How To Remove Brutal White Spots On Teeth From Whitening Strips!

white spots on teeth from whitening strips

I have been using various whitening kits but personally never had White Spots On Teeth From Whitening Strips. After doing some thorough research I found that whitening strips or any form of whitening does not cause white spots to appear. They have always been there but the whitening process unfortunately reveals this scarred area more making it look … Read more

Dental PRO 7 Review | Scientifically Proven?

dental pro 7 will treat gum problems

That’s a bold claim saying Dental Pro 7 has been scientifically proven. Well maybe it’s not the product itself in its entirety, but the ingredients that are contained within it that have been studied for their bacterial fighting abilities and some have other benefits such as anti-inflammatory and cell regeneration properties. In this article, we … Read more

BrighterWhite Teeth Whitening Review

BrighterWhite Teeth Whitening Review

Are you looking for BrighterWhite Teeth Whitening Review? If YES, you are at the right place! Just like you can’t neglect your body overweighing and underweighting, you can’t neglect tooth health. Overall tooth appearance and health should be given much importance, as you grow old. Wouldn’t you want to have a perfectly white and healthy-looking … Read more

Oral B 7000 Review

Oral B 7000 Review

Looking for Oral B 7000 Review? If YES, you are at the right place! Electric toothbrushes have been in the market for quite some time. It rotates and oscillates back-and-forth in your mouth. Oral B 7000 is the world’s first electric toothbrush with a Bluetooth connection. Doesn’t a rechargeable toothbrush seem fascinating? By connecting this … Read more

Wellness Ultrasonic Toothbrush Review


Are you looking for Wellness Ultrasonic Toothbrush Review? If YES, you are at the right place! An is one that operates by generating ultrasound to remove plaque from your mouth. It also renders plaque bacteria harmless. This electric toothbrush oscillates and rotates in your mouth. These operate on a typical frequency of 1.6 MHz brings … Read more

Sonicare Healthywhite Review

Sonicare healthy white review

Are you looking for Sonicare Healthywhite Review? If YES, you are at the right place! Your search for the finest comes to an end as you encounter Sonicare’s whitening brushes. This brand is a market player for providing your teeth a decent clean supported by natural teeth whitening. The dentists themselves recommend this brand; that’s … Read more

Philips Sonicare Flexcare Whitening Edition Review

Philips Sonicare Flexcare

Looking for Philips Sonicare Flexcare Whitening Edition Review? If YES, you are at the right place! Have you dreamt about a perfectly healthy set of teeth always? Well, you’re up to make it a reality if you bring the home. You will only experience its many benefits for teeth if you read the Philips Sonicare Flexcare … Read more

Dental Pro 7 Ingredients – Natures Powerful Remedy

Dental Pro 7 Ingredients

Looking for Dental Pro 7 Ingredients? There are 11 ingredients in the dental pro 7 and all are naturally derived. You won’t find any man made chemicals here. Dental Pro 7 is paraben free, it contains no preservatives, no artificial chemicals, no colors, no animal products, no fillers, no SLS, no perfumes and no fluoride, … Read more

Can You Use Hydrogen Peroxide As Mouthwash?

Can You Use Hydrogen Peroxide As Mouthwash

Yes you can use hydrogen peroxide as mouthwash!   What you need to make sure though is having the correct concentration otherwise it could be dangerous to your oral cavity.   According to most medical sources, a 3% solution of hydrogen peroxide is sufficient to help clear your mouth of plaque and reverse the earliest … Read more

Orawellness Starter Kit Works Brutally Fast! [2019 Review]

orawellness starter kit

The Orawellness Starter Kit in my humble opinion is the Best Teeth Cleaning System currently out there because it contains everything you need to get started for fixing your Oral Health.   If you are someone who has problems with bleeding gums and b​​ad breath, or just want to improve your general oral health, this starter kit is for you … Read more

5 Trace Minerals For Teeth You Must Consume Now!

trace minerals for teeth

There are certain Trace Minerals For Teeth that need to be incorporated into your daily lives otherwise you will never get teeth to their optimal health. We have already mentioned certain foods that need to be part of your daily staple alongside some critical vitamins but without trace minerals you are NOTHING! Understand? Here are … Read more

I Have Receding Gums From Braces – Help Me!

