1 x Billionaire Gold Plated Toothbrush

We will be honest here and say that this system is more time-consuming, taking around 30-40 minutes per session but unlike the power swab’s, this kit will actually give you results.

It’s not cheap either but the company currently have a 50% off store wide sale if you are interested. We highly recommend you read the full review which contains 7 days worth of Before And After Pictures so you can see for yourself how well it works.

Read the review at: My Amazing Results With The Billionaire Teeth Whitening Kit – Only Took 7 Days!

you won’t be disappointed!

Final Thoughts

After analysing the product and reading the reviews from multiple sources we have come to the conclusion that Power Swabs Teeth Whitening is a Scam. There’s nothing that makes us want to believe this product is legit, not least the sales page.

You can clearly see the testimonials on their page are fake and although they have a telephone number, you will be in danger of being smooth talked into buying the product or worse!, being put onto their re billing cycle.

We highly suggest you avoid this product and company and instead opt for a whitening kit that is proven to work. We recommend the billionaire teeth whitening kit for the simple reason that we have tried and tested the kit ourselves and know it works.

If your in need of fast teeth whitening then we ask you to read the full review we wrote on the billionaire teeth kit because we saw results in just 7 Days!. That is fast in our books for sure!

Any questions please give us a shout, we will be more than happy to help 🙂

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VS1 Teeth Whitening reviews

VS1 Teeth Whitening Review (2019) – Whiter Teeth In Minutes?

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Teeth whitening is a massive subject and is popular with most people. It’s a thriving billion dollar industry which continues to grow each year. Do you know what else happens?

More products come onto the market claiming to be the best whitening solution for our yellow teeth. But sometimes it can be hard to distinguish between the good and bad which is where we come in. We equip you with all the necessary information you will need to determine whether a whitening kit is good or bad.

Today is no different, we are going to give you an in depth VS1 Teeth Whitening Review so you can be 100% sure what this product is, what it does and if it’s any good or just a piece of junk!.

Keep reading to find out the truth behind this latest product:

What Is The VS1 Teeth Whitening Kit?

VS1 teeth whitening reviews

Like many other whitening systems on the market, Vs1 is also a LED light based whitening system. You basically have whitening serum pens that you apply to the teeth and then insert a mouth guard and turn the blue light on and wait for 10-15 minutes.

It differs slightly from other LED systems because unlike batteries to power the mouth guard, you actually have to plug the guard into your smartphone device. This for us is actually a good idea because whilst you are waiting for the whitening system to work, you can browse your phone which will stop you from getting bored.

That’s basically it and it actually seems pretty easy and simple to use. It claims to remove decades of wine, coffee, tea stains in 10 minutes which is not entirely true. From experience, we know that these sorts of whitening kits need at least 7 days of daily use for them to be effective at all.

They should really be saying: get white teeth after a Minimum 70 Minutes Use.

The company is based in the Unites States and pride themselves on the animal free testing and kosher ingredients they use in the whitening serum. Another feature of this kit is that it can be used on braces and veneers.

Who Is It For?

VS1 teeth whitening reviews

This whitening kit is suitable for people of all ages including kids. This is made possible because the ingredients in the kit are not dangerous and won’t hurt the enamel or cause major sensitivity. It can also be used on a tooth which has been filled.

Who Should Get Dentists Advice

If you suffer from the following:

  • Gum disease
  • Hyper sensitivity
  • Periodontal disease

we would highly recommend you get advice from your local dentist to see if you will be alright using this kit. Sometimes when there is a problem with your oral health, carrying out whitening treatments might make the problem worse.

Keep That In Mind!

Key Features

  • Guaranteed results or your money back
  • 5 Year warranty
  • Patented LED activating technology
  • No harmful effects
  • Easy to use (10-15 minutes per day)
  • Compatible with all smartphones
  • FDA approved
  • PETA approved

The Contents Of The VS1 Teeth Whitening Kit

As with all whitening kits there are some critical components that you need to achieve a good white smile. Here is what you get with this particular kit:

3 Whitening Pen SerumsVS1 teeth whitening reviews

These are important because all the magic is contained within them. The active whitening ingredient carbamide peroxide is what’s going to help remove the yellow stains off of your teeth. The serums’s are made in the USA and are gluten-free, kosher and safe for the enamel. The soft brush tip evenly coats the surfaces of the teeth and allows you to get the whitening serum in hard to reach places.

LED Activating Light

This patented advanced light system is what helps to get you the fast results. If you were to use whitening pens alone, you would not see a difference in a few days, rather it would be close to 2-3 weeks before you saw any changes. The light is what helps the gel to penetrate the outer layers of teeth.

But the main reason we like this LED kit is because you don’t have to boil the mouth guard to fit to your teeth. It’s a one size fits all setup which means all you have to do is plug it into your phone and enjoy stress free whitening.

VS1 teeth whitening reviews

Shade Guide

This is a cool feature because it shows you the different shades of teeth colour and basically you make a note of your current stains and after carrying out the treatment you can compare the results to see if there were any changes. Don’t be too worried if you see little to no results after the first go as it takes time to see real changes. 7 days is a good benchmark for you to evaluate the product.

VS1 teeth whitening reviews

Instruction Booklet

The manual comes with easy to understand instructions and pictures to show you how to fully utilise this whitening kit for best results. It only takes a couple of minutes to set up and then 15 minutes for the actual whitening process. There is no excuse about being short of time Now!.

The Exact Ingredients In The VS1 Teeth Whitening Pens

Let’s make one thing clear, although the ingredients have not been tested on animals and are kosher friendly, they are not natural. They are synthetically made which is no surprise. Teeth whitening involves reactions between molecules in the teeth for it to be successful.

Natural ingredients such as baking soda or coconut pulling might help with minor stains, but they will not change the shade of your teeth. You need stronger substances and the VS1 whitening kit contains just that:

  • Carbamide peroxide
  • Glycerol
  • Propylene Glycol
  • Deionized Water
  • Carbomer
  • Carboxymethyl
  • Triethanolamine
  • Poly Vinylpyrrolidone
  • Menthol.

All of these chemicals may seem scary at first glance but don’t worry. They have been used therapeutically by professionals for year’s and have many uses. They all play a vital role in helping to give you that whiter smile. It’s not like your going to be using the kit forever so any negative side effects will go away as soon as you stop using the kit.

If you were to ask us what the single most important ingredient on the list was, we would confidently say: Carbamide Peroxide.

A study carried out by the American dental association showed that although carbamide peroxide produced slightly more emphatic results initially, ultimately products containing equivalent amounts of carbamide peroxide and hydrogen peroxide produced exactly the same results.

What does that mean?

When choosing a teeth whitening product, always make sure the active ingredient is either Carbamide Peroxide or Hydrogen Peroxide.

How To Use The VS1 Whitening Kit At Home?

