3 Bad Oral Health Habits You Need To Eradicate!

Dental health is intensely important, not only because it will enable you to eat and drink properly but also give you that white sexy smile. No one wants to be walking around with wonky, yellowy tinged teeth.

1. Not Flossing

healthy teeth

Flossing is one of the most important oral health habits and yet is most likely to be skipped over or completely forgotten. While regular brushing does a good job of getting rid of removing plaque it can only reach about 2 thirds of the surface of your teeth. this means that gingivitis and tartar build up is occurring on the remaining one third.

Healthy Teeth Means…

Flossing at least once a day preferably after having your main meal, will keep plaque build up at bay and cure your bad breath caused by food particle being lodged in between your teeth and even reduce your risk of gum disease.

”You dont have to floss all of your teeth, just the ones you want to keep”

 2. Teeth Grinding…

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Is when you constantly slide your teeth back and forth over each other. It can happen during the day but night time is more usual. it can be caused by stress and anxiety but the major reason is having an abnormal bite or crooked teeth.

This can cause serious problem for the temperomandibular joint (joint that hinges the jaw onto the skull, also known as TMJ). Over time this bad habit can lead to fractured or broken teeth.

The solution is to wear a night-time grinding appliance, which will prevent teeth-on-teeth grinding and will slightly open the mouth. Enabling the the TMJ in a better relaxing position, which will give you healthy teeth in the long run.

3. Using A Hard Bristled Toothbrush

healthy teeth

Some people are under the assumption that the harder the toothbrush, the better. this is far from the truth, especially for adults. As you get older the gums push back and the roots of the teeth become exposed, resulting in increased sensitivity and diminishing dental health.

The roots are covered with cementum, which erodes more easily than enamel. A brush with too hard bristles will irritate the gums and lead to sensitive teeth.

If you want to know more about the structure of the teeth and what the above terms mean check out the top tips for healthier teeth post.

This problem can easily solved by simply using an electric toothbrush because they have soft bristles and are generally much better than manual toothbrushes.

If you are thinking of getting yourself an electric toothbrush i suggest you take a look at the oral b 5000: The number 1 seller on Amazon (I use it myself)

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About the Author Teeth Man

Teeth Man is constantly researching different products and trends within the oral health niche making sure to share everything with his followers, Good or Bad!. He loves trying natural based remedies and is constantly experimenting when he's away from this site.

  • Darmendra says:

    Totally agree, no one wants to be a side of somebody who has poor oral hygiene 🙁 That is why it is very important to follow the recommendations you mentioned here.
    Above all use the dental floss due much of the food we consume during the day is trapped between some teeth and the brush does not remove it as we think. On the other hand, I totally recommend using an electric brush since after using a Hard Bristled Toothbrush for a while and then changing to the electric one, I noticed there is a lot of difference in my oral hygiene. And why not buy the #1 seller oral B 5000, right?

    Nice tips!

    • oralb says:

      Hi darmendra. 

      Your absolutely right and i would like to add something which is, confidence comes with having a good smile and you get a good smile by carrying out the basic tasks in cleaning your teeth. I’l be honest i sometimes forget to floss my teeth when i am in a rush to go out or something, but always make up for it. 

      Electric toothbrushes are just great. they really do help make your teeth cleaner and their a bit more fun to use. I dont think the oral b 5000 is a best seller anymore, it use to be, but regardless it gets the job done and is a good entry point brush.


  • Thea A says:

    I so agree with these tips! I have recently been to the dentist and I can see such a difference since I was re-educated on flossing. Even as Adults we need to be taught how to brush our teeth properly as it’s so easy to develop bad habits. I also think eating less sugary foods has prevented the buildup of a lot of plaque. Sugar is everywhere and in almost every food, its really hard to avoid. All the more reason for us to follow these steps. I want my gums to stay disease free!

    • oralb says:

      Hi Thea

      oh no, the dentist. i had a filling which came out and i left it like that for 2 years, which is pretty bad. I eventually plucked up the courage to go and get my filling done. the plaque build up was quite bad also. he recommended i start flossing after every meal and using a mouthwash when i wake up and go to sleep. 

      After that visit i stopped drinking fizzy drinks and drastically cut down on chocolate and like you mentioned it has helped keep the plaque away.

      I have some issues with my gums as they tend to bleed when i brush them, so to counterattack that i use a a specialised mouthwash designed for bleeding gums. Hopefully it works and i can make my gums strong again.

      thanks for sharing you thoughts  

  • Barb says:

    Yuck! That teeth grinding photo is gross. It made me want to go brush my teeth right away!

    Everything you say is so true. I was wondering though. I don’t floss my teeth with the typical floss rather I use Gum Soft Picks instead. I always am too heavy handed when I floss my teeth and end up make my gums hurt. I find them just as effective. Have you tried them?

    PS. I have an Oral B Electric toothbrush and it’s absolutely awesome!

    • Teeth Man says:

      Hi barb

      I haven’t tried the gum soft picks but have seen them and there’s alot of good reviews about them so i say continue with what works best for you. i use a slightly different version of the gum picks, it’s more like a saw that you put in between your teeth and floss.

      Yeah i cant use normal floss either as it sometimes goes too deep into the gums and they start bleeding. 

      Electric toothbrushes are the way to go and i am happy you own one. In my opinion they are 100% better than normal brushes.

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