natural mouthwash for gum disease

1 Powerful Natural Mouthwash For Gum Disease

We have previously touched on this subject before, all be it a while ago. There is 1 Natural Mouthwash For Gum Disease we highly recommend that will help you fight many gum problems. It’s called the HealThy Mouth Blend and works well because unlike conventional mouthwashes, this one is oil based and contains some responsive antimicrobial and antiseptic essential oils.

If you have already come across this product and want to buy it right now, then you can head on over to the Orawellness Website and place your order Now, otherwise we highly recommend you read the full article to learn more.

Is Curing Gum Disease Without A Dentist Possible?

It is possible and several people have had success doing it the natural way but it all depends on what stage of gum disease your currently at:

1st Stage Of Gum Disease

Also known as gingivitis, this stage causes the gums to bleed every now and again from brushing and the gums will appear swollen and red/dark red in colour. Healthy gums are pink. The problem with this stage is it often goes undetected and causes no pain.

It happened to me aswell, I use to bleed when brushing but always chalked it up to being the brush being too harsh or that it was normal to bleed when cleaning teeth. For years i lived like this until i had to go to the dentist and get 2 cavities and a stern telling off by my dentist.

After this i got serious about my oral health but the damage was already done. DO NOT make the same mistake i made. If you are at this stage then fix up your oral hygiene routine and you should be able to reverse the effects.

2nd Stage Of Gum Disease

This stage is called periodontitis and occurs if gingivitis is left untreated and spreads to other parts of the periodontium (Bone and soft tissue responsible for keeping teeth structure in place). Overtime it will loosen the teeth and eventually they will fall out.

Periodontal disease does not cause any symptoms until it’s become advanced. Some things you will notice are:

  • Gum recession
  • Regular bleeding gums
  • Bad breath
  • sensitive teeth
  • loose teeth

It is imperative you avoid getting to this stage and the only way you will do that is looking out for the small signs. If you start to see gums bleeding and becoming sore and swollen, book an appointment with your dentist immediately. It will save you alot of heartache in the long run.

Killing Off The Disease Causing Bacteria Is Crucial!

Bacteria love hanging out on and inside the gum line area. This is where they breed and if your brushing is not upto scratch you will be in alot of trouble. Another thing needed is an antimicrobial solution that specifically targets these pathogenic bacteria. Oil based Mouthwashes are great because they can seep down into the gum line area and kill the disease causing bugs.

And as you read on you will find out that the Natural Mouthwash we have recommended does exactly this!

Why Is Healthy Mouth Blend The Best Mouthwash For Gum Disease

natural mouthwash for gum disease

We have chosen this as our Number 1 mouthwash because it is very easy to use and it actually works according to reviews we have read on other peoples websites.

What Is It

The Healthy mouth blend is an organic toothpaste made specifically to fight bleeding or receding gums, it fights tooth ache and freshens breath better than other major brand mouthwashes.

It is an oil based liquid mouthwash which has been created using organic plant essences. Believe it or not our ancestors have been using these for thousands of years due their excellent medicinal properties.

what intrigued us specifically was the claim that it can stop and even reverse the effects of gum disease which we know many of you reading are interested in aswell.

Some other benefits include:

  • Healing bad breath
  • Supports stressed tissue to start healing itself
  • Helps to remineralize tooth decay by increasing saliva production.

Im not sure if all the things the product states are true or not but if the ingredients are all natural then i suppose there wont be any adverse side effects which is a massive bonus in our book.

What Ingredients Are In This Natural Mouthwash: Do They Cause Side effects?

Cinnamon Leaf

This is an important spice used all over the world in cooking but also medicine. It contains vital oils and other derivatives such as cinnamaldehyde, cinnamate and cinnamic acid. What makes it attractive to use medically is the properties it contains:

  • anti-inflammatory 
  • antitermitic 
  • nematicidal 
  • mosquito larvicidal
  • insecticidal 
  • antimycotic
  • anticancer agent 

Cinnamon has been traditionally used as tooth powder and to treat toothaches, dental problems, oral microbiota, and bad breath so it’s no surprise that it’s packed inside the healthy mouth blend.