Here is a video showing you how it works (really sorry for the poor video quality):

Home teeth whitening kits have become so simple to use nowadays it’s crazy!. Long gone are the days when you could only get dental whitening at the office. It was also very expensive and still is with prices ranging from $500 to upwards of $2000 depending on the type of treatment you go for.

But thanks to technology we can all get a whiter smile for a fraction of the price and it’s really easy to do. Just follow these instructions and in 7 Days you will see some big changes Guaranteed:

  1. Brush and floss your teeth to clean the mouth and remove any small particles stuck in between the teeth.
  2. Apply the serum by twisting up the wand and applying the gel to each tooth – think of it as painting your nails.
  3. Plug the LED light into your smartphone and insert the guard into your mouth for 10-16 minutes.
  4. After whitening for the recommended length of time, unplug and remove the light from your mouth. Rinse both the light and your mouth, and presto! your done
  5. Do this every day until you have reached the desired level of whiteness (usually takes between 7-24 days)

Some Negatives To Consider!

One of the main drawbacks or complaints we hear from people regarding teeth whitening is the Sensitivity Issues they face after using it. This however goes away after a short while.

Several authors specified that sensitivity when is present, during or after bleaching is a totally controlled adverse side effect that can be managed easily with peroxides that includes fluor on its composition, or applying potassium nitrate; this situation can also be prevented.


This kit does most things right and the ratings agree. On amazon, it has a 5 star rating which makes it reputable and although there are only 66 reviews in total, you need to keep in mind that this is a relatively new company which is growing fast!


We know a couple of competitors who use the same technology as the VS1 system and are priced at close to $200. This kit only costs $50 which is a steal. Don’t tell us you can’t afford to invest this tiny amount to better your smile!

Easy To Use

It’s an easy kit to use, even a kid could do it. the instructions are self-explanatory and best of all it only takes 15 minutes per day.

30 Day Money Back Guarantee!Vs1 teeth whitening reviews

Don’t worry, If you are not 100% satisfied with your purchase, you can return the product and get a full refund or exchange the product for a different one. You can return a product up to 30 days from the date you purchased it. You can do it through email or ringing them up, whichever is easier for you.

No Harmful Ingredients

There are no unnecessary and harmful ingredients traditionally found in teeth whitening products. This company has set out to take a cleaner approach so you don’t have to worry. It’s free from:

  • Sugar
  • Sulfates
  • Carrageenan
  • Alcohol
  • Triclosan
  • Parabens
  • PPGS
  • SLS

What Do Customers Think About The VS1 Whitening Kit?

We have already touched upon the fact that people who have brought this kit have given it a 5 Start rating (maximum you can give). The consensus was the product worked really fast with most saying they saw changes after a couple of tries.

Here are a couple of reviews to give you an example:

Tasso Tsaousidis| December 21, 2018. “Absolutely loved the product. It was extremely comfortable (unlike the other whitening systems which feel like a ceramic mouthpiece). Its shipping was extremely fast and the packaging is flawless. As far as how the product works I have no complaints. I was extremely happy with my results and would recommend this product to anyone. I liked the product so much I actually purchased one for my family’s secret Santa this year. Definitely my favorite teeth whitening product out there.”

VS1 teeth whitening reviews

Negative Review

Now of course there is always going to be people who don’t see results with a product for one reason or another and that is the case with the Vs1 Kit.

Cassandra| December 21, 2018. “I take pretty good care of my teeth, but they have some yellowing, so I was really hoping to get a nice brightening touch up….. followed instructions, my teeth certainly don’t hurt from it, but after the first treatment there was absolutely no color difference. Alright! Been doing treatments for a straight week, also using their charcoal toothpaste, and touch up applicator. I have very mild tooth sensitivity, and still no color change. Even tried multiple treatments in one day. Can’t get my teeth any whiter than a 3 or 4 on the white scale depending on which tooth you’re looking at.”

Where To Buy The VS1 Teeth Whitening Kit?

The company currently have a New year’s sale and the price of the kit is $49.95 over at Amazon. They do have their own website but the price is higher there ($79.99). This is the reason we recommend you buy from amazon because you will save $30.

And let’s be honest, amazon is the major online retailer and they have a few security measures in place making sure the customer is protected when they order a product. The 30-day money back guarantee makes it a no brainer!

If your ready to get a whiter smile please head on over to Amazon and buy your kit at a reduced price of just $49.95.

VS1 Teeth Whitening F.A.Q

Q. Does VS1 whitening cause sensitivity?

A. VS1 does not cause the sensitivity of other systems thanks to its unique, proprietary serum.

Q. Can I whiten my teeth even if I have some fillings?

A. Yes

Q. Can my kids use your products?

A. Yes, the products are kid friendly for kids of all ages. The age of when they start is your choice!

Q. Does the serum or powder expire?

A. Once open, it should be used within 6 months. We recommend to keep the product dry, cool and out of the sun. There is no need to store the serum in the fridge.

Final Thoughts

Teeth whitening is a major part of our oral health with so many people looking to whiten their teeth. It’s made possible by the advances in technology and easy to use kits. Hopefully this VS1 teeth whitening Kit Review has given you all the information you need to make a decision if it’s the right fit for you.

It’s basically a LED whitening kit and all you need to do to get a white smile is apply the gel serum onto your teeth and insert the mouth guards into your mouth and leave it for 15 minutes. That’s it!

Do this for 7 days straight and you will see some dramatic changes But if for some reason you don’t get the results you were after, there is a 30-day Money back guarantee to give you that extra piece of mind. Factor in the cost of $49.95 and you would be very stupid not to give it a try.

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snow teeth whitening kit UK

Snow Teeth Whitening UK Version 2.0 Full Review – Unique Formula!

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Your here because you want to learn more about the Snow Teeth Whitening Kit available in the UK. Well you landed on the right place as we are going to do a full review on this whitening kit and by the end of it, you will have a good idea as to whether it is something you can take advantage of or if it's something to avoid. 

We are going to lay everything bare!

Snow Teeth Whitening Quick Summary

Why Wait To Achieve A Beautiful Smile?

A Fast, Efficient and powerful Teeth whitening solution that is revolutionising the sector. There is no need to fiddle with mouth guards. All you do is apply the serum straight onto your teeth and insert the LED light mouth guard and wait 10 Minutes. Simple as that! 

Key Features:

  • FDA Approved Technology
  • 5 Year Warranty
  • Results Guaranteed
  • No Sensitivity
  • Dentist Approve​d

What is So Unique About The Snow Teeth Whitening Kit (UK)

​First of all the ease at which you can whiten teeth with this kit is insane compared to other whitening systems. The main headache people find when using LED light systems is they have to apply the activating gel to trays which they have to mould to their teeth.