Receding Gums From Braces

A lot of individuals have turned to dental braces to help them align and straighten their teeth.   Braces help with proper positioning of the teeth with regards to the bite as well as fixing gaps on the teeth to help improve their appearance and make your overall dental health overwhelmingly positive!   Using braces … Read more

Beware Of Fake Power Swab Reviews! (7 Reasons To Avoid)

power swab reviews

Looking for an honest power swab reviews article? There is a lot of options out there when it comes to teeth whitening and there are certain products that are proven to work. But there are some that seem very simple and guarantee to give instant results. Straight away that is a red flag for us … Read more

Bentonite Clay For Teeth And Gums – 7 Powerful Benefits

Bentonite for teeth and gums

Sounds pretty outlandish but there are a lot of people who use bentonite clay for teeth and gums on a daily basis. The main premise behind using this clay is so that it can pull all the toxins from the mouth and eject them from the body leaving the teeth and gums nice and healthy. … Read more

Which Essential Oils For Gum Inflammation Work Best?

essential oils for gum inflammation

Essential Oils work fantastically well for Gum Inflammation because they contain antibacterial and anti inflammatory properties. The only thing you need to keep in mind is that not every essential oil is the same. You need to do some thorough research to see which one’s help with the gum problems. Another thing to consider is … Read more

Iodine Remineralize Teeth – 5 Powerful Tips for Healing!

Iodine Remineralize Teeth

Looking for Iodine Remineralize Teeth information? It may sound a bit crazy but Iodine is a very important trace mineral required to carry out essential functions in our bodies relating to physical and mental development. It’s probably the least understood mineral out of all of them. People usually think of thyroid overstimulation or permanent staining. … Read more

The Best Natural Toothpaste For Sensitive Teeth

the best natural toothpaste for sensitive teeth

There are two that we consider to be the best when it comes to reducing teeth sensitivity. Dental Pro 7 and the Orawellness Healthy Mouth Blend. We have carried out extensive research and have gone and looked at other people’s experience’s to come to this conclusion. The one thing we should mention is that these toothpastes are oil … Read more

How To Fix Crooked Bottom Teeth Without Braces?

how to fix crooked bottom teeth without braces

With the advancement of aesthetic dentistry we now have various different techniques on How To Fix Crooked Bottom Teeth Without Braces. Braces especially in adulthood have a less success rate than when you are in your teens, not to mention the expensive prices associated with them. Nowadays there are less expensive options that need your … Read more

What Is The Bass Method Of Toothbrushing?

bass method toothbrushing

The Bass Method Of Toothbrushing is a technique used to disrupt the pathogenic bacteria below the gum lines where normal brushes cannot effectively reach. A bass toothbrush has much fewer bristles than your average brush which helps it reach those awkward crevices in and around the teeth including the gum line. Micro vibrations is the … Read more

Restoring Tooth Enamel Naturally – Can It Be Done?

restoring tooth enamel naturally

We are constantly told that reversing the effects of Tooth Decay Is NOT possible but this cannot be further from the truth because I have read numerous articles and watched a lot of YouTube videos of people who have successfully restored their Enamel using only basic supplements and natural ingredients. Dentists will say it’s impossible … Read more

Is fluoride bad for teeth?| Why 50% Think So…

is fluoride bad for teeth

I’m sitting here wondering: is fluoride bad for teeth because its found in almost all toothpastes and mouthwashes so it can’t possibly be bad for us right? Well as the title suggests more and more people are not buying into it any longer. But scientific research states otherwise. Fluoride that has been added to water … Read more

Wheatgrass Powder For Teeth: Powerful If Used 2 Times Per Day!

wheatgrass powder for teeth

Looking for wheatgrass pulling before and after information?   We’ll go through that in this all-inclusive article, but first of all let’s get one things straigt…You Are Consuming Wheatgrass Incorrectly! Learn The Right Way For Wheatgrass Oral Health Benefits. And that’s exactly what we will be discussing in this article.   Everything you need to … Read more

Is Carbamide Peroxide Teeth Whitening Dangerous?

carbamide peroxide teeth whitening

Teeth whitening is carried out through two methods, either Hydrogen peroxide or Carbamide peroxide. In this article you will learn the difference between the two and learn which one is more effective at giving you those pearly whites. Oh and by the way, Carbamide peroxide Teeth Whitening is NOT Dangerous at all when manufactured and … Read more

3 Natural Ways To Whiten Teeth

Why Do I Have Yellow Teeth? Before We get into the tips, we need to know why teeth become discoloured overtime. There are a few factors which determine this, ranging from: genetics, the food and drink you are consuming and how well you practice oral hygiene. The teeth are made up of 4 tissues: Enamel: … Read more

Oral B 5000 Smartseries: One Of The Best Next Generation Wireless Smart Electric Toothbrush (My Review)

Why Oral B 5000 Smartseries? Braun Electric Toothbrushes are considered the market leaders when it comes to dental hygiene, NO ONE COMES CLOSE. The Oral B Pro 5000 on review here is targeted at people who have the cash to splash out on an electric toothbrush with an eye on long term usability…. It is … Read more

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