This is very commonly found in chewing gum because of it’s fresh flavour. It’s a hybrid of spearmint and water mint and has over 40 unique chemical compounds which include: Menthol, menthyl acetate and menthone. This plant extract has many biological activities which include:

  • antiseptic
  • antibacterial
  • antiviral
  • antioxidant
  • anti-inflammatory
  • myorelaxant 
  • analgesic

This ingredient has been proven to be a powerful remedy for bad breath and has the ability to fight off bacteria which is why it is preferred in chewing gum.


natural mouthwash for gum disease

Clove essential oil is routinely used as an antiseptic in oral infections because it inhibits Gram-negative and Gram-positive bacteria as well as yeast. It contains high levels of Eugenol which is primarily responsible for it’s strong biological activities which include:

  • antimicrobial
  • antiseptic
  • anti-fungal
  • insecticidal
  • antioxidant properties

For this very reason it also finds it’s way into the Healthy Mouth blend and why not? It’s a proven natural remedy which has been studied extensively.


Commonly found in Africa and the middle east, it’s one of the most widely used essential oils in the world. It is frequently used to treat gum problems due to its astringent and antiseptic properties. It helps with gum infections, shrinking gums, and stops teeth becoming loose.


Manuka honey has Antimicrobial activity towards a variety of bacteria including dental plaque-associated bacteria, both as planktonic and biofilm organisms. It contains an enzyme that produces hydrogen peroxide when diluted. It Also reduces acid in the mouth which stops bacteria producing dextran, one of the components of dental plaque.

Almond Oil

Out of all the ingredients, perhaps this is the only one that has not been studied enough and does not have conclusive scientific evidence for it’s effect on fighting oral problems. But it has been used in medicine for it’s health benefits and does contain some powerful properties:

  • Anti-inflammatory
  • immunity booster
  • anti-hepatotoxicity effects

To be honest, this ingredient is used mainly to bind all of the ingredients together into 1, making it a SUPER OIL!

Are There Any Artificial Chemicals In This Mouth Rinse

Nope, there is absolutely nothing in here that is artificially induced, it’s all natural baby:

Gluten free, Soy free, GMO free, Fluoride free, SLS free, Glycerin free, And NO additives,natural mouthwash for gum disease Toxins, ‘Questionable Ingredients’, or artificial anything! 🙂

We hope you now understand why we chose this product as the number 1 solution to your Gum Disease. The ingredients contained within it have been studied extensively and have been proven time and time again. The best thing about natural mouthwashes is they will not cause any adverse side effects that you usually see with chemical based mouthwashes.

How To Use The Blend For Maximum Effectiveness

The healthy mouth blend contains no alcohol and is oil based meaning it will stick to the teeth longer giving them an extra coating of protection.

To use it as a Mouthwash, simply place 3 drops in a small shot glass of water and swish for 1-2 minutes. This will reduce the bad bugs in the mouth, freshen the breath AND increase saliva production all at the same time.

You Can Even Use It As A Toothpaste:

You can use it on it’s own or you can add it to your normal toothpaste. I personally made the mistake of not getting the healthy mouth blend with my shine tooth powder. Next time i will definitely be buying both together to get the maximum effect.

All you have to do is apply 3 drops of the mouth blend onto your moistened toothbrush and brush normally. Best results are seen when you use it 2 times per day for a duration of 2 minutes.

Pros & Cons

One of the biggest advantages this product has over other natural mouthwashes is that it can be used in different ways. It can double up as a Toothpaste and Mouthwash. You can even apply it to some floss (By putting a drop on your thumb and forefinger and running the floss between them.).

Reading the reviews from various sources, it has worked not only for gum disease but but for Canker Sores also. Multifunctional is a good word to use for this product


The packaging of the product could be better because a few people have mentioned that when they received the bottle, it was leaking and half of the contents were already gone. They could do with some bubble wrap to keep it in place while it’s being delivered.

The HealThy blend is Pricey for some people. It costs $22.97 but because you only use 4 – 6 drops, a bottle will likely last you for a couple of months and may be equivalent to most toothpastes.

Is There Proof It Actually Works?

Looking at Reviews On Amazon and Their official website, the majority of people have had great success using this product. People have been relieved of problems they have been battling for years. For example someone was suffering from multiple cavities used this product to reverse them (Only small cavities can be healed naturally, teeth with big holes cannot)

Here is a screen shot of 1 happy customer out of 1000’s:

natural mouthwash for gum disease

Susan’s Success Story

Susan (Co-Owner of Orawellness) was diagnosed with advanced periodontal disease in 1997. The dentist did a pocket depth measurement and one of the gums had a depth of 10mm which was shocking.natural mouthwash for gum disease

The dentist handed her some leaflet containing information about the procedures they will need to carry out such as, root planing and gum surgery with no guarantee if they would actually work.

