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Best Teeth Whitening For Smokers – No More Worrying!

In my opinion the best teeth whitening for smokers is a Carbamide peroxide based whitening kit because it gives you the fastest guaranteed results out of any home whitening products. Later on in the article i talk about my recommendation which is the Billionaire Teeth Whitening Kit. Keep reading on to find out why we regard it so highly.

The article also gives you some free home remedies you can try straightaway but first lets talk a little about smoking in general:

Smoking is harmful to your health.

Did you know that smoking is one of the leading causes of illness and death in the United Kingdom?

Almost everywhere you look, you will find a warning about smoking – during a Premier Leagueteeth whitening for smokers match, on a newspaper’s second page and even spot one of them on a billboard.

I remember when I used to smoke and I used to do it a lot. I started smoking when I was seventeen years old. Obviously, my friends got me into the habit and I used to love it when we used to smoke secretly behind our school gym.

But as the years rolled by I started to notice various effects of my secret habit. By the time I was 21, my teeth started to show my secret to the world – they had started to become yellow.

Being a young guy and someone who is very sociable and interactive with others, having yellow teeth was a big no-no for me.

Obviously, I didn’t know early on it was my smoking that was the reason. This meant that I was using a lot of things to ensure my teeth could retain their pearly white shine. And some of these tricks for whitening teeth actually worked!

While ultimately I did stop smoking at the age of 31, I have learned few things that can help you as well. So here are some of my tips on natural teeth whitening but…

Before I start telling you how I actually managed to turn my teeth back to white, I want to discuss how smoking leads to teeth discoloration. So let’s talk about that first.

Smoking and Teeth Discoloration:

When it comes to our bodies it is important to know what the reason behind our health problems is or else we won’t be able to fix them.

So when I started to notice my teeth were turning yellow and had strong hints of plaque buildup, I thought I need to stop consuming coke and other daily drinkables like tea and coffee. I started to brush more and even started to use mouthwash at my school and gym.

But this didn’t help. Why? Because I didn’t know the reason. It was my friend who told me thatteeth whitening for smokers he was facing the same issue and blamed our shared habit of smoking.

So I researched online and found out that our teeth are made up of enamel, one of the strongest materials in our body. And smoking directly effects its strength and over time it starts to discolor it.

There are two things in cigarettes that directly attack the enamel, nicotine and tar. While nicotine is colorless, it will start to become yellow when it interacts with oxygen.

The other one is tar, not the one that we use on roads but a chemical compound in cigarettes that attaches on our teeth and starts to turn them black.

Our teeth enamel is no doubt one of the strongest substances in our body but it also has small pores on it. So when we smoke cigarettes, both tar and nicotine gets into our mouth and starts to attach themselves into these pores.

As you smoke more, the amount of nicotine and tar continues to grow and starts to discolor our teeth. Both affect the outermost lining of our teeth and there is a very strong chance that they will erode the enamel and expose your dentin causing the yellow colour to come out.

Now that you know how smoking causes yellow teeth, let’s talk about ways I tackled this problem.

Teeth whitening Remedies You Can Try Right Away!

Baking soda: 

When my toothpaste wasn’t really working out for me, I started to look for ways to whiten my teeth with natural remedies. The first thing that I used was baking soda.

Baking soda is commonly found in our homes since it’s often used with cooking. While it has excellent health benefits, baking soda also has many natural whitening properties as well.

What I used to do was put a small amount of it on the palm of my left hand and rub my toothbrush over it and then just brush like normal. I used baking soda to clean my teeth often although it’s abrasive, which gives it the strong scrubbing power but too much use can cause enamel erosion so be careful.

Another way to use baking soda is to mix it with water. According to my mother, you need to mix one teaspoon of baking soda with at least 2 teaspoons of water and then use it three to four times every week.

And that’s not all, baking soda is naturally alkaline which cleansed my mouth and inhibited bacteria from growing.

But here’s the thing, you will not get white teeth overnight. Among the many tricks out there for teeth whitening, baking soda is a promising one but it takes time to see the results.

Next up – Apple Cider Vinegar: 

teeth whitening for smokers

While I was a big fan of baking soda, I also tried to find out other techniques used for teeth whitening. After all, I really needed my pearly whites back.

So I tried apple cider vinegar. Did you know it has been used for hundreds of years as an organic cleaning solution? People add it to their food to cleanse their body while it has amazing properties to clean our skin, hair, and nails.

And guess what? It also helps in whitening teeth.

The main ingredient of apple cider is acetic acid – which can kill bacteria effectively.