For some this can be time consuming. However the snow whitening system gets rid of this step entirely. All you do is apply the serums they provide straight onto your teeth and then you just place the blue LED light straight into your mouth like a mouth guard.

Apparently this company has the most powerful fast acting serums available on the market and we believe this is why they only recommend using this for only 10-30 minutes per day (the longer you use it, the better the results)

Charity Aspect

After doing a lot of research, we have found this company is the only one out there that donates a portion of their profits to families who cannot afford dental care.

Now that really is a nice touch and it makes us, the buyers feel much more better that something we are using for ourselves to better our lives will also go a long way to help the less fortunate.

Considering that the Snow Teeth whitening kit cost $2.3 Million in research and development, it's quite honourably for them to still share their profits out. This alone would make us buy the kit!

What Do You Get With The Full Snow Teeth Whitening (UK) Version

snow teeth whitening kit contents

The kit costs £117.64 but believe us, you get a lot of bang for you buck!. We are actually surprised at what you get but then we saw that they actually have a Christmas sale at the moment. Normally the kit costs £235.27 which is more in line with what we expected.

The following items come with the snow system:

  • 3 Whitening Wands - ​If used generously, will last upto 12 months
  • Desensitising serum - You should not feel any sensitivity but they have included a desensitiser just in case.
  • Extra strength wand - ​The most powerful serum produced. It targets deep stains on your teeth
  • Patented Activation light - ​Unique light emitting diodes gives it the edge over other LED lights 
  • Shade guide - ​Helps you easily track your whitening progress 
  • User instructions - ​Easy to follow picture instructions makes using snow a doddle
  • Success tips book - ​This little book of hacks will help you maximise your teeth whitening potential
  • Lip protectant - Were not sure why this would help with teeth whitening but hey, who doesn't want extra freebies 🙂

Is Snow Teeth Whitening Dangerous?

NO, It has been approved by the Food And Drug Administration (FDA) and has been vigorously tested by the creators of the product. The Harvard research company based in Scottsdale, Arizona spent countless hours trying to perfect the whitening kit and eventually through their hard work and persistence, they managed to create a formula which is easy to use, gentle on the teeth and most importantly, Gives Results!

Over 170,000 happy customers is proof of that!

But it doesn't stop here, the research team is consistently testing and improving their formulations to stay ahead of the competition. They have even started to create different products with the latest one being the All new Anti-Ageing Lip treatment with Resveratrol!

snow teeth whitening uk

Snow Teeth Whitening Ingredients

When it comes to the ingredients contained within the whitening serum's, the website does not really talk about what components go into them. At first this might seem a bit shady but we understand that this formulation has taken them years to perfect, not to mention the millions of dollars spent.

We don't blame them for keeping it a secret but they have stressed on numerous occasions that the products are safe and have not been tested on animals. They are also FDA approved so there is little to be concerned about.

We can, however talk about the LED light mouth guard which they created. Snow use light emitting diodes to emit light. Blue light is chosen because it has a wavelength of around 470nm (nano meters) and is part of the visible light spectrum which ranges from 400-700nm.

The heat from the LED light in the mouth tray accelerates the whitening gel inside the closed system mouthpiece which results in faster, efficient and longer lasting whitening but without the sensitivity. Don't worry because it's completely harmless and has no negative effect on the human body at all.

All this means is customers can use snow for a less lengthy whitening session compared to other leading systems on the market.

Snow Teeth Whitening Instructions

It's really simple to use this whitening system, that's partly the reason it has become one of the most popular kits on the market. Just follow these steps and you too will have the smile of your dreams:

  1. Brush your teeth first, making sure to floss as well to get all the dirt out of your mouth. This is important!  
  2. Get one of serum wands and twist it so the gel comes out. Apply this to all of your teeth (imagine you painting your nails)
  3. Once the serum has been applied to your teeth, plug the LED light into your device and put the mouthpiece in. Keep the light in for 10-30 minutes (time varies based on your desired whiteness)
  4. After whitening for your desired length of time, unplug and remove the light from your mouth. Rinse both the light and your mouth, and voila! You’re done! 

If you do this everyday for the first 21 days, you will completely change the complexion of your smile. But according to customer reviews, the product has worked much faster in achieving white teeth. For some it took only 3 days to see a big change however these aren't average results!

Does Snow Teeth Whitening Really Work

We have not tested it out ourselves mainly because we tried another whitening kit recently but judging by customer reviews, the overwhelming consensus is it works and it works well.

If you go to their website you will see alot of A list celebrities like Floyd Mayweather endorsing it and making it look sexy but if you truly want to gauge the effectiveness, we suggest you look at real customer reviews. It can be hard because there are some paid reviews which give the product some over hype but if you look carefully you can distinguish between the real and fake.

Let us give you a couple of real customer reviews so you can see if this kit truly works:

Kelly C gave it a 5 star rating and here is what she had to say:

"I was sceptical at first because of the price but after I saw a discount code and lots of reviews, I thought I would try it out. I am a week in and I have already started noticing a small difference. The yellowish colour that drives me nuts is starting to fade. Even after the initial 10 minute light period, I love that I can keep the light in but unplug it to keep the gel in place. I am anxious to see the end results. I highly recommend it even early on."

The team at snow asked her what made her decide to buy the kit in the first place and she said that the before and after pictures of numerous people gave her confidence that the product works.

Here is a another review with pictures included so you can see the difference this whitening kit can make:

snow teeth whitening kit uk

Are There Any Negatives With Snow Teeth Whitening?

We want to write the negative aspects of this product but we can't, there is no reason we can think of to degrade it. Even the price of the product is reasonable (at the moment).

All we can say is, there are no negative reviews left by anyone which is a bit suspect because no matter how good a product is, there will always be that someone who bashes it. But we guess people can't really call it a scam because wait for it....

Massive 5 Year Warranty!

Yup you read that read, the team over at snow are very confident you will achieve results but if for some reason your product get's damaged or the LED light becomes faulty, they will replace it free of charge. Once you buy the whitening kit make sure to activate your warranty because a lot of people tend to forget!

What About A Money Back Guarantee?

They offer a 100% results guarantee, not a 100% money-back guarantee. They are not allowed to accept returns or issue refunds in cash due to strict regulations. All refunds are issued as store credit (gift card). 

The 100% results guarantee means they can replace your whitening serum if you are unhappy with your whitening results but you will have to email them at

Where Can I Buy The Snow Teeth Whitening Kit?

The company is based in the United States but they ship worldwide to over 195 Countries. It's quite popular in the UK and a lot of their orders get shipped here.

The company operate online because let's be honest, it's where the majority of people like to shop now. You probably know about the big retailers such as house of Fraser and Toys R Us being shut down recently.

The main reason was they did not adapt to the online trend and could not sustain it any longer. The team at snow are smart and know they can save a lot of money by reducing their footprint and rent cost.

