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California Bright Teeth Whitening [2019 Review] Possible Scam?

Looking for something to make your world shine?

Start with your teeth.

Talking about teeth, a class of cosmetic products making waves these days are the teeth whitening products. Millions of dollars in research have led to the emergence of innovative teeth whitening products, and the consolation?

Massive consumers!

It is like the world just realised that we must shine. One of such products, California Bright Teeth Whitening, has won itself a fair market share and I’ve decided to review it here.

California Bright LED Teeth Whitening Kit with 16 Piece LED Light
  • Powerful & Efficient 16 Piece LED Teeth Whitening Kit
  • 25 Minute Countdown, Light & Sound Reminder, Food Grade Silicone, BPA Free, Waterproof Design
  • Designed for Apple & Most Android (Micro USB Connector). No Battery Needed!
  • Designed and Distributed by California Bright
  • California Bright is your source for all Organic Teeth Whitening Solutions & Skincare! Visit our Amazon Storefront for more info!

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Here’s A Rundown Of What We’ll Provide In This California Bright Teeth Whitening Review:
  • We will first discuss the features of California Bright Teeth Whitening
  • Then, we will look at the features (Pros and Cons) of California Bright Teeth Whitening
  • Afterwards, I will share some knowledge with you about the California Bright Company
  • Next, we will examine California Bright Teeth Whitening Real Users’ Reviews
  • Then, we will answer some frequently asked questions about California Bright Teeth Whitening

Sound good? Let’s get Started!

Feature And Benefits Of California Bright Teeth Whitening

  1. It is less expensive than the tiresome visits to your dentist for the purpose of a teeth whitening process.
  2. It affords you the convenience that a sit-at-home to do-it-yourself product gives.
  3. Its pen-shaped whitening gel and the phone power connector feature make it easy for your usage.
  4. California Bright Teeth Whitening provides a painless usage process.
  5. Unlike related products in the industry that could cost up to $150, California Bright Teeth Whitening kit provides the best for its price.
  6. California Bright Teeth Whitening kit’s plastic component is BPA free, which assures you of safety when placed in the mouth.

Special Features (Pros) Of California Bright Teeth Whitening

  1. Its portability, enhanced by the designer case that accompanied it, makes it convenient for travelling, handling and easy to pack up for storage.
  2. In comparison to the 4-piece LED which in most related products, its 16-piece LED provides a stronger, powerful, and effective light that breakdown the gel on time.
  3. The phone powering feature contributes to its smartness. With this feature you can use California Bright anywhere and anytime as long as you’re with your phone.
  4. Another wonderful feature is that after about 25 minutes, when it has completed its cycle, the device will automatically beep and switch off itself.
  5. California Bright Teeth Whitening kit has a completely water-proof design.
  6. The California Bright Teeth Whitening kit comes with two whitening gel pens, designed to enable an easy and neat gel application.

Drawbacks (cons) For California Bright Teeth Whitening

  1. Although it has a Micro USB connector, it can not be powered by Iphones earlier than Iphone 5 and other smart phones that do not have the required connector.
  2. You have to use it repeatedly to enjoy the desired results. The difference in users’ usage consistency, leads to result variations.
  3. When compared to leading products in the industry, the usage time of 25 minutes in the mouth is slow.

About The California Bright Company

California bright teeth whitening

The California Bright Company, as the name implies, is located in California; according to the address on the product’s official website.

The fact that the “About Us” menu on the same website is not clickable means nothing much can be known about the parent company of Californian Bright Teeth Whitening from the product’s official website.

Nevertheless, the product is approved by the FDA and the company is not new to the teeth whitening industry as a lot of its other teeth whitening kits and products have been in the markets for a while.

California Bright Teeth Whitening Reviews

You can find some California Bright’s users’ reviews on the product’s official website and below are the two latest reviews on the page.

“It’s convenient but not strong enough. I like the fact that I can connect it to my phone however I’m giving it a 2 star because I feel that it does not whiten my teeth like the others I have tried. I have used it 4 times already and only a slight difference in my teeth can be seen. For the 20/25 minutes being in your mouth it should be a bit stronger. But again it’s convenient and it comes with a small carry case (just for the mouth piece not the gel it comes with). 2-star rating”

Another User said:

“Love love love it! 5-star rating. I purchased this kit and was a bit sceptical from the review before me, but for me it worked amazingly! And the price made it worth trying! I think it depends on the person and how often you use it, but I saw a difference within just a few uses. I still brushed my teeth morning and night when using this device. My teeth weren’t very yellow to begin with, but now they are much brighter. I am also glad that the gel didn’t have a nasty taste like others do. It was very comfy and easy to use. Worth every penny!”

You will see that one may never get more balanced reviews than these two. So let’s go to a neutral website, a third party seller and see what verified buyers are saying about California Bright Teeth Whitening:

What Amazon Customers Have To Say About California Bright Teeth Whitening

On Amazon, more than 70% of verified buyers gave California Bright Teeth Whitening 5-star ratings while less than 20% gave the product a rating less than 3-star.

Let’s see some of the reviews given by verified buyers of California Bright Teeth Whitening on Amazon.

One user called it “an amazing product” and that his yellow teeth became whiter after the first use. Then he said it was a better choice than going to his dentist which would cost him about “$400!”.

Another user said that the one she bought “Only worked once” because it “kept shutting off” whenever she tried to switch it on. To this user, the product was “a disappointment”.

Another user revealed he had been using it a couple of weeks and commended the “convenience” the product afforded him and the “designer case” that came with the product because it was “perfect for travelling”. His testimony was that his teeth are becoming whiter with each use.

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Bottom Line

Now that the myth called California Bright Teeth Whitening has been unveiled, it is time for you to join the league of those with brighter smiles. If what you need is a product that is easy to use, relatively less expensive, convenient, and you won’t be found wanting in the usage consistency needed; then California Bright Teeth Whitening is not a bad place to start.

The teeth whitening market is so big that there is no reason for you not to shine your way into happiness.

California Bright Teeth Whitening F.A.Q

Q. How often do I have to use it?

A: As a first-time user, it is recommended that you use the kit consecutively for 7 days in order to achieve optimum results. Afterwards, use often to maintain your results. Physical changes occurs from the first treatment.

Q. Does it have power connector for newer apple phones like Iphone x?

A: Yes. It has a Micro USB connector that works well with Apple phones (from Iphone 5 to the latest) and most Android phones.

Q. Does it use battery for power?

A: No battery is needed to power it. Simply connect it to your smart phone using the Micro USB connector.

Compare To Other Whitening Kits


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  • Stella says:

    Personally, I haven’t heard of Cailfornia Bright Teeth Whitening system.

    It seems like it is a good idea, yet as I am in the UK, unless I bought it online, it would be hard for me to come by.

    I have only used d teeth whitening system once and my filling came out a month after.  So I am wary of them.  However, my teeth do need whitening!

    I will have to do some research and find out more about safer alternatives if they exist.

    Thanks for the review though!

    • Teeth Man says:

      Hi Stella

      That’s really unusual. I have never heard a case where a filling has come out due to a whitening procedure. It could be some other factors that lead to the filling coming out. Poor nutrition or the dentist doing a poor job of filling it in the first place.

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