But acetic acid also helps in whitening teeth as I found out through an interesting study. In this study, it was found out that when cow teeth were subjected to apple cider vinegar, it had the same effect as bleaching.

However there is a small caveat to using apple cider vinegar. It is quite strong and can result in week teeth. Basically due to its acidic nature it can erode our teeth enamel gradually.

So I would advise you to do it twice a week and don’t push it.

Best way to use it would be to use it like a mouthwash. I used to dilute it with water to make it less potent and then swish it in my mouth. Do remember to clean your mouth with normal plain water after you are done.

Coconut oil: 

I know you must be shocked to hear that I used coconut oil on my teeth but it actually works!

This one I heard from my mom when she found out I was trying to whiten my teeth. It wasn’t easy to explain but I was looking for new ways to whiten teeth.

Coconut oil is an excellent teeth whitener and since it’s natural and organic, you know it’s good. The process that I am going to explain is called coconut oil pulling which is quite an old technique.

You will hear this one from your parents or their friends and some of them will also swear that it works like a charm.

How do you do it?

Basically, you will need to take one tablespoon of coconut oil in your mouth and swish it around for at least 5 minutes, I used to do it for 15 minutes.

Here’s one thing that I did since I really didn’t like the taste of coconut oil – I added a little bit of my toothpaste into it. That way I could do it for 15 minutes.

But that’s not exactly how you define oil pulling now, is it? The real process involves dabbing coconut oil on to a clean cloth and then rubbing it on your teeth as if you are pulling them. You will need to use your index finger and thumb for this.

Gently rub the oil dabbed cloth on your teeth and pull them slowly.
Did you know that coconut oil like Apple cider vinegar has gum protecting properties? This means that while your teeth are getting a natural whitening treatment, your gums, on the other hand, are being protected by the antimicrobial shield of coconut oil.

Better taste than apple vinegar cider: Citrus peels:

Like apple cider vinegar, coconut oil and baking soda, you will come across many that will say that orange and lemon peels can do wonders when it comes to teeth whitening for smokers. In my opinion, they are right.

I also used lemon peels to whiten my teeth and during this process, I learned that orange peels can also do the trick.

Citrus fruits have a considerable amount of beneficial acids that can help your teeth and gum. If you don’t want to use peels you can also get lemon essential oil from your nearest market and use oil pulling technique.

But remember, just like apple vinegar cider, these fruits are also high in acids that can slowly thin your enamel. This will only happen if you use them too much or aggressively.  I recommend using peels four times a week and always rinse your mouth with water when you are done.

I know what you are thinking right now – “these are all great and fine but I need something that is FAST and easy to use”.

Now all of these things can really help and have varying results. But we are now living in a very busy time. Almost everyone has little to no time to invest in these tips. I did these when I was in university.

What about now when I have a full-time job and not to forget that I also have a family. I know that you need something that is quick and will definitely work.
While these are all natural tips for teeth whitening, I have found out that you can now get sparkling white teeth easily with:

Billionaire Teeth Whitening

teeth whitening for smokers

And here’s why:

Teeth whitening with retail products can be a very expensive affair.

Not only are the teeth whitening products expensive but they can be unreliable and become a health risk.

This is why I liked Billionaire teeth whitening products – they are affordable and best of all they are medically approved by:

  • Food and drug administration (FDA)
  • Therapeutic Goods Administration (TGA)
  • Australian Competition And Consumer Commission (ACCC)

Not only are they 100% safe to use but their foremost ingredient is carbamide peroxide. If you have done your research you will easily identify this as the substance used commonly by dentists across the United States, United Kingdom, and Australia. When I was recommended the Billionaire Teeth Whitening Kit, I chose to use their teeth whitening kit. In the box that came to my house, I found a couple of things that allowed me to easily whiten my teeth in the privacy of my home.

Included in the box was the teeth whitening gel formula that was incredible. They have clearly labelled that 18% of the gel has carbamide peroxide – meaning I was about to get the full-on whitening treatment.

Next up I found the desensitisation gel which I was curious about but turns out some users can feel slight discomfort after using the whitening kit. To ensure complete satisfaction and that no one feels a discomfort, the Billionaire team added this gel to help users after they use their products. Amazing right?

Also included is the mouldable tray and its case. Obviously, my set of teeth are different from the next guy. To ensure everyone can use their products to the fullest extent, included in the box is a moudable tray. These trays, when placed in your mouth, will automatically adjust to fit your teeth. Science at work people!

Lastly, you will get their special LED light that is used to activate the gel and make your teeth upto 12 shades whiter over a period of time!. The device features six LED lights that will activate the gel once you place it in your mouth.