By doing this, they enable us to buy the kits at much cheaper price than normal so everyone wins.

If you buy today, you will benefit from their Christmas special deal and pay only £117.88 rather than the steep £235.76. 

Buy 1 Get 1 Free - Hurry Up!

For a limited time only you can take advantage of this super duper deal and get 2 kit for the price of 1. That's awesome because you may have a family member or friend who is self conscious about the appearance of their teeth. Why not brighten up their Christmas and get them this wonderful gift 

To get your Christmas special offer and finally obtain whiter teeth please click the button below. We don't know how long the offer will stay up!  



Any Alternatives I should Consider?

billionaire teeth whitening kit review

​The only other kit we ask you to look at is the Billionaire Teeth Whitening kit. ​We have actually brought this product and one of our members wrote an in depth review over a 7 day period showing her transformation from yellow to white. The results were impressive and it wasn't too hard to achieve this.

The only thing is, it's a tray system so you will have to boil the mouth guards and take an impression of your teeth before you can use them, but it doesn't take too long.

If your interested in reading the full review and looking at the Before and After pictures please head on over to this post: My Amazing Results With The Billionaire Teeth Whitening Kit - Took 7 Days!.


We hope this Snow Teeth Whitening Review has given you an insight into this whitening kit and made you aware that it's a strong contender if you want to brighten your smile. It has won these awards:

  • 2018 Consumer satisfaction Award
  • Science & Innovation Award 2018

A product that wins numerous awards is surely worth looking into because it makes it more trustworthy. But what really sets it apart from other leading whitening kits is the speed and ease at which it gets the job done. You don't have to mould trays into your mouth anymore which can often be tricky.

Customer reviews are also great and there is a 5 year warranty which is something we have never come across for these sort of products. This then makes it a no brainer and something you need to seriously consider for yourself or as a Christmas present for someone you know who hates their yellow teeth.

Snow Teeth Whitening Kit F.A.Q

Q. Does Snow whitening cause sensitivity?

A. Snow does not cause the sensitivity of other systems thanks to its unique, proprietary serum.

Q. What happens if I get Snow serum on my gums or lips?

A. Wipe it off as best and as soon as you can. Snow is meant to be used on your teeth only!

Q. What is the difference between the special serum and the maximum strength serum?

A. The max strength is the strongest serum available. Use it for faster results.

Q. How often should I use the product and for how long?

A. You can use it for 10-30 minutes each day for 21-30 days straight. If you have sensitivity, then take a break for 1-3 days, and continue.

Q. Does this work on wine and coffee stains?

A. Yes, Snow is scientifically formulated to erase tough stains like years of coffee or red-wine drinking.

Still Have Questions?

Then please feel free to comment below and we will do our best to answer them accordingly

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best teeth whitening products 2018

10 Best Teeth Whitening Products (2019) That Give Instant Results!

/ by

The time has come to change the complexion of your smile. You have thought about it for a while and now you are here meaning you are ready to invest in a teeth whitening system that can give you the white smile you have been craving for a while now.

Christmas is around the corner and you don't want to be left behind right?

One of the biggest hurdles for people who are looking for the Best Teeth Whitening Products For 2019 is the immense variety that is available on the market. Which ones are good and which ones are rubbish?

This is the sole reason we have created this post. It will only give you the best teeth whiteners that actually give you results and will leave out the crap.  

3 Things To Consider When Choosing A Whitening Product:

  • Ease Of Use
  • Whitening Results
  • Safety Of Ingredients

Ease Of Use

It's quite easy for anyone to quit at anything that they find too difficult to carry out. Home teeth whitening is no different!

You want to choose a system that is easy to follow and gives you step by step instructions. The more established brands out there do this very well and make your life easier. 

However there are some lesser known systems on the market that although do a better job in giving you white teeth, the instructions can get quite confusing.

Whitening Results

You could say this is the most important factor for anybody when choosing a teeth whitening product. Put simply, if it does not work why the hell is anyone going to buy it. 

I certainly ain't buying if it isn't giving me what i paid it to do. You shouldn't either!

A point to mention is, some whitening products work really fast while others take a few sessions before you start seeing results. You need to keep this in mind when making your purchasing decision because you might have a business meeting or a family gathering coming up very soon. 

Safety Of Ingredients 

This is another important point you need to take into account but personally we feel that most teeth whitening systems nowadays are safe enough to use. They have to go through stringent testing and make sure the product does not cause any adverse side effects before it is made public.

The only problem you will face while using a teeth whitening product is the tooth sensitivity. It's very rare with products you purchase online because they use a lesser concentration of hydrogen/carbamide peroxide than professional dental whitening.

So with that in mind let's dive straight into the 10 Best Teeth Whitening Products Of 2019:

1. Billionaire Teeth Whitening Kit - Formulated By Dentists 

billionaire teeth whitening kit for 2018

The Billionaire Teeth Whitening Kit is an Australian brand which oozes extravagance because of it's name and the high quality finish of it's products. It's a tray system meaning you are provided with mouth guards which you need to mould to your teeth.

You then simply inject the carbamide peroxide gel into the trays and fit them into your mouth for 40 - 50 minutes. Use the blue LED light to accelerate your results. It's a simple mechanism but customers have noticed great results just after one use!

Key Features:

  • Approved by 3 major governing bodies in Australia 
  • Complete system with clear instructions
  • 30 Day money back guarantee
  • Comes with a powerful desensitising gel 

Contents Included In The Kit:

The Kit is packed full of the right components that will give you results, Period!

  • 3 x 3ml Billionaire Whitening Gel Formula
  • 1 x 3ml Billionaire Desensitisation Gel
  • 2 x Billionaire Mouldable Trays
  • 1 x Billionaire Tray Case
  • 1 x Billionaire Activating LED Light
  • 1 x Billionaire Teeth Whitening Guide
  • 1 x Billionaire Gold Plated Toothbrush

Results on average are seen between 3-7 days when using this complete kit while the changes can last for upto a year. Just make sure to keep your coffee or tea consumption low (2-3 cups per day).

The blue desensitising gel is what sets this product apart from the competition because it relieves the symptoms of sensitive teeth rapidly. If your someone who has problems in this area then we highly recommend you give this whitening kit some serious thought.

They ship worldwide and are quickly becoming the market leaders in this area. The prices might seem quite high at first but they currently have a 50% off all of their products. Instead of paying close to $300 you will be paying $150 which is immense. 

2. Snow Teeth Whitening - Endorsed By Celebrities

snow teeth whitening product

The snow teeth whitening kit is another big player when it comes to the whitening space. It is produced in America and first impressions of the product when we took a look at it was: WOW!

There is a lot of positive vibes coming from the manufacturers website and they have tons of testimonials which is a massive bonus and shows the product has some substance. It’s been rigorously tested and has been awarded the 2018 Consumer satisfaction award alongside the Science and innovation award.