So after a bit of research she decided to go natural and use essential oils to treat her periodontal disease. That’s how Healthy mouth blend was born.

Combining this with a pocket applicator did wonders to her gum pockets and after a year she went back to the dentist who was shocked and confused. The pocket depth had reduced to 3mm. She did not know what the heck happened, even tried to say that the reading she took last year was wrong, but it wasn’t. Susan actually healed her gums.

natural mouthwash for gum disease

Will I Be Able To Afford This Specialised Mouthwash?

We previously mentioned the price being $22.97 which some people are saying is too much but in my eyes, this is actually very cheap. The amount of things you can use it for and the various different gum problems it treats is well worth the price.

You will save money in the long run by not having to fork out hundreds of dollars on expensive treatments at the dentist.

365 Day Money Back Guaranteenatural mouthwash for gum disease

Yup you read that right. All physical products that Orawellness sell have a full 1 Year Guarantee so if for whatever reason you are dissatisfied with the Healthy Mouth blend you can have your money returned.

All the risk from the product is removed and this should make it more comfortable for you to invest in it.

Where Can I Purchase The HealThy Mouth Blend

Currently the Orawellness HealThy Mouth Blend can be purchased through Amazon or Orawellness Official Website. We highly recommend you buy directly from Orawellness if you want the 365 Day Money Back Guarantee.

Amazon only have a 30 day refund policy and their customer support although very good will not stand up to Orawellness. Trust me, i have purchased products from them in the past and they have a 100% track record with me.

Click Here To Buy The Healthy Mouth Blend And Take Advantage Of Their Exclusive 365 Day Money Back Guarantee

Are There Any Decent Alternatives Available?

Dental Pro 7 is a very similar product to the healthy mouth blend in that it uses Essential oils tonatural mouthwash for gum disease help cure various gum problems such as:

  • Receding Gums
  • Tooth Decay
  • Swollen Gums
  • Gum Infections
  • Inflamed Gums
  • Gingivitis
  • Gum Pockets
  • Sore Gum

It contains 11 ingredients which are found in the natural world and all play a vital part in treating gum disease

Dental Pro 7 is paraben free, it contains no preservatives, no artificial chemicals, no colours, no animal products, no fillers, no SLS, no perfumes and no fluoride, it contains 100% pure natural ingredients:

We have written an extensive review of this product and recommend you read through that aswell to see if it could be of some use to you.

Read Full Review Of Dental Pro 7

How About Making My Own Mouth rinse At Home

You could try and attempt to make your own natural mouthwash if you have some spare time. Here is a recipe created by Dr Axe which is quite simple to implement. You will need:

  • 5 drops of peppermint essential oil
  • 5 drops of tea tree essential oil
  • 2 cups of spring water

Add the oils to the water and mix to make sure they are all immersed in. Then just simply swish the rinse around your mouth for 1 minute and spit out.

But Why Waste Time And Effort…

When there is already a mouth rinse containing the best essential oils out there to fight gum disease. Your still going to have to spend money on the homemade rinse. It would be better for you if you get a pre made solution that has been proven to work.

Personally i dont have time to make my own homemade mouthwash and would just go for the Healthy Mouth blend.


Using a mouthwash to help fight gum disease is only possible by using antimicrobial oil based solutions because they stay on the teeth for a longer period of time and are specifically designed to target harmful bacteria. If you are at the first stage of gum disease then it is highly recommended you start treatment right away before it progresses into periodontitis.

The Healthy mouth blend is a natural mouthwash that only uses the best essential oils to fight off the bad bugs in our mouth. Many people have had success with it and continue to use it daily. There’s no harsh chemicals or preservatives and is ethically produced.

Susan who is the Co Founder of Orawellness even used this blend to help treat her periodontal disease even after her dentist told her it wasn’t possible. Natural healing is wonderful and should not be under estimated!

Try it for yourself and see how it goes or If you have any other products you are currently using we want to hear about them. Please leave a comment below and lets start a community discussion.

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