The toolkit came with its own guide that allowed me to easily understand how to use it and I never had to go to the dentist or call them. Incredibly easy to use and I loved using it so much that I recommend it to all smokers that are looking for teeth whitening.

Price/Where To Buy

Lets put things into perspective shall we…

Teeth whitening which is carried out at the dentist can set you back a whopping $500 – $1500

Trays that are supplied by the dentist for you to take home cost around $400 – $500

But the Billionaire teeth whitening kit can be brought at a fraction of the price costing you only $149.95

This product is produced in Australia and can only be bought online through their store. They currently offer a Free Worldwide Standard Tracked Shipping.

Express shipping is only offered within Australia for $9.95 with the standard delivery time being 2-5 days whilst the express delivery is within 1-3 business days.

For international orders the standard delivery time is between 6-15 days

Additional customs fees may be applied for international deliveries. These are the responsibility of the buyer and if you don’t receive your product within the stated times just give them a friendly email and they will be more than happy to let you know of the situation of your parcel.

You can read all the reviews left by customers and learn more about the product at:

Billionaire teeth whitening

It also comes with a 30 day 100% money back guarantee but it’s not as simple as other money back procedures. They want to see proof that you actually used the product. They guaranteeteeth whitening for smokers that your teeth will become 2 shades whiter and here is the procedure if you don’t see these results:

  1. Take a clear close-up photo of your teeth before using our teeth whitening products
  2. Use our teeth whitening products exactly as instructed in our instruction manual
  3. Take a clear close-up photo after you’ve completed all applications (same lighting conditions as initial photo)
  4. Email contact@billionaireteethwhitening.com with your before and after photo attached
  5. Once we have approved, then send back your product
  6. Your refund will be processed once we have received the product in our warehouse

The full review of this whitening kit can be found in our other post which shows you how to use this kit step by step for maximum effect: Best Home Teeth Whitening Kit You Must Use


So there you have it, a full explanation on the effects smoking has on our teeth. There are various home remedies you can try out such as apple cider vinegar or baking soda as people have said they have noticed some good results but most of the time these solutions take an age to work and results aren’t as dramatic as other treatment methods.

That’s why we recommend Billionaire teeth whitening because it gives you noticeable results from the first use. It does cost $149.95 but that is just a fraction of the price you would have to pay compared to a dental professional and best of all it comes with a fully backed 30 day money back guarantee. That’s always a sign of a good product.

That’s it for today but if you have any questions or any other suggestions about teeth whitening methods please get in touch by commenting below.

About the Author Teeth Man

Teeth Man is constantly researching different products and trends within the oral health niche making sure to share everything with his followers, Good or Bad!. He loves trying natural based remedies and is constantly experimenting when he's away from this site.

  • Jessica Lauren Vine says:

    Smoking is a very hard habit to get rid of whether you want to or not. Even if you do stop smoking, the stains on your teeth are so terrible.

    It is great that you’ve put this information about teeth whitening together so everyone can learn about the best ways to get rid of stained teeth.

    • Teeth Man says:

      Thanks Jessica

      Smoking is one one of the hardest things to give up and even with electronic cigerrates it’s hard for some people to make the switch. However i have seen people who smoke regularly and have white teeth and i’m 90% sure they utilised some sort of whitening method.

  • Susanne says:

    I like that you have given home remedies in addition to the more expensive whitening systems. I love drinking tea but I know that stains your teeth pretty badly also. I guess I’ll have to give it up or find myself a great whitening system. Luckily, I can say I am not a smoker. Thanks for the info.

    • Teeth Man says:

      Hello Susanne

      I’m in the same boat as you, i love my tea and coffee and it unfortunately has given me a yellow tinge on my teeth. I am currently using the orawellness shine remineralzing tooth whitening powder. So far it’s going well but if i dont see a drastic change in the next couple of weeks i will also be investing in teeth whitening system.

  • Dave says:

    Hallo there,

    I have been looking for legit natural ways to whiten my teeth but I have to say it has really been hectic especially because of the huge misinformation out there.

    I like the idea of using coconut oil and I think I will go with it as I also love coconut. I have heard that baking soda can be quite dangerous if you use much of it for long. True?

    • Teeth Man says:

      Hello Dave

      Coconut oil is great for helping with the symptoms of gum disease but it can take quite a long time to see results in terms of whitening of the teeth. Baking soda and lemon juice may give you quicker results but you need to be careful.

      Baking soda is an abrasive substance and if used everyday for a long period of time will cause enamel erosion especially if it’s being mixed with lemon juice which is very acidic.

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