About Me

Teeth Man Here…

And I created this Electric toothbrush blog to help ordinary people like you and me to come to an easy decision on selecting the best toothbrushes on the market. Well that was the idea anyway but…

As you have now seen, the blog has developed drastically into many different sub categories. It has moved into a more natural treatment blog for Oral health with various different conditions covered ranging from: Bad breath, Gum disease, Periodontal disease, plaque removal and much more!

My oral health was pretty poor in my childhood, i had bleeding gums, pretty bad teeth, plaque and tarter build up and the dentist asked if I was brushing regularly which i was, but the problem was that, I was using a manual toothbrush with stiff ends, it could not get to those hard areas.

After he recommended electric toothbrushes, I went ahead and brought a couple of different makes. My personal favourite is the Oral B 5000. It’s really good and covers most aspects of what an electric brush should do

If your looking to buy an Electric toothbrush then i highly recommend you check out my review on the Oral B 5000 which you can find below:

===> Oral B 5000 Series Review

Alongside using my electric toothbrush i have also brought a few other products to help fix my teeth issues and aesthetics.

Most of them have worked really well and if you browse around this site you will find numerous reviews of them being used (PICTURES INCLUDED)

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