They claim there is no sensitivity when using this whitening system and to make it a solid investment for you they have a 5 year warranty on all their product ranges. This should really give you that peace of mind.

Key Features:

  • 5X faster than leading whitening strips brands 
  • Award winning technology
  • 5 Year warranty
  • Easy to follow instructions

Contents Included In The Kit:

The snow teeth whitening system comes with

  • LED blue light whitening mouth guard
  • Whitening serum
  • Remineralizing gel

It’s pretty straight forward to use as well. All you do Is take your whitening serum and evenly spread the solution on all of your teeth. You then get the LED light, plug he usb into your phone or laptop and insert the mouth guard. Then simply wait 15-20 minutes and that’s it.

Pretty easy and customers who have used it on average saw results within 3 days. Now that is rapid!

They are also ethical as no animal testing has occurred during the manufacturing process and what really sets this company apart from the rest is that the Profits from each order are donated to families that can't afford dental care.  

The price is on the upper end of the scale but like with the Billionaire teeth whitening kit. Snow teeth whitening have a 50% off store-wide sale which means you pay only $150 rather than $300.

If you want a whitening product that works then this is a safe bet.

3. AuraGlow Teeth Whitening kit - Time Efficient!

Auraglow teeth whitening kit

The AuroGlow has been a regular go to whitening treatment for some time judging by the 1000’s of reviews left on various places. For good reason too as it does what it’s required to do and that is give you white teeth.

The owners have stated that you can get results after just 1 use which could be true, in our experience though, the whitening results are closer to days 3-7.

If you want a mess free, easy to use kit that can be set up in no time then Aura glow is a good solid product.

Unlike the Billionaire teeth whitening kit, the mouth guards supplied don’t need boiling to mould into your teeth shape. It already comes with a 1 size fits all mouth guard. This will save you a lot of time.

Key Features:

  • LED accelerator light 5X more powerful than other brands 
  • 35% carbamide peroxide gel
  • Enamel safe
  • Top Notch customer service

Contents Included In The Kit:

The Aura glow whitening system comes with:

  • Teeth Whitening LED Light (batteries included)
  • 5 ml Whitening Gel Syringes (20 treatments)
  • One-Size-Fits-All Mouth Tray (no moulding required)
  • Mouth Tray Storage Case
  • Detailed instructions

The average customer rating for this product is 4.2 stars out of 5 making it a good investment. Customers said they noticed real noticeable results after the 3rd day of treatment and has not caused any tooth sensitivity.

However, we do advise that you try and avoid getting the gel onto your gums as it could cause some pain or irritation.

The price of this is very reasonable compared to a couple of higher end options on this list. This makes it a good purchase for anyone who is interested in whitening their teeth to see if this sort of treatment works.

It won’t break the bank! And has proven to be successful. Could be the right option for you?

4. Active Wow Teeth Whitening Premium kit - Budget Option

Active wow teeth whitening kit

The active wow brand has been around for a while now and it has some good solid options when it comes to teeth whitening. You can go for the charcoal teeth whitening powder which has 10000’s of reviews but results can only be seen after 4-8 weeks.

Or you can buy the complete whitening system with mouth guard and gels that cost the same as the powder.

One of the selling points is the duration of treatment with this kit. You only need to wear it once a day for only 15 minutes and within a weeks’ time you will start to see some dramatic results. It’s similar to other kits in how it carries out its functions.

You get a mouth tray and all you do is insert the carbamide gel into the tray and attach it to your teeth. Leave for 15 minutes and then remove the trays and rinse your mouth with Luke warm water. Be careful not to get the solution onto your gums as it may cause some irritation.

Key Features:

  • Customizable trays 
  • Manufactured with quality ingredients
  • Money back guarantee
  • 36% Carbamide Peroxide Gel

Contents Included In The Kit:

The Active Wow whitening system comes with:

  • 2x whitening syringes
  • 2X remineralizing gel
  • 2X professional trays (+1 bonus tray)
  • 1 whitening accelerator light
  • 1 tray case for easy storage

The average customer review for this whitening kit is 4.2 out of 5 making it a very good item to purchase and the stand out point everyone makes is how quick the results can be seen. Many said that after using it for the first time they saw real changes.

This then is a quality whitening product that needs to be considered properly because firstly it does an excellent job at whitening teeth but more impressive is the price.

It’s currently on a special seasonal price at $21.24 down from $49.99. We don’t think the price will stay this low for too long so if you wan to grab a bargain please visit amazon and place your order.

5. White Smiles Lab Whitening System - Direct From A Dental Lab

whiter smiles lab teeth whitening product

To be honest we had not heard about White smile labs teeth whitening kit and just came across it by chance. But after reading about the company and the customer reviews, we had to put this on our list.

They are a very good company and the whitening system is made in a dental lab where your local dentist most likely goes to.

This company offers the highest concentration of Carbamide peroxide gel out of any on the list. A massive 38% concentration to be exact. You are sure to see definite results if you use it on a consistent basis.

If you don’t, there is a 30 day money back guarantee waiting for you so don’t worry.

The company believes you can get 7-10 shades lighter in only a few days. This might seem sceptical but the 38% concentration can make it possible.

Key Features:

  • Fast same day shipping 
  • Custom fitted trays made in USA Dental labs
  • 38% high intensity carbamide peroxide gel
  • Sensitivity Free

Contents Included In The Kit:

The White smiles whitening system comes with:

  • High intensity carbamide peroxide gel enough for 2 full 7 day cycles
  • Custom fitted teeth whitening trays
  • Storage box for your trays
  • complete impression kit to make your Custom Trays and the postage prepaid envelope to send them direct to our lab for fast processing
  • detailed instruction on how to make impression
  • fresh packed gel will either come in 6 normal size syringes, or several EX Large size syringes, both equal the same amount!

The reviews also paint a pretty picture with many praising the product and with a average rating of 4 out of 5, who could argue with that. The general consensus is that customer service is exceptional and any defects with the product will get replaced quickly.

If you’re after a whitening product that delivers fast results and a company you can rely on when things go wrong. White smile labs will definitely put a smile on your face.

Currently priced at $99.00, it’s on the higher end of the price spectrum but quality does not come cheap!

6. Cali White Vegan Teeth Whitening Kit - Ethical Product

Caliwhite deluxe teeth whitening system

This is a unique whitening system because of the vegan free slogan they have going on. In fact, it is also gluten free, contains no PEG & PPG, no sulphates or parabens. Only natural organic ingredients have been used in creating this product.

And it seems to work because there are over 400 reviews with most of them being positive.

The company suggests the results are clinically proven and it can help in removing tough stains caused by your usual offenders such as tea, coffee and wine. Realistically you should expect around 2-5 shades whiter in 7 days when using this kit.

Like the other kits, this one is also simple to use. All you do is get the LED light and remove the plastic tab below the batteries. Wash the mouth tray with warm water and attach it to the LED light. Then get your gel solution and dispense it on the front surface of the mouth tray.

Insert the light with the tray into your mouth and fit properly over your teeth. Keep it in there for 30 minutes and then take it out and rinse your mouth with water.

Key Features:

  • Pure organic ingredients
  • Patented universal comfort fit tray
  • FDA certified
  • 35% peroxide gel

Contents Included In The Kit:

The Cali white Vegan whitening system comes with:

  • 2X 5 ml Gel Syringes
  • Universal Comfort Fit Tray (Easy Use)
  • 2X Thermoform Trays (Custom Fit)
  • Stylish Palm Tree Retainer Case to keep your trays Fresh
  • 5X Blue LED Light for Whitening Acceleration.
  • Detailed Instructions
  • Post Card From the company in California (not sure what for but hey ho)

Customer reviews are overwhelmingly positive and everyone seems to like the company as they have a good reputation and they deliver on their promises.

If you’re a big advocate of Natural organic treatments and hate products that have been tested on animals, this is the treatment for you and at only $34.98, it’s very good value for money!

7. Sporting Smiles Custom Dental Teeth Whitening Trays - Hidden Gem

sporting smiles teeth whitening kit

Sporting smiles is another unknown teeth whitening brand but don’t be fooled, It packs some serious heat. The whitening trays are specially hand made by a lab technician using an exact impression of your teeth.

You can be sure that you will get a comfortable fit when placing these trays into your mouth. Another great feature is the bleaching trays are made with reservoirs.

This helps to maximise the bleaching process by allowing more of the bleaching gel to come into contact with the teeth. Without reservoirs, you are minimising the effectiveness of the bleaching gel.

It’s slightly more complicated than other whitening systems because of the 2 step process of taking an impression of your teeth and then having to send them off. Receiving them back and then starting your whitening routine.

But it works and that’s why it has an average review of 4.5 out of 5. One of the highest on the list!

Key Features:

  • Custom made whitening trays
  • 35% carbamide peroxide gel (shelf life of 2 years)
  • 30 day guarantee
  • Shade guide

Contents Included In The Kit:

The sporting smiles whitening system comes in 2 stages:

In your order you will receive:

  • 2 Sets of impression material (Part A & B)
  • 2 Adjustable impression trays (Fits all sizes)
  • 2 Return bags
  • 1 Instruction pamphlet
  • 1 Return form
  • 1 Prepaid postage return label (domestic orders only)

In the return package you will receive:

  • 2 Custom bleaching trays
  • 2 10ml 35% Carbamide Peroxide bleaching Gel Syringes (Has 2 year shelf life)
  • 1 Set of detailed bleaching Instructions
  • 1 Shade Guide
  • 1 Storage Case

This is definitely a dark horse and has come out of nowhere to shake things up a bit. It certainly has done that and is top quality.

Maybe that’s why they are unknown, they want to keep a small customer base so they can deliver excellent products and customer service.

It’s also quite reasonable when it comes to the price, just sitting at $74.00 meaning anyone can now achieve a fantastic white smile if you wish. You should really consider this as an option!

8. Novashine Teeth Whitening Product - Best Bundle Package

novashine bundle package teeth whitening kit

The Novashine is another whitening kit that is similar to all other systems in how it whitens teeth. However, what makes it stand out from the rest is the extra products you get with the main system. You get an additional refill gel and a whitening pen which is a big bonus.

Whitening pens are commonly used for little touch ups here and there but are not something that can give you real permanent whitening results. So combining the 2 treatments together will give you an advantage.

There aren’t that many reviews on this whitening kit which makes us believe this is not a tried and tested product but don’t be fooled by that.

I recently brought an electric plaque removal pick to remove brown stains. It had only 1 review on amazon, but I had a gut feeling that it could potentially work. So I went ahead and brought it and was astonished by the results. Reviews are not everything but help drastically when making a purchasing decision.

Key Features:

  • Portable mouth piece
  • 5X more effective than whitening strips
  • Only 15 minutes per session
  • Hydrogen peroxide gel

Contents Included In The Kit:

The Novashine whitening system consists of:

  • Two 5 ml whitening gel
  • teeth shade guide
  • instruction guide
  • mouthpiece
  • micro-USB adaptor (Compatible with most iPhone's, computer USB port, charge cube and most Android phones)
  • Refill gel pack
  • Whitening pen

Like we mentioned earlier there are not that many reviews for this whitening product but whatever we did manage to find was positive. The kit Is priced at $99.99 and considering that you get a refill pack and a whitening pen, this is insane value!

Personally, we are not too keen on this kit but that does not mean it does not work. We just feel there are other systems on this list that will do a fantastic job and we feel that the lack of reviews is slightly concerning.

9. Glo Brilliant Personal Teeth Whitening Device - High End 

Glo white personal teeth whitening kit

Invented by world renowned oral health expert and New York City celebrity dentist, Dr. Jonathan B. Levine

The Glo personal teeth whitening device is a powerhouse of technology and is the most expensive option on the list. But you do get a massive amount for what you pay. It’s the most advanced home teeth whitening system currently out there. Nothing can rival it!

It’s the only closed system that uses light and heat to activate and accelerate the hydrogen peroxide formula. The company won the Edison award for excellence in innovation and design. We can’t argue with that, it does look sexy.

The main difference between this and other systems is the warming technology they have incorporated which helps release the hydrogen peroxide at a much faster rate. It’s also been through some clinical trials and supposedly 100% of all the participants noticed instant results (might want to read up on that a little more)

Key Features:

  • Fast 8 minute application
  • Patented warming technology
  • No sensitivity
  • Award winning device

Contents Included In The Kit:

The Glo white whitening system consists of:

  • GLO Control & Lanyard 
  • GLO Mouthpiece & Storage Case
  • 10 Teeth Whitening GLO Vials (40+ applications)
  • GLO Lip Treatment
  • GLO Universal Power Cord & Adaptor
  • Sleek Travel and Storage Case

It’s suggested that you Complete 4 back-to-back 8-minute applications each day for 5 days in a row or until desired results are achieved.

Customer reviews are positive with an average rating of 4.2 stars out of 5 making it a solid product to consider.

The sticking point for most will be the price which currently sits at $220.00 making it the highest on this list. If money is not an issue, we recommend you try this new innovative technology focused whitening kit. You wont feel any sensitivity with this unlike some other kits we have previously mentioned.

10. Triwhite Vegan teeth whitening Product - Environmentally Friendly 

Triwhite vegan teeth whitening kit

Triwhite whitening system is last in our line up but by no means Is it a complete dud. It’s a simple honest whitening solution that is trying to appeal to different communities.

The vegan friendly slogan makes it appealing to a large number of folks around the world and the kosher friendly ingredients is also appealing to the Jewish community.

It contains a decent 22% carbamide peroxide gel which although isn’t as high as some of the leading brands, it will pack a decent punch and enable you to see results at around 7-10 day mark.

Key Features:

  • Natural and made with kosher ingredients
  • LED light accelerator
  • Produced in FDA registered facilities
  • Safe on Vaneers, fillings, caps and crowns

Contents Included In The Kit:

The triwhite whitening system consists of:

  • 1x LED light Accelerator
  • 1x 10ml Whitening Gel 22% CP
  • 1x Universal soft mouth tray
  • 1x Whitening shade guide.

The company states that this kit is suitable for use if you have surface stains, internal discolouration or if you smoke. It also removes food stains such as tea and coffee.

Right now there are only 7 reviews on amazon which is not a lot but they are all 5 stars which is a promising sign. The customers like the speed at which the product works, many of which are noticing results after using it for the first time.

The price for this teeth whitening solution is currently at $44.99 making it suitable for anyone to purchase and the 30 day money back guarantee will give you that extra reassurance.

It’s worth considering if you’re a big advocate of animal free testing but there are other whitening products on this list that will give you better results in the long run.

Our Thoughts

These are the best teeth whitening products of 2019 in our opinion simply because they are an intensive form of treatment and have been proven to be effective. If you were to ask us which one we would choose, we would say the Billionaire teeth whitening kit.

The reason for this is because we have already done a couple of intensive reviews on this company and have found it to be really good in terms of customer service and product safety. Their whitening products have been approved by 3 major governing bodies and the results speak for themselves.

But it’s totally upto you, like we said all the products on this list have been researched thoroughly and work if you give them a fair chance.

It’s time now you made a decision and chose your whitening kit, Christmas is around the corner and you want to look good when all the family gathers around the dinner table.

Before you go, here is a list of some useful articles that will help you in making a well informed decision on what to buy:

If you have any lingering questions please leave a comment below and we will get back to you as soon as possible.

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teeth whitening for smokers

Best Teeth Whitening For Smokers – No More Worrying!

/ by

In my opinion the best teeth whitening for smokers is a Carbamide peroxide based whitening kit because it gives you the fastest guaranteed results out of any home whitening products. Later on in the article i talk about my recommendation which is the Billionaire Teeth Whitening Kit. Keep reading on to find out why we regard it so highly.

The article also gives you some free home remedies you can try straightaway but first lets talk a little about smoking in general:

Smoking is harmful to your health.

Did you know that smoking is one of the leading causes of illness and death in the United Kingdom?

Almost everywhere you look, you will find a warning about smoking – during a Premier Leagueteeth whitening for smokers match, on a newspaper’s second page and even spot one of them on a billboard.

I remember when I used to smoke and I used to do it a lot. I started smoking when I was seventeen years old. Obviously, my friends got me into the habit and I used to love it when we used to smoke secretly behind our school gym.

But as the years rolled by I started to notice various effects of my secret habit. By the time I was 21, my teeth started to show my secret to the world – they had started to become yellow.

Being a young guy and someone who is very sociable and interactive with others, having yellow teeth was a big no-no for me.

Obviously, I didn’t know early on it was my smoking that was the reason. This meant that I was using a lot of things to ensure my teeth could retain their pearly white shine. And some of these tricks for whitening teeth actually worked!

While ultimately I did stop smoking at the age of 31, I have learned few things that can help you as well. So here are some of my tips on natural teeth whitening but…

Before I start telling you how I actually managed to turn my teeth back to white, I want to discuss how smoking leads to teeth discoloration. So let’s talk about that first.

Smoking and Teeth Discoloration:

When it comes to our bodies it is important to know what the reason behind our health problems is or else we won’t be able to fix them.

So when I started to notice my teeth were turning yellow and had strong hints of plaque buildup, I thought I need to stop consuming coke and other daily drinkables like tea and coffee. I started to brush more and even started to use mouthwash at my school and gym.

But this didn’t help. Why? Because I didn’t know the reason. It was my friend who told me thatteeth whitening for smokers he was facing the same issue and blamed our shared habit of smoking.

So I researched online and found out that our teeth are made up of enamel, one of the strongest materials in our body. And smoking directly effects its strength and over time it starts to discolor it.

There are two things in cigarettes that directly attack the enamel, nicotine and tar. While nicotine is colorless, it will start to become yellow when it interacts with oxygen.

The other one is tar, not the one that we use on roads but a chemical compound in cigarettes that attaches on our teeth and starts to turn them black.

Our teeth enamel is no doubt one of the strongest substances in our body but it also has small pores on it. So when we smoke cigarettes, both tar and nicotine gets into our mouth and starts to attach themselves into these pores.

As you smoke more, the amount of nicotine and tar continues to grow and starts to discolor our teeth. Both affect the outermost lining of our teeth and there is a very strong chance that they will erode the enamel and expose your dentin causing the yellow colour to come out.

Now that you know how smoking causes yellow teeth, let’s talk about ways I tackled this problem.

Teeth whitening Remedies You Can Try Right Away!

Baking soda: 

When my toothpaste wasn’t really working out for me, I started to look for ways to whiten my teeth with natural remedies. The first thing that I used was baking soda.

Baking soda is commonly found in our homes since it’s often used with cooking. While it has excellent health benefits, baking soda also has many natural whitening properties as well.

What I used to do was put a small amount of it on the palm of my left hand and rub my toothbrush over it and then just brush like normal. I used baking soda to clean my teeth often although it’s abrasive, which gives it the strong scrubbing power but too much use can cause enamel erosion so be careful.

Another way to use baking soda is to mix it with water. According to my mother, you need to mix one teaspoon of baking soda with at least 2 teaspoons of water and then use it three to four times every week.

And that’s not all, baking soda is naturally alkaline which cleansed my mouth and inhibited bacteria from growing.

But here’s the thing, you will not get white teeth overnight. Among the many tricks out there for teeth whitening, baking soda is a promising one but it takes time to see the results.

Next up – Apple Cider Vinegar: 

teeth whitening for smokers

While I was a big fan of baking soda, I also tried to find out other techniques used for teeth whitening. After all, I really needed my pearly whites back.

So I tried apple cider vinegar. Did you know it has been used for hundreds of years as an organic cleaning solution? People add it to their food to cleanse their body while it has amazing properties to clean our skin, hair, and nails.

And guess what? It also helps in whitening teeth.

The main ingredient of apple cider is acetic acid – which can kill bacteria effectively.

But acetic acid also helps in whitening teeth as I found out through an interesting study. In this study, it was found out that when cow teeth were subjected to apple cider vinegar, it had the same effect as bleaching.

However there is a small caveat to using apple cider vinegar. It is quite strong and can result in week teeth. Basically due to its acidic nature it can erode our teeth enamel gradually.

So I would advise you to do it twice a week and don’t push it.

Best way to use it would be to use it like a mouthwash. I used to dilute it with water to make it less potent and then swish it in my mouth. Do remember to clean your mouth with normal plain water after you are done.

Coconut oil: 

I know you must be shocked to hear that I used coconut oil on my teeth but it actually works!

This one I heard from my mom when she found out I was trying to whiten my teeth. It wasn’t easy to explain but I was looking for new ways to whiten teeth.

Coconut oil is an excellent teeth whitener and since it’s natural and organic, you know it’s good. The process that I am going to explain is called coconut oil pulling which is quite an old technique.

You will hear this one from your parents or their friends and some of them will also swear that it works like a charm.

How do you do it?

Basically, you will need to take one tablespoon of coconut oil in your mouth and swish it around for at least 5 minutes, I used to do it for 15 minutes.

Here’s one thing that I did since I really didn’t like the taste of coconut oil – I added a little bit of my toothpaste into it. That way I could do it for 15 minutes.

But that’s not exactly how you define oil pulling now, is it? The real process involves dabbing coconut oil on to a clean cloth and then rubbing it on your teeth as if you are pulling them. You will need to use your index finger and thumb for this.

Gently rub the oil dabbed cloth on your teeth and pull them slowly.
Did you know that coconut oil like Apple cider vinegar has gum protecting properties? This means that while your teeth are getting a natural whitening treatment, your gums, on the other hand, are being protected by the antimicrobial shield of coconut oil.

Better taste than apple vinegar cider: Citrus peels:

Like apple cider vinegar, coconut oil and baking soda, you will come across many that will say that orange and lemon peels can do wonders when it comes to teeth whitening for smokers. In my opinion, they are right.

I also used lemon peels to whiten my teeth and during this process, I learned that orange peels can also do the trick.

Citrus fruits have a considerable amount of beneficial acids that can help your teeth and gum. If you don’t want to use peels you can also get lemon essential oil from your nearest market and use oil pulling technique.

But remember, just like apple vinegar cider, these fruits are also high in acids that can slowly thin your enamel. This will only happen if you use them too much or aggressively.  I recommend using peels four times a week and always rinse your mouth with water when you are done.

I know what you are thinking right now – “these are all great and fine but I need something that is FAST and easy to use”.

Now all of these things can really help and have varying results. But we are now living in a very busy time. Almost everyone has little to no time to invest in these tips. I did these when I was in university.

What about now when I have a full-time job and not to forget that I also have a family. I know that you need something that is quick and will definitely work.
While these are all natural tips for teeth whitening, I have found out that you can now get sparkling white teeth easily with:

Billionaire Teeth Whitening

teeth whitening for smokers

And here’s why:

Teeth whitening with retail products can be a very expensive affair.

Not only are the teeth whitening products expensive but they can be unreliable and become a health risk.

This is why I liked Billionaire teeth whitening products – they are affordable and best of all they are medically approved by:

  • Food and drug administration (FDA)
  • Therapeutic Goods Administration (TGA)
  • Australian Competition And Consumer Commission (ACCC)

Not only are they 100% safe to use but their foremost ingredient is carbamide peroxide. If you have done your research you will easily identify this as the substance used commonly by dentists across the United States, United Kingdom, and Australia. When I was recommended the Billionaire Teeth Whitening Kit, I chose to use their teeth whitening kit. In the box that came to my house, I found a couple of things that allowed me to easily whiten my teeth in the privacy of my home.

Included in the box was the teeth whitening gel formula that was incredible. They have clearly labelled that 18% of the gel has carbamide peroxide – meaning I was about to get the full-on whitening treatment.

Next up I found the desensitisation gel which I was curious about but turns out some users can feel slight discomfort after using the whitening kit. To ensure complete satisfaction and that no one feels a discomfort, the Billionaire team added this gel to help users after they use their products. Amazing right?

Also included is the mouldable tray and its case. Obviously, my set of teeth are different from the next guy. To ensure everyone can use their products to the fullest extent, included in the box is a moudable tray. These trays, when placed in your mouth, will automatically adjust to fit your teeth. Science at work people!

Lastly, you will get their special LED light that is used to activate the gel and make your teeth upto 12 shades whiter over a period of time!. The device features six LED lights that will activate the gel once you place it in your mouth.

The toolkit came with its own guide that allowed me to easily understand how to use it and I never had to go to the dentist or call them. Incredibly easy to use and I loved using it so much that I recommend it to all smokers that are looking for teeth whitening.

Price/Where To Buy

Lets put things into perspective shall we…

Teeth whitening which is carried out at the dentist can set you back a whopping $500 – $1500

Trays that are supplied by the dentist for you to take home cost around $400 – $500

But the Billionaire teeth whitening kit can be brought at a fraction of the price costing you only $149.95

This product is produced in Australia and can only be bought online through their store. They currently offer a Free Worldwide Standard Tracked Shipping.

Express shipping is only offered within Australia for $9.95 with the standard delivery time being 2-5 days whilst the express delivery is within 1-3 business days.

For international orders the standard delivery time is between 6-15 days

Additional customs fees may be applied for international deliveries. These are the responsibility of the buyer and if you don’t receive your product within the stated times just give them a friendly email and they will be more than happy to let you know of the situation of your parcel.

You can read all the reviews left by customers and learn more about the product at:

Billionaire teeth whitening

It also comes with a 30 day 100% money back guarantee but it’s not as simple as other money back procedures. They want to see proof that you actually used the product. They guaranteeteeth whitening for smokers that your teeth will become 2 shades whiter and here is the procedure if you don’t see these results:

  1. Take a clear close-up photo of your teeth before using our teeth whitening products
  2. Use our teeth whitening products exactly as instructed in our instruction manual
  3. Take a clear close-up photo after you’ve completed all applications (same lighting conditions as initial photo)
  4. Email with your before and after photo attached
  5. Once we have approved, then send back your product
  6. Your refund will be processed once we have received the product in our warehouse

The full review of this whitening kit can be found in our other post which shows you how to use this kit step by step for maximum effect: Best Home Teeth Whitening Kit You Must Use


So there you have it, a full explanation on the effects smoking has on our teeth. There are various home remedies you can try out such as apple cider vinegar or baking soda as people have said they have noticed some good results but most of the time these solutions take an age to work and results aren’t as dramatic as other treatment methods.

That’s why we recommend Billionaire teeth whitening because it gives you noticeable results from the first use. It does cost $149.95 but that is just a fraction of the price you would have to pay compared to a dental professional and best of all it comes with a fully backed 30 day money back guarantee. That’s always a sign of a good product.

That’s it for today but if you have any questions or any other suggestions about teeth whitening methods please get in touch by commenting